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"Peter, you may have dodged your legal troubles, but things will get much worse. There is still a court of public opinion."
―Matt Murdock to Peter Parker[src]

Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock, known as Daredevil, is a blind lawyer who represented Peter Parker.


Representing Peter Parker[]

Parker and Matt Murdock

Murdock represents Peter Parker/Spider-Man

In 2024, Murdock acted as the defense lawyer of Peter Parker after he was believed to be responsible for the death of Mysterio and for orchestrating the drone attack in London. Murdock met with Peter, Happy Hogan and May Parker at the Parker Residence where he finished a phone call regarding the case. After hanging up, he informed Peter that the charges against him would not hold. As the three celebrated this victory, thanking Murdock for his legal counsel, he warned Hogan that there was an active investigation into him regarding the missing Stark Industries technology used and advised that he hire a really good lawyer.

Matt Murdock Infobox

Murdock comments that he's a really good lawyer

Murdock then warned Peter that the situation would continue to escalate as, despite being clear of any legal troubles, public opinion of whether Parker was innocent or guilty would still affect him going forward. At that moment, Murdock heard a pro-Mysterio supporter throwing a brick through the Parkers' window and caught it backhanded, preventing it from injuring them, much to their shock.

Murdock noted that Peter's arm was outstretched to catch the brick. As he handed the brick to Peter to examine, his stunned client asked how Murdock was able to do so, he merely replied that he was a really good lawyer.[2]

Representing Happy Hogan[]

Stop Sweating Happy

Murdock represents Happy Hogan

Murdock was shortly hired by Happy Hogan to be his attorney, and represented Hogan during an interrogation with Damage Control. As Murdock defended his client to P. Cleary, Hogan was too nervous and distracted to concentrate on the meeting, as he witnessed an alert on his phone. Aware that Hogan had started sweating, Murdock urged him to stop, prompting Hogan to ask how he could do that. Murdock did not respond to the question and reverted his attention back to Cleary and the other Damage Control agents. [3]


"I'm a really good lawyer."
―Matt Murdock[src]

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Powers and Abilities[]

Murdock catches a brick


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  • Department of Damage Control
    • P. Cleary


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