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"Engineered from Genetically enhanced Spiders, Oscorp's BioCable's tensile strength is Unparalleled. We're just beginning to understand all it's potential industrial applications."
―Advertisement for Oscorp's BioCable[src]


Oscorp's BioCable is produced by the Genetically modified Spiders of the same species. Originally, the Spiders were made by Richard Parker with the Purpose to use their venom to create a Cure for various ailments, but were later used mostly for their Silk, which has an Amazing Tensile Strength, and was sold as "Oscorp BioCable". It's stored in small metal pressurized Pallets, and each pallet can store several hundred meters of the Light weight cable.


After Peter discovers his Spider-like Abilities, he orders Oscorp's BioCable (Presumably online) to use in his web shooters. Throughout both movies.


  • BioCable is Electrically conductive.