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Cletus Kasady, formerly also known as Carnage, is a former criminal and the host for the Carnage symbiote.

"Here's the real difference between us Spiderman, I'm at peace with who I am."

Cletus Kasady to Spiderman before the big final fight begins.

"Don't want to be alone again, please just let me die"

-Cletus's last words before being apprehended by Spiderman.

Video Game Continuity[]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)[]

Cletus Kasady is a criminal who murders other criminals. When Spider-Man was chasing the criminal known as Carridine, Spider-Man finds his dead body under a pile of garbage bags. Then he notices initials on the wall that reads CK (Carnage Killer abbreviated) written in blood. Spider-Man seeks the help of Kraven the hunter to find this killer. He then finds him in an alley about to kill his next victim who was actually wheelman for a drive by. Spider-Man jumps into the scene in which he fights Kasady. Kasady is later arrested and placed in the Ravencroft institute where the "Venom" symbiote (that was supposedly used for a project for another company) is injected into his bloodstream. Kasady broke out of the testing room and kills Dr.Kafka in the process. He then turns the other inmates into symbiote-infected-people. This results in Spider-Man going down to Ravencroft and stopping this incident before it becomes City or worldwide. Spider-Man finally catches up to Kasady in a caged room. After their fight, Kasady and Spiderman recap each other of Spiderman's mission to hunt down Uncle Ben's killer and why Cletus killed him. Then after their discussion is concluded, Kasady and the symbiote fully bond becoming Carnage. The battle was fierce and devastating to say the least, Carnage would even multiply himself to defeat Spiderman, and tried to convince Spiderman to join his bloodlust of a crusade, but is denied. Finally Carnage is thrown into a pit of fire in the cage arena where he and the Carnage symbiote are burning alive, somehow Cletus survives and crawls out of the fire pit area and begs for Spiderman similar to the Goblin before him to let him die. After the battle, the Carnage symbiote is removed and Kasady is being transferred to his jail cell.


The Daily Bugle (tumblr)[]

A Daily Bugle article on Tumblr dated on April 10, 2014 mentions Cletus Kasady being captured by the police. He had been previously sentenced to twelve life sentences for twelve murders but had escaped whilst being transported between federal prisons.


  • His weaknesses are fire and sound (strong vibrations).
  • Unlike The Lizard, Carnage is the first final boss who is not an antagonist from the film the game is based on nor does he ever appear in said film.
  • Upon seeing the symbiote, Spider-Man states it's not from Earth. However, Carnage tells Spider-Man that they're "practically family already". This means the Venom symbiote is not from Earth, but Richard Parker has modified it with his DNA.
  • Carnage was slated to appear as the antagonist in a solo Venom film since 2007, and the film was later slated to be reworked to be canon with The Amazing Spider-Man film series, with Alan Tudyk is talks to play him, while Finn Wittrock was in talks to play Venom himself. The film's working titles ranged from Venom: Carnage to The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Venom, to the possibility of Carnage even appearing as early as The Sinister Six, to even a solo film of their own as a sequel to the Venom film, with the movie set from his point of view with Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat teaming up against them, with the working title The Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Carnage; following the 2014 Sony Pictures hack, Emma Stone was revealed to have been in talks to return as an amnesiac Gwen Stacy, resurrected by the symbiote as Carnage, based on the Ultimate Marvel incarnation of the character and who would have served as the main antagonist of the Carnage solo film. However, due to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperforming with the box office and audiences, the future plans for the films' connection with this series were cancelled in favor of Sony and Marvel Studios reaching an agreement to reboot Spider-Man once again to incorporate him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Amy Pascal and Avi Arad confirmed the spin-off films would move forward in their own universe, with Venom finally being released in 2018, with Tom Hardy as the eponymous character. In this film, Cletus Kasady finally made his cinematic debut in a mid-credits scene, portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson will reprise the role for the 2021 sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage, finally becoming Carnage.