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The Comic Stand is a feature in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game). Playing as Peter Parker you are able to walk into the Comic Stand, It is shown as a normal store in the streets of New York. Before you enter, Spider-Man jumps into the air, disappears for a few seconds, and returns as Peter Parker.

Once you have entered the Comic Stand you are greeted by Stan Lee at the counter. In the Comic Stand you can access a shelf where there are figures of characters in the game you have unlocked from completing missions, comic books from the pages you collect throughout New York City and concept art for the game. Within the Comic Stand there is a mini game called 'Combat Challenges' and when completed the Superior Spiderman Suit is unlocked. Concept art for the game is also unlocked in the Combat Challenges.


  • The sign of the Comic Stand is lit up in lights as 'Comic Stan' as the letter 'd' is faulty thus making it look appear as 'Comic Stan'
  • At the counter, behind Stan Lee, boxes of actions figure hang from the wall on display featuring Marvel advertisement on the box even with Spider-man on the box.