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Audio Evidences are short pieces of audio that can be found and listened to in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. They can be found in most of the levels in the video game and usually feature the former president of Oscorp Industries' robotics facility, Alistaire Smythe and his events during the cross-species plague.

List of Audio Evidences[]

Oscorp Tower[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Oscorp representative: "Mr. Smythe, I presume?"

Alistaire Smythe: "The one and only."

Rep: "Welcome to Oscorp, sir. I'm sorry Mr. Osborn couldn't... join us today."

Smythe: "A shame, really, on such an important day."

Rep: "How much do you know about what transpired here?"

Smythe: "I know we can blame Curt Connors for all of it. I'm not surprised."

Rep: "You know Dr. Connors personally?"

Smythe: "Unfortunately. They say our brilliance as it pertains to our respective fields somewhat equals one another. Big difference being I have a conscience. ...and I lack a tail."

Audio Evidence #2[]

Alistaire Smythe: "I don't understand this! Why do you continue to pursue Connors' research after all that's happened?"

Unknown Oscorp representative: "You must admit, Dr. Morbius and his colleagues made some compelling arguments... enough to convince the decision-makers to keep the research going."

Smythe: "Ah... and how's that working out for them?"

Rep: "They simply couldn't match Connors' skills... and eventually, they couldn't control their specimens."

Smythe: "That's why my first order of business will be getting rid of those beasts."

Beloit Psychiatric Hospital[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Curt Connors: "So... you're going to tape these sessions for posterity, is that it?"

Beloit staff member: "It's standard procedure."

Connors: "Especially with extreme cases, I presume."

Staff: "For every patient, Dr. Connors."

Connors: "I'd rather be in my room and have this little chat through video feed. It'd be safer for you."

Staff: "I am completely safe right now."

Connors: "You're treading on dangerous ground. They say I'm free of the Lizard... I'll never be sure... have you seen any footage of what the Lizard can do? Do you really think these can hold it?"

Staff: "Yes, I do. The genetic reaction due to stress has been completely cleaned from your system. There's not one reptilian cell left in your body. Now, you are simply Dr. Curt Connors. ...does that upset you?"

Audio Evidence #2[]

Beloit staff member: "What are your thoughts on the press conference? The one with Alistaire Smythe?"

Curt Connors: "Smythe... spreading lies about my work..."

Staff: "Lies, you say?"

Connors: "I was searching for a cure. A cure! And he wants people to think I'm some evil mastermind. ...well, I won't let him... I won't..."

Staff: "And how exactly do you plan on stopping him? ...Dr. Connors?"

Connors: "I'm done talking about this. Take me back to my room, please."

Oscorp Archives[]

Audio Evidence #1

Alistaire Smythe: "...and if this committee is resolute in condemning my actions, it means this committee does not realise how serious the situation is! And, by restraining effort to utilize more S-Bots, the sabotage of my nanobot cure, you would be as guilty as me, if not more so!"

Committee member: "Doctor Smythe --"

Smythe: "You say you don't want another Connors fiasco? It's already here! His virus is spreading outside this window right now. Not later; now! We need strict, immediate elimination before it's too late. I will not back down and watch this plague engulf the city. I will not stand with this committee as an accomplice to genocide!"

Committee member: "Doctor Smythe! We've had enough of your slanderous accusations! The security of the population is, and has always been, our direct concern! Killing a few to save the whole city will never be an option!"

Smythe: "I'm not here to do what's popular, I'm here to do what's right."

Committee member: "That's enough, Doctor Smythe!"

Audio Evidence #2

Alisaire Smythe: "What do you want?"

Unknown man: "Quite a show you put up there, Alisaire."

Smythe: "I have been quarantined in my own office for two days now and my staff is dropping like flies. I don't want to hear the damn committee's opinion! I'm here to do what is right!"

Man: "You are doing the right thing. You always have been."

Smythe: "What?"

Man: "The committee yells and pounds their fists about 'morality' because Oscorp must appear to be for the people. But not all of us keep up appearances, Alistaire. Some of us keep to the shadows. Ensuring that Oscorp continues into the next century, and the century after that."

Smythe: "Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying. My strength will not waver."

Man: "Enough. Let's put down appearances for a minute. Why did you never study Connors' files? There was a cure in there somewhere. You're a genius - why do something so stupid?"

Smythe: "Connors' work was despicable, evil --"

Man: "Alistaire, save the black and white for the committee. I deal in shades of grey. Why did you never study Connors' files?"

Smythe: "...what makes you think I didn't? A true leader needs to weigh all options. There is no cure! And the answer is simple: to get rid of the cross-species, my hands should not be tied."

Man: "Don't worry about the committee; I'll take care of them. You'll have full control of your robots from now on. Stop this plague and do not fail!"

West Pumping Station[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Alistaire Smythe: "What is it?"

Oscorp accountant: "Ah, yes, Doctor Smythe. I've just recieved a list of unknown expenses that I must say, are... gargantuan, to say the least. I was just wondering on how you intend to use whatever you purchased, that's all."

Smythe: "Is there a problem? I though resources wouldn't be a factor."

Accountant: "Well, yes, but what you spent yesterday roughly equals the Gross National Product of Belgium... I need to know what we're buying. Obviously, it's not home theatre equipment."

Smythe: "I don't understand where this investigation comes from. This city is facing an epidemic."

Accountant: "This investigation comes from me, the head of Oscorp Accounting. I am not a lackey to be pushed around. I control the finances of the most powerful corporation in the world!"

Audio Evidence #2[]

Oscorp technician: "Sir? Everyone's ready for the next phase of operation. Um, maybe we should organize a meeting so everybody's on the same page."

Alistaire Smythe: "I'll make sure the section chiefs recieve proper indication. Nothing to worry about."

Technician: "If you say so, boss. But, there's some concerns on the production floor."

Smythe: "Such as?"

Technician: "Well, for starters, some people are wondering what kind of transport we're making."

Smythe: "It's not a transport."

Technician: "Well, we got a lotta wagonlike segments on the line. They're gonna carry a load judging by the design, so, if it's a train, I --"

Smythe: "It's not a train..."

Technician: "Well... jeez, boss, what is it?"

Smythe: "Our first S-Bot had its faults. I corrected them for our newest model."

Technician: "Some guy told me the S-Bots were put on hold, boss."

Smythe: "They're not anymore. Start production immediately and tell your nano crew I'm sending them plans now."

Oscorp Tower Part 2[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Oscorp scientist: "It's ready, sir!"

Alistaire Smythe: "Perfect.. at last, my greatest invention..."

Scientist: "Sir, I think we can learn a lot by capturing these things... not killing them right off the bat."

Smythe: "We don't have the time. Where is it?"

Scientist: "Subterranean Level B, under Oscorp Tower."

Smythe: "My S-02... if only I was able to see it... but I'm trapped here. Send the access controls to my console. I want to see the full potential of this thing."

Audio Evidence #2[]

Unknown man: "What is it now?"

Alistaire Smythe: "The S-02 is ready to eliminate the cross-species. I need more time on my nanobot serum, though."

Man: "I thought we were clear on that, Mr. Smythe. You get everything you need as long as it fits our interests!"

Smythe: "Saving the city is in our interests! Human life is not something of value to you?"

Man: "Oh, yes, Alistaire, we care about the people and the crisis at hand. But not at the expense of destroying Oscorp!"

Smythe: "Drastic times call for drastic measures! Let me finish my nanobots serum..."

Oscorp Biological Labs[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Alistaire Smythe: "I must admit, you had a nice office, Connors. ...of course, I'll have to spray it down and throw all the furniture into the incinerator so I don't catch God knows what. But, besides that, it'll do just fine."

Gwen Stacy: "Mr. Smythe?"

Smythe: "Ah, Gwen Stacy in person. Have a seat."

Gwen: "Listen, Doctor Smythe, I'm just here to take my stuff back. I don't want to interfere with your business."

Smythe: "No! I actually asked for you to come! I know that you were Curt Connors' assistant and I want you to work for me now, under my direction."

Gwen: "Let me tell you straight - I do not work for Oscorp anymore! And I never will."

Audio Evidence #2[]

Alistaire Smythe: "Miss Stacy? Miss Stacy!"

Gwen Stacy: "Yes?"

Smythe: "I know what you went through. And I'm sure you don't want to relive it... but I promise you, you'll be safe working for me."

Gwen: "I'm not afraid of working here, I just don't want to hear about Curt Connors anymore. And Oscorp is not the spot where it's gonna happen."

Smythe: "You couldn't find someone more against Connors' work as me! With your help, I can forge a new Oscorp!"

Gwen: "I'm sorry, I won't."

Smythe: "Well, at least let me show you what I am working on."

Oscorp Robotic Facility[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Oscorp scientist: "They're trying to cut through the doors!"

Alistaire Smythe: "Not for long... let's see what they're using. ...oh! That's clever! But wait till they see this... there! I disabled them. Sending Sentries to secure the area."

Scientist: "Sir, don't we work for Oscorp? Why are you trying to stop 'em?"

Smythe: "This comes as a surprise to you? There's no time for your personal interests - we're fighting for a greater cause!"

Scientist: "Doctor Smythe, I - I gotta get home to my family."

Smythe: "Stay strong; if you don't help me, your family will turn into a bunch of raving beasts."

Audio Evidence #2[]

Alistaire Smythe: "Ladies and gentlemen: I'm here to shed some light on what's been happening here. Now, before you lose your temper, hear me out; first off: yes, the entire compound has been isolated in quarantine and, yes, I gave the order to make it so. Now, I could say it's for your own good, but you wouldn't believe that. You wouldn't understand a lot of things I do. It seems I strive for perfection, and the frailities and faults on my employees fell painfully short of my vision. So, starting now, I rely exclusively on my robotic employees. Go. Leave this place, find your loved ones, and pray that I save the city before the plague takes you. You have ten minutes before the doors close for good. That is all!"

Connors' Makeshift Lab[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Curt Connors: "Peter, it's me. I don't know if you'll get this message... not that it matters, really; I just want to get something off my chest. I have a feeling it might not go as expected. Quite a ride it was, I must admit. And now that it's about to end, I came to realize the point of this whole journey... thanks to you. At first, I was just fine rotting away in the institute, wallowing in my guilt and cowardice. Then you came along, like a bull in a china shop, and forced me out of my indolence... and though it took awhile, I began to feel like I could redeem myself from the horrors I brought upon the city. That's where I was wrong, again; the past few hours made me realize what's really important is not about facing my fears or striving for redemption. The only thing that matters now is to do what's right... to do what is right... you opened my eyes, Peter. I don't know how much time I will get to use them, but, hey... it's already worth it. Thank you, Peter... for everything."

Underground City[]

Audio Evidence #1[]

Alistaire Smythe: "Real work begins soon. It took a whole week just for paperwork, legal procedures, marketing rubbish... now, all that we need is to get equipment. We cannot waste time. Beginning next week, I will address the team about our primary concerns. Containment of this infectious strain will be our primary focus. We'll need human sized units to capture diseased individuals for further studies, but, also, intervention units to dismantle any group effort if they try to organize, with siege units for worst case scenarios. This will be an interesting journey, indeed."

Audio Evidence #2[]

Alistaire Smythe: "The first working run of our siege unit was... a failure. Connors and his cross-species are more resilient than anticipated, and he sent his champion to compromise - no, to humiliate me...that so-called hero, that... 'Spider-Man' is the ultimate validation of Connors' threat. Other cross-species have shown little intellect, but this one's different. If we were to face an army of these superior cross-species, it would be disastrous. Good news is: he doesn't seem to be contagious. The bad news: since it looks like he's fighting against the other beasts, the public see this as 'heroism'. Am I the only one who sees the truth? That Spider-Man is as much of a threat than the infected in this crisis?"

Audio Evidence #3[]

Alistaire Smythe: "How can people be so blind? When will people understand the sacrifices necessary to maintain order? I will proceed with my plan! Some hero you are, Spider-Man... There was a time where I could step on my pride and ask for Connors' help. I'm sure Oscorp would have made the arguments to pull them out of his cuckoo's nest. And that's the saddest part of it, really. Young, impetuous Peter Parker thought he could save the day like a grown up man. use crying over spilled milk now. I must prepare. I will turn this city upside down until the last one of the beasts has been taken care of. There's no other way..."


  • The unknown man heard speaking to Smythe is very similar in sound and speech to the "man in the shadows" seen talking to Connors in the post-credits of The Amazing Spider-Man, therefore, it could possibly be him.