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"I'm here to study you, to understand what you are, why you are, und I will get results. I always do."
―Kafka to Electro[src]

Dr. Ashley Kafka was the founder and head of Ravencroft Institute who experimented on Electro. He was later put in the same large harness that Electro was in when Harry Osborn came to help Electro escape. The harness later kills him, due to the electricity it emanated, and the fact he was drowning in the water, underneath.


Killed By Electro[]

After Max Dillon was sent to Ravencroft Institute, and put in a large harness containing energy, Dr. Kafka came, and said he wanted to help and study him to know what he is. He then uses a device that shocks Max, in order to get results of what he is, he keeps on doing this until Max tells him he make sures he kills him this time, and that he is Electro. He then causes Kafka's glasses to break. Later on, Harry Osborn attempts to free Electro from Ravencroft, however, he is soon caught by some Ravencroft guards and Kafka. Electro, however, manages to free himself, and knocks out everyone except Harry. Kafka later gets up, but gets caught by Electro, and he is later placed in the same harness that held Electro. The electricity inside the harness kills Kafka.[1]

Video Games[]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)[]

At some point in the game, Cletus Kasady was captured and sent to Ravencroft. Dr. Kafka later appears in the game where he is shown to be experimenting on Kasady with the Symbiote, however, something goes wrong as Kasady breaks free as Carnage, and grabs Kafka by the neck. Kafka is no longer seen after this event.


  • In other Spider-Man media, Dr. Ashley Kafka was a female psychiatrist. In the films, however, Dr. Kafka is a male and mad scientist. However, plans were revealed to include Ashley Kafka in later installments, namely films involving Venom, due to Eddie Brock's relationship with her in the comics and 1990s cartoon.