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Biocable Developement Unit

Biocable Development Unit[]

In Biocable Development, Oscorp Industries provides a number of synthetic strands where Peter Parker receives his webbing in the role of Spider-Man.


This is the room which Peter Parker enters when sneaking around Oscorp in pursuit of his father's research. This room is discovered by Peter when he follows Rajit Ratha after bumping into him, making him drop a file he was holding that contained a symbol he recognized from his father's research in his old briefcase (two circles next to each other with a diagonal line through each one). Following Ratha, in the curiosity of this, he comes to the entrance of a room with the same symbol outside the entrance. As Rajit is about to enter, he is met by two scientists in biohazard suits leaving the room which he follows down the corridor out of sight. Peter then comes up to the entrance for the "Biocable Development Unit" and enters... As he walks in he sees computer chips being processed by mechanical arms on a conveyor belt. Walking yet further into the facility he sees machines at work testing the strength of biocables (which he would later use for his webbing in the role of Spider-Man). He then comes up to another door which he opens taking him into a room with a revolving structure in the center of it full of thousands of radioactive spider's (the artificial breed known as the Aranaous Oscorpeus) crawling on webs. Peter walked further into the room towards the center of the revolving structure fascinated by the webbing and biocables, he then plucked one which set of the mechanism to release all the spider's from their webs and to drop to the floor where Peter was standing. Peter then suddenly desperate to leave shaking all of the spiders off (except one) rushing out unaware that one was still on him which later bit him on the back of the neck granting him the powers of Spider-Man.