Suit 15

The Black suit is an entirely different suit to "New Black Suit" and "Classic Black Suit" as it appears in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame) as a DLC whereas the other two appear in the first game and are not DLC.

Black suit

Appearance Edit

The Black suit sports the "Venom" spider logo on its Spider-Man's original one because it is bigger with four legs that zig zag and all are parallel heading in the same direction. The eye pieces are also white and are rounded with shiny black outlines. Also there are white rectangles that appear on the back of the hands of the suit.

Trivia Edit

  • This suit appears entirely different to the "New Black Suit" and the "Classic Black Suit" as they are more detailed with web patterns across the body of their suits as they are the suits that appeared in the films, whereas this suit lacks in detail only featuring the spider logo, eye pieces and rectangles on the hands as it based straight on the appearance of the comics.
  • In the comics the suit is meant to be made out of pure symbiote (gooey liquid) but in the game is just made out of suit material; as you see the material crinkle when Spider-Man moves.