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Carnage is a red alien symbiote.


In prison, Cletus meets Donald Menken, and is experimented on with a red symbiote named Venom, which was a liquid used in a failed attempt to cure Norman Osborn of his eventual death. Cletus then escapes and confronts Spider-Man in the riot, telling him that he plans to spread the symbiote among the Earth and treat the infected people as the family he never had. The two then engaged in a showdown, a fight in which the symbiote overwhelms Cletus' mind and turns him into a dangerous sociopath known as Carnage. Despite the monster's nearly unstoppable strength, Spider-Man burns Carnage out of existence, leaving only a half dead Cletus on the floor.


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Powers and Abilities[]


  • Blood Weapon Constructs: Carnage can fashion weapons, tendrils, and other objects out of his symbiote-infused blood.
  • Symbiotic Blood Costume: As with other symbiotes, Carnage symbiote has the basic ability to fully emerge from its host and human half Kasady while still attached to him, enveloping its host's body to form its own as a sentient, malleable but durable suit complete with eyes, claws and a mouth with powerful jaws and sharp teeth while increases in mass, turning him into powerful opponent. Unlike Venom's, the suit is black and red in coloration due to the symbiote completely mixed with Kasady's blood.
  • Construct Creation: Carnage can create weapons from his blood-infused mass, including blades, flails, darts, spikes, and claws. Said constructs can be detached from his body as projectiles or thrown weapons where they disintegrate few seconds after being separated from his body, preventing his foes from using said constructs against him.
  • Web Generation: Carnage can project organic web-like substance.
  • Tentacle Extension: Carnage can also form tentacles out of his blood-infused symbiote mass at will.


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