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"Person gets Parkinson's when the brain cells that produce dopamine start to disappear. But the zebra fish has the ability to regenerate cells on command. If you could somehow give this ability to the woman you're talking about, that's that. She's... she's curing herself."
Peter Parker[src]

Cross-Species Genetics was a theory shared by Richard Parker and Curtis Connors.


"They called us mad scientists. And then your father bred the spiders, and everything changed. The results were beyond encouraging. They were spectacular. We were gonna change the lives of millions. Including my own."
―Curtis Connors to Peter Parker[src]

Doctor Curtis Connors collaborated with Richard Parker on his desire to create a world without weakness. They conducted research on cross-species genetics at Oscorp Industries, aiming to harness the capabilities of other species and transfer them. Parker chose the common household spider because their cells contain the power to self-heal from severe infection and tissue damage, using a radioactive isotope with compatible human DNA (his own, unbeknownst to Norman Osborn). He bred the world's first human-spider hybrids, hoping to extract the venom from their glands into an agent that heals diseased cells.

Osborn made a deal with a foreign military organization to continue funding Parker's research, but when he discovered they would use it for biological weapons, Parker refused. Osborn falsified evidence against him in order to take control of his work. However, since Parker implanted his own DNA in the spiders, Oscorp could never replicate or continue Parker's experiments. Parker destroyed as much as possible from his archives but he did not have time to kill the spiders.


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