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The Battle at the Statue of Liberty was the decisive battle that would end the Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis, which took place at the Statue of Liberty. The battle was planned by Peter Parker and two alternate versions of himself, with the intent to cure Sandman, Electro, Lizard, and Green Goblin of their powers. With Doctor Octopus's help, the three Spider-Men were able to cure their enemies until Green Goblin destroyed the Macchina di Kadavus, unleashing the contained spell that opened up more tears in the Multiverse.

To save the Multiverse, Doctor Strange completed a second rendition of the Runes of Kof-Kol, which sent the "multiversal visitors" back to their home universes. However, it was at the cost of wiping their universe's records and memories about Peter Parker.


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Battle at Liberty Island

Using an Inter-Dimensional Portal to arrive at the Statue of Liberty, Peter Parker contacted The Daily Bugle via a video call to inform the villains that he was at the Statue of Liberty, and that while he could have sent them back to their original universes at any time, he did not. He then ended the call and rejoined the other two Spider-Men, and they conversed with each other regaling about the villains that they had fought and their adventures. Electro commenced the battle when he arrived fully charged by the Arc Reactor. Electro told Parker to give him the box or he would die, but just before Electro attacked him, Parker summoned his counterparts to come to his rescue. As the battle began, Parker handed off the box to Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds so that the villains could not fetch it, which unfortunately went wrong as Leeds couldn't close his portal.

The Spider-Men headed into battle with one of them fighting Lizard and another one fighting against Electro. Barely managing to hold their own, the counterparts of Spider-Man asked him to deliver the cure to their respective villains. Just before he was about to do so, Spider-Man got ambushed by Sandman, who grabbed him to get hold of the box so that he could go back to his family, not listening to Spider-Man despite all of his pleas. Spider-Man failed to grab Sandman's cure as he continued to struggle against his grip, until Electro hit some scaffolding which landed on Sandman and slowed him down.

As the villains were winning the battle, Spider-Man deduced that he and his counterparts were terrible at communication, with them being unable to coordinate together. Having been in the Avengers, Spider-Man took the leads of his counterparts, who didn't have the Avengers in their universes, much to Spider-Man's shock. Taking the alias of Peter-One, Spider-Man tagged one counterpart as Peter-Two and the other counterpart as Peter-Three. Spider-Man told them that teamwork was not too complicated and all they needed to do was communicate their attacks, trust their senses, and attack the villains one at a time.

The final battle

Going in with a renewed spirit, Spider-Man and his counterparts jumped off the scaffolding and swung to their destination together, now as a team. As they dashed into battle, Peter-Two fought off Sandman, Peter-Three fought off Lizard, and Peter-One got ambushed by Electro. Peter-One uses his earpieces to remind the other Spider-Men that they have to cure Sandman first, with him meeting Peter-Two inside the Statue of Liberty to do so, whilst planning to meet Peter-Three at the top of the statue to cure Lizard. As he is being followed by Electro, Peter-One manages to deliver the Sandman's cure to Peter-Two after getting it from Peter-Three. Peter-Two injects Sandman with the cure and he turns back into Flint Marko.

Parker and his variants Unite

Just as that happens, Peter-One and Peter-Two immediately rush to help Peter-Three who is now struggling against an arc reactor empowered Electro who is more powerful than ever. Peter-One tells Peter-Two and Peter-Three that they have to take the arc reactor away from Electro in order to stand a chance. The three of them made a plan with Peter-Two going right and Peter-Three going left in order to subdue Electro in a three-way attack. However, this plan fails and Electro easily holds off the Spider-Men. Lizard breaks free from Peter-Three's webbing and hears Jones and Leeds in the lab at Midtown School of Science and Technology. Peter-One rushes to Jones and Leeds' rescue, forcing Lizard to stop.

Octavius joins the battle

Meanwhile, Electro proves to have grown too strong and nearly kills Peter-Three. However, he was saved when Doctor Octavius arrives and pretends to be under the guise of helping Electro before removing Electro's arc reactor and injecting him with his cure.

Lizard cured eye

Just as Peter-One is struggling fending off Lizard, he is saved when Jones hands him the Lizard's cure, allowing Peter-One to turn Lizard back into Curt Connors.

As Lizard is being cured, Doctor Strange returns from Spider-Man's trap within the Mirror Dimension after dangling over the Grand Canyon for twelve hours. Spider-Man apologizes to him, but tells him that they are close to curing all of the villains. When Spider-Man introduces his counterparts from other universes to Strange who suggest that they could have used Strange's help, Strange tells Spider-Man that he was pleasantly surprised by what he has accomplished by curing the villains and giving them second chances, but they have to send them back to their home universes.

Green Goblin Arrives[]

"Poor Peter. Too weak to send me home to die."
"No. I just want to kill you myself."
―Green Goblin and Spider-Man[src]

Before Strange could activate the Macchina di Kadavus to reverse the spell, Green Goblin appeared and attempted to snatch it. However, Strange managed to disarm him. Unfortunately, Green Goblin had already put a Pumpkin Bomb in the box which detonated, destroying it and unleashing the spell. The bomb also destroyed the scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty, knocking Jones off. Peter-One dived to save her, but Green Goblin intercepted him with the Goblin Glider; Peter-Three witnessed Jones in peril and successfully saved her before she fell. Enraged at the Green Goblin for stopping him from saving Jones, Peter-One furiously detonated a Pumpkin Bomb on the glider, destroying it and causing the two to crash on the shield replica that had fallen off of the Statue of Liberty.

Green Goblin's Goggles

After getting up, Green Goblin taunted Spider-Man for being too weak to send him back home to his universe to die. However, Spider-Man, filled with rage and hatred for what Green Goblin had done, told him that he simply wanted to be the one to kill him. An impressed Green Goblin praised him as the two engaged in an intense battle. Spider-Man, fueled solely by rage and hate, and no longer holding back, brutally beat Green Goblin into submission.

Fueled with rage, Spider-Man grabbed the Green Goblin's glider and attempted to impale him to death with it – the same way he killed May Parker. However, before delivering his brutal punishment, he was stopped by Peter-Two, who blocked the strike by holding the glider at bay, until Peter-One finally calmed down and came to his senses, after realizing this was not what May would want for him. Suddenly, Peter-Two was non-fatally stabbed in the back by Green Goblin, heavily injuring him and Green Goblin proceeded to taunt Peter-One that May's death was strictly on him for not killing them when he had the chance. Peter-Three threw Peter-One the Anti-Goblin Serum, which Peter-One injected into Green Goblin in retaliation, finally freeing Osborn of the Green Goblin personality once and for all.

Statue of Liberty (No Way Home)

The multiverse begin to open

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Behind the Scenes[]

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