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The Cross-Species virus is a disease created by accident by Oscorp and is the main storyline of "The Amazing Spider-Man (videogame)".


The Cross-Species virus was first created in the beginning events of The Amazing Spider-Man (videogame) where Peter and Gwen are caught snooping around Oscorp by Alistair Smythe who gives them a private tour of their Cross-Species labs where they keep the Cross-Species contained. As Peter entered and got closer to get a good look at the Cross-Species they started behaving strangely picking up the scent of a new Cross-Species in their presence (Spider-Man). The first to break out was Scorpion, this was when Peter was evacuated into a different room and forced to watch as all the others escaped looking through a window. Gwen came up against the window to talk to Peter but was interrupted as The Vermin came and took a bite out of her arm infecting her to be the first of many victims of the Cross-Species virus. Peter now dressed as Spider-Man came to her rescue and took her to a room secure from all the other Cross-Species where all the other scientists who were infected in the break out evacuated to as well (including that of Alistair Smythe) all of these people came to realize that they too would over a long period of time would begin to turn into the hideous Cross-Species that they desired to eliminate.

The disease then spread rapidly through then population in Manhattan; large majority of citizens lost their humanity and many were reported missing, (living in the sewers of Manhattan).

Effects of the Virus[]

The virus effects the body in different ways and gives the victim these new found abilities:

  • Sharpened Senses: The disease which turns you half animal gives you the characteristics of an animal which means sharpening the senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing so that they are more advanced compared to that of a regular human.
  • Acid Projectiles: All Cross-Species have the ability to spit acid projectiles up to long distances of up to 20 metres and rarely miss their target.
  • Super human strength: Victims of the Cross-Species virus have the near match in strength to that of Spider-Man which allows them to jump high and far and toss people across rooms as if they are weightless.
  • Super human Speed: Fully developed Cross-Species almost have the speed of Spider-Man in reflexes, fighting and getting around.