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"I'm grateful, dear boy. Truly."
―Otto Octavius to Peter Parker[src]

Doctor Otto Octavius is a nuclear scientist and inventor of a set of mechanical limbs to help his experiments, and a mentor to Peter Parker. Unfortunately, the tentacles fused to Octavius' body in a lab accident, and their artificial intelligence corrupted his brain and turned him evil. His alter-ego, Doctor Octopus, fought Spider-Man, until the latter revealed himself as Peter and convinced him to destroy his machine, leading to a redeemed Octavius sacrificing his life to destroy his machine.

However, 20 years later, in an alternate universe, a failed spell by Doctor Strange, caused a past version of Doctor Octopus shortly before his redemption and death, to be teleported alive through the Multiverse and to this universe. Doctor Octopus encountered that universe's version of Spider-Man and battled with him, but was defeated and sent to the New York Sanctum. Rather than sending him and the other villains back to their universes to die, Spider-Man chose to cure them, freeing Octavius from his tentacles' control. Octavius then chose to assist Spider-Man, his universe's Spider-Man, with whom he reunited briefly and another alternate Spider-Man, in battling Green Goblin and the other villains. After the rest of the villains were cured, they were then sent back to their universes, where Octavius should get a second chance in life in a branched/alternate timeline.


Early Life[]

Becoming Doctor Octopus[]

"Doc Ock: drowned in the river with your machine."
―Flint Marko[src]
Doctor Octopus tentacles nwh

Octavius' tentacles, which he built to perform an expiriment

Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist who worked towards researching and building a sustainable fusion power reactor. During his career, he was a friend of Norman Osborn, the founder and CEO of Oscorp. Octavius felt that Osborn was greedy and misguided and was also aware of Osborn's identity as Green Goblin and that Osborn had died fighting Spider-Man. Two years later, Octavius met and befriended Peter Parker. To build his reactor and successfully create and sustain the fusion reaction, Octavius developed a set of artificially intelligent mechanical arms and a Neural Inhibitor Chip to keep the tentacles' AI from affecting Octavius' brain. However, during a lab accident, Octavius' mechanical arms were permanently bonded to his spinal column and the neural inhibitor chip was destroyed. Through the loss of his inhibitor chip, Octavius heard the voices of his arms within his head. They played on his vanity and ego, which allowed them to corrupt his mind and manipulate him to rebuild his reactor at any cost.

During his final battle with Spider-Man, the latter revealed himself as Peter and pleaded him to destroy his reactor. Doctor Octopus responded by grabbing him by the throat with his mechanical arms.

Becoming a Variant[]

Battle at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge[]

"What have you done to my machine?"
"Your ma--, I don't know what are you talking about, what machine?"
"The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand, its gone!"
―Doctor Octopus to Spider-Man[src]
Doc ock greets peter

Doc Ock encounters another Peter Parker

During the year 2024 in an alternate universe (MCU), Doctor Strange tried to cast the Runes of Kof-Kol to make everyone forget his Peter Parker was Spider-Man. However, the spell failed and connected to every reality in the Multiverse, and then began bringing individuals, who were aware of Spider-Man's true identity from every universe to the MCU universe. While Strange contained the spell, a handful of individuals from a few alternate universes slipped through the cracks in the Multiverse.

As time was scrambled, people who were dead in their universes, were brought alive to the MCU, one of them being an alternate version of Otto, who was transported while choking his universes' Peter shortly before his redemption and death. However, he was still under the control of his mechanical arms and going by Doctor Octopus, since he was pulled before redeeming himself. Doctor Octopus tried to find his fusion reactor, and eventually encountered the MCU Spider-Man at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge.


Doctor Octopus challenges Spider-Man

However, believing that he was his universes' (Earth-96283) Peter Parker, Doctor Octopus demanded Spider-Man to tell him what he did to his reactor. When Spider-Man said what was he talking about by "the reactor", Otto believed Spider-Man was playing dumb to him, which he asked Spider-Man if he's messing around.

Doc Ock vs Spider-Man (Alexander Hamilton Bridge)

Doc Ock tangling Spider-Man

After grabbing two cars with his tentacles, Doctor Octopus attacked Spider-Man by throwing the vehicles at him. Doctor Octopus then grabbed Spider-Man with his tentacles and asked him if his fancy new suit was going to save him and flung him around the bridge. After flinging him into a UPS truck, Doctor Octopus told Spider-Man that he wished he killed his girlfriend when he had the chance, which confused the native Spider-Man as he thought he was talking about Michelle Jones. Seeing Spider-Man's own mechanical arms, Doctor Octopus was intrigued to see that and told his tentacles that they have competition. Doctor Octopus continued fighting Spider-Man but grabbed him once more then tried to kill him by using the propeller of a Daily Bugle helicopter. However, when Spider-Man saw that the MIT Assistant Vice Chancellor was in trouble and set out to rescue her, Doctor Octopus tried to stop him.[2]

Doc Ock steals Iron Spider nanites

Doctor Octopus steals Iron-Spider's nanites

Once he had Parker restrained, Doctor Octopus removed a piece of Spider-Man's Iron Spider armor as he found out that his suit was made out of nanotechnology, whom he told Parker that he has outdone himself but now will die. As he removed Spidey's mask, Doctor Octopus became confused but realized that he was not his Peter Parker. Doctor Octopus became further confused when he saw that one of his tentacles was moving on its own and asked what was happening. After Spider-Man used his armor to pair the device through via a Bluetooth connection, since the nanotech of Spider-Man's iron armor was in his tentacles, Doc ock told his tentacles to "Listen to him, not Spider-Man." Also, much to his annoyances, Doctor Octopus was forced by Spider-Man to rescue the MIT Assistant Vice Chancellor as he used his tentacles to bring them back up to the top of the bridge. Doctor Octopus was scolded by the MIT Assistant Vice Chancellor for almost killing her. When Spider-Man tried to interrogate him, Doctor Octopus attempted to attack Parker with his bare hands. However, they were interrupted when Spider-Man sensed something was coming as he restrained Doctor Octopus with one of his arms. After an explosion went off, Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man witnessed the arrival of Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus recognized Green Goblin as Norman Osborn (an alternate version of Osborn/Green Goblin from his universe).[2]



Doctor Octopus is confused of his situations

"A spell? As in magic? Who is the clown? What is this madness?"
―Doctor Octopus to Doctor Strange[src]

Before Goblin could attack the two, Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man found themselves being transported away by an Inter-Dimensional Portal and was brought to the New York Sanctum by Doctor Strange. Doctor Octopus was in shock to find himself in another location, but was placed in captivity by Strange with the previously discovered an alternate version of the Lizard (from the Earth-120703 universe). Doctor Octopus demanded answers, but was asked by Strange, in an effort to prove that he was from another universe, if he knew a Peter Parker who was Spider-Man, which he confirmed. Doctor Octopus then denied to Strange that the Parker in front of him was the one he knew. Also, Doctor Octopus became further confused as he listened to Strange discussing the spell that brought him to this universe and that the Multiverse was real.

Flying out into the darkness

Octavius warns Parker about Norman Osborn

After seeing Parker return with his friends, Doctor Octopus asked him who those two were, and was introduced to the MCU Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds. Parker, Jones and Leeds teased Octavius, which annoyed him. Doctor Octopus overheard Parker talking to his friends about Norman Osborn, as he deemed it impossible that it was his friend and fellow scientist that he saw before. When Parker questioned him, Doctor Octopus confirmed to him that he knew Norman Osborn and explained his background in his universe. With his tentacles being in control, Doctor Octopus outburst on Parker as they were both sick and tired of his questions. Octavius calmed down, which he told Parker and his friends that it could not be Osborn, explaining that, to his knowledge, had died years ago. Also, Doctor Octopus warned Parker that either what they saw before on the bridge was someone else or he was going out there to fight a ghost possessing Norman's dead body. Doctor Octopus became spooked when Spider-Man accidentally teleported a tree to a cell while he was fighting another displaced individual.

Octavius meets Electro

Doctor Octopus meets Electro

Then, Doctor Octopus witnessed an alternate version of Electro (from Earth-120703 like Lizard) and Sandman (from Earth-96283 like himself and Osborn) appearing in cells nearby, waving at Dillon. After Spider-Man teleported them there. When he saw Max talking about Lizard, he asked if Dillon knew that creature. Dillon responded he was not a creature, but a man. Also, Doctor Octopus was surprised that that Lizard can talk, alongside the others in the Sanctum.

Doctor Octopus heard a familiar voice and turned around to see Norman Osborn right in front in him, who had been brought to the Sanctum Sanctorum by the MCU Spider-Man. They reunited with each other, as Doctor Octopus realized that it was his friend he saw before as Green Goblin on the bridge, while Osborn was stunned to see a pair of mechanical tentacles on his back and asked him as to what happened to him, but he did not give him an answer to that question. Doctor Octopus then explained to Osborn that he had died some years while fighting their Spider-Man, but Norman rebuffed the statement, as he believed his friend had gone insane. However, Doctor Octopus, Osborn and Parker were told by Sandman that what Octavius said was true about Osborn’s death.

Octavius (Sanctum)

Doctor Octopus realizes he was spare from death

Doctor Octopus was then told by Sandman that he himself had died while fighting their Spider-Man. Hearing Sandman's accusations, Doctor Octopus refused to believe him, telling his recent fight with Spider-Man was him trying to stop the Reactor, so he grabbed him by the throat, but then realized that was his last memory before being teleported to this reality. Doctor Octopus then witness Doctor Strange return with an ancient relic, known as the Macchina di Kadavus, and listened to his intentions to reverse Spider-Man's corrupt spell, which would send the group back to their universes. Doctor Octopus confronted Strange as he asked him if he and the rest of the villains were going to perish once they return home.

Threatened by Doctor Strange[]

Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus panicks about his fate

Doctor Octopus then became nervous and uneasy when he sees Strange's attempt to send them back to their universes to meet their fates, whom he knew he was going to die. Doctor Octopus witness Spider-Man take the Macchina away from Strange and left the room, which led to a battle between Spider-Man and Strange. Doctor Octopus expressed how surprised he was that the MCU Parker would go out of his way to save him and the rest of the villains.

Doc Octopus (2024)

Doctor Octopus suprised of Peter's actions

Also, Doctor Octopus told Parker that it would be easier to just leave them to die in their own universes, as he asked him as to why he didn't send them back like Strange intended, but Michelle Jones told him that it was not what Spider-Man would do. Doctor Octopus then listened to Spider-Man's intentions to help him and the group of villains be free of their issues. Also, Doctor Octopus and the group were told by Parker that when they go back to their universes, they may not die fighting their version of Spider-Man. In addition, Doctor Octopus and the group of villains were told by Spider-Man that part of his plan to help them was through his universe advanced technology.

SMNWH Trailer (Doctor Octopus)

Doctor Octopus decides to go with Peter

Doctor Octopus then made a snarky comment to Parker and told him that he refused to be fix by him. After Spider-Man's friends left, Doctor Octopus and the rest of the villains were asked by Parker if they were coming with him. Despite being skeptical in coming with Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus decided to accept his offer when he saw Osborn willing to go with Parker. Doctor Octopus and the rest of the villains were set free from their cells by Spider-Man.[2]


Doctor Octopus NWH Condominium

Doctor Octopus afraid Parker's plan would kill him

"He's gonna kill us."
―Doctor Octopus[src]

Doctor Octopus took his glasses and worn them again, whom he and the other villains was brought by Peter Parker and his aunt to a condominium owned by the Parker’s friend, Happy Hogan. Being restrained by one of his tentacles, Doctor Octopus confronted Parker of his plan in using a condominium instead of a lab or facility to cure him and the other villains. Doctor Octopus told an obviously Osborn, who overheard his and Parker's conversation, that the young teenager was going to kill them all, which Parker believes he will not do that.


Doctor Octopus protest Peter Parker

Doctor Octopus was then informed by Parker that he was the first to get cured, as he and Osborn, who was assisting the teenager in his plan to cure him and the other villains, headed to the back room. Hearing this, Doctor Octopus protested to Parker that he didn't need fixing, especially by a teenager who was using scraps from someone's junk drawer. However, Doctor Octopus became surprised when Electro defended Parker because he realized that he had something in the back room. Doctor Octopus then became startled when he heard a noise in the back room as he also became fearful that Parker was going to kill him and the other villains.

Doctor Octopus and May Parker

Doctor Octopus waiting in the living room

Due to being restrained by his own tentacles, Doctor Octopus ultimately had to suffer through the humiliation of not being able to fight back, as he quietly stood in the living room. However, when Parker’s aunt offered him a glass of water, Doctor Octopus politely accepted her offer. Doctor Octopus then became confused when May asked him if he wanted fresh water or salt, as she thought he was part Octopus, but changed the subject when she saw his confusion.

Doctor Octopus-SM-NWH

Doctor Octopus' setup to be cured

However, after Spider-Man grabbed him by the head, Doctor Octopus had his new chip install to the back of his neck, but lost consciousness, which had the group worried. Just before Spider-Man was going to see if Doctor Octopus was okay, Octavius regained consciousness in a panic until he calmed down when he realized that the voices from his tentacles weren’t inside his head anymore, as the new chip worked in restoring his mind. Through this realization, Octavius was on the verge of tears of having control of his own mind again.


Octavius enjoys feeling his freedom

Hearing Osborn calling out to him, Octavius happily assured his friend that he was back to his old self again. Octavius then returned the nanites that his tentacles absorbed from Spider-Man's Iron Spider Armor during their fight on the bridge back to Parker, which ended up creating the Integrated Suit. After returning the nanites to Spider-Man, Octavius expressed his gratitude to Parker for his help in giving him control of his mind back.


Octavius talking to Norman Osborn

Seeing his Parker from his universe in his younger counterpart through his intelligence and traits in character, Octavius offered to help his new friend and Osborn create cures for the rest of the villains. Later, while Parker was working on curing Electro, Octavius had a short conversation with Osborn, who was working on his own cure, as he asked his friend on how it would feel to no longer have the Green Goblin identity within him, as Osborn turns around to give him a slight smile.[2]

Escape from Spider-Man[]

Doc Ock falling

Octavius knocked out by Electro

"Oh my god. What have you done?"
"I'd like you better before."
―Doctor Octopus and Electro[src]

However, seeing Spider-Man get up because of his Spider-Sense being set off, Octavius and Osborn noticed this and expressed concern for their friend. Following him to the living room, Octavius looked around for danger. After Spider-Man found out that Green Goblin had taken over Osborn's mind and webbed his hand to Dum-E, Octavius and the Parkers realized that it was their friend’s alter ego. Octavius tried to stop him and attempted to reach out to Osborn, but to no avail. After the other villains turned against him and the Parkers, Octavius and Spider-Man witnessed Electro take the Arc Reactor from the Stark Industries Fabricator Octavius tried to stop Electro but he was knocked out by Electro.[2]

Battle at Liberty Island[]

Octavius joins the battle

Octavius grabs Dillon with his tentacles

"What are you doing! Get it OFF FROM ME!"
"There you go."
Electro and Doctor Octopus[src]

Octavius intervened in the battle at the Statue of Liberty by deceiving Electro and the three Spider-Men (the MCU Spider-Man, his Spider-Man from Earth-96283, and the Earth-120703's Spider-Man), into thinking he had reverted back to Doctor Octopus once again. However, Octavius quickly revealed his deceit by removing the Arc Reactor and attaching Electro's cure to him. After setting Dillon down with his tentacles, Octavius marveled at the Arc Reactor, amazed that someone in this universe had achieved what he had not, to harness the power of the sun in the palm of their hand.


Octavius pleasantly reunites with his Peter Parker

When one of the Spider-Men came to see him and he heard his voice, Octavius recognized him as he realized that he was his Peter Parker and reunited with him. Otto told his Peter he had grown up since the time they had last met. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Doctor Strange, who was set free from the Mirror Dimension by Ned Leeds, as Octavius listened to him talking with his Peter Parker and his two counterparts.

Goblin vs Octavius

Octavius stopping Green Goblin's escape

Green Goblin reappeared to attack the group, Octavius defended Strange from Goblin's Razor Bats by grabbing them with his tentacles. When Green Goblin stole the Macchina di Kadavus, Octavius was able to stop him from leaving by grabbing his Goblin Glider with his tentacles, but Green Goblin spun the glider around and sliced off the tentacle.

Doc Ock returns to his universe

Octavius returns to his universe

As the scaffolding around the Statue of Liberty began to collapse as a result of the unstable spell being unleashed, Octavius carried Dillon down to safety with his remaining tentacles. After Osborn was cured of the Green Goblin for good, Strange casted a new spell to that sent the multiversal travelers back home, with his fate changed and Octavius in possession of the arc reactor.[2]


As the alternate version of Octavius was pulled from his universe shortly before he agreed to destroy his reactor at the cost of his life, he'd be sent back to that moment, but this would be a branched/alternate timeline in the Earth-96283 universe. A cured alternate Octavius with the possession of the arc reactor, should be able to destroy his reactor without sacrificing his life, thereby giving him a second chance at living, unlike his original counterpart in the original timeline. However, as his crimes were known, he'd likely have to go into hiding.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse[]

To be added


"My friends just got a second chance in MIT, and if the school sees me fighting these crazy monsters."
"Hey! Watch your mouth."
Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus[src]

As Doctor Octopus, Octavius was bitter and hostile, with a stubborn temper that was difficult to reason with, due to being under the thrall of his tentacles as the A.I. system within them were constantly in his head and influencing his decisions. Octavius was unsure of trusting others and regularly complain about everything. In addition, Octavius didn't hesitate in hurting or putting people endanger, even those who were bystanders.

However, despite his troubled mind, Octavius does have standards as he was offended when the young Parker called him a crazy monster and was disgusted with his closest friend Norman Osborn's actions as Green Goblin. Octavius did show some parts of his true self while under the control of his tentacles, as he provided the young Parker information about Osborn, warned the latter that he might be fighting ghost, stood up for the group of villains, even though he just met everyone, except Osborn, when Doctor Strange told everyone that he was going to send them back to their universes to die and was nice to Spider-Man's aunt.

As a scientist, Octavius rebuffed the existence of magic, calling Strange a "clown", until he witnessed him use his powers, much to his astonishment. Initially, he had trouble comprehending the rules of the Multiverse that allowed Osborn, who was supposed to dead, to stand before him. In addition, Octavius underestimated the technology in the main reality, although he recognizes the nanotechnology in the young Parker's suit but was unaware of his ability to control the nanotech via Bluetooth, which led him to lose control of his tentacles. Octavius was even unsure about the advanced technology that was created in the main reality. However, after witnessing the young Parker's skills with it, Octavius comes to admire the technology in the main reality, even embracing it, showing humility and enthusiasm rather than jealousy when regarding the Arc Reactor.

Although everyone around him, except for those who know him, thought he was grumpy and miserable all the time, Octavius deep down is truly a cheerful, cordial, dedicated, and selfless person, as he expressed those characteristics when he was no longer under the influences of his tentacles. Also, Octavius values intelligence, quick wit and displays loyalty to his friends, as seen when he offered to help the young Parker and Osborn develop cures for the other villains. Octavius has even shown to have a hero's heart as he doesn't get even with Electro for trying to kill him as he chose to cure him of his powers, which reverted him back to Max Dillon, and saved his life when the Statue of Liberty collapsed.

Octavius has genuine fondness and respect for his Peter Parker, as he was happy to see him all grown up when he reunites with him. Although, at first, Octavius was skeptical of Parker's younger counterpart because of his unpreparedness and age. However, after witnessing the young Parker's characteristics and intelligence firsthand, Octavius developed the same fondness and respect that he had with his counterpart from his universe. Octavius also affectionately calls both his and the young Parker "dear boy". In addition, Octavius has shown to be protective of both his and the young Parker, as seen when he came to their aid at the Statue of Liberty.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Octavius created a set of long, mechanical limbs that attach to his back, each equipped with a red camera lens and three claw-like grips.
    Nwh empire textless

    Doctor Octopus throws cars at Iron-Spider

    • Superhuman Strength: Each tentacle has superhuman strength, which allows Octavius to easily overpower humans, rip metal objects, plow through concrete and lift cars, allowing him to be a match for Spider-Man. His tentacles were also strong enough to restrain Green Goblin's glider.
    • Superhuman Durability: The tentacles are considerably durable and resistant to heat and magnetism. However, the Goblin Glider's blades were sharp enough to cut one of Octavius' tentacles off, leaving him with three remaining tentacles.
    • Superhuman Agility: The tentacles were designed with the precision and accuracy necessary to maintain a fusion reaction, with a reach of up to thirteen feet and the ability to move both quickly and precisely to reach a target.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Like an octopus' tentacles, the arms' AI relies on "distributed processing," which allows them to react to stimuli before Octavius has time to react and act independently of Octavius to warn him of danger or shield him from imminent threats. This allows Octavius to be saved from extremely high falls, and shielded from dangerous oncoming objects such as glass, Spider-Man’s webs and the Green Goblin’s Razor Bats.
    • Wallcrawling: The arms are powerful enough to allow him to walk up sheer concrete walls and move about quickly by grappling a wall's surface. This allowed him to save himself from falling to his death after Electro blasted him out the window of Happy Hogan's condo.
    • Tentacle Manipulation: Doctor Octopus was able to use his mechanical arms to protect himself from anything until the chip was destroyed in the back of his neck, and the tentacles were able to fight his Spider-Man and this universe's Spider-Man.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Octavius is a genius in the field of nuclear physics and has skill in robotics and computer programming.
  • Master Scientist: Octavius has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and devoted his life to the study of fusion.
  • Master Engineer: In his universe, Octavius created both a powerful fusion reactor and his signature tentacles with independent artificial intelligence, controlled via nanowires connected to the cerebellum.
  • Expert Tactician: Octavius is a skilled tactician; when given a singular goal, he devotes his whole attention it, creating complex plans in service to those goals. Though not particularly socially intelligent, he can trick or manipulate others, such as when he tricked Electro into letting down his guard.
  • Expert Combatant: The arms' strength and agility combined with Octavius's intelligence create a formidable foe. Octavius can engage a single opponent, like Spider-Man, or multiple opponents at once.


Doctor Octopus (Nanite Tentacles)

Doctor Octopus with his tentacles


  • Doctor Octopus' Tentacles: Octavius engineered mechanical limbs connected to his spinal column to help him control fusion reaction in his experiments. They were permanently fused to his body in a lab accident, which also destroyed the inhibitor chip that was designed to prevent the arms' artificial intelligence from affecting his brain. The AI remained in control of Octavius' brain until Spider-Man engineered a replacement inhibitor chip using a Stark Industries Fabricator.
  • Neural Inhibitor Chip: This unit kept the tentacles' AI from affecting Octavius' brain. Spider-Man provided him with a new chip to restore his higher brain function.

Other Equipment[]

  • Fusion Reactor: Octavius has a deep desire to harness the power of the sun in the palm of his hand, so he, while under the influence of his tentacles, built the machine to achieve this goal. However, in his final battle with Spider-Man, Octavius drowned in a river with his reactor.
  • Arc Reactor: When Octavius successfully cured Electro of his powers, he obtained the Arc Reactor stuck on his chest. Octavius felt as if he had finally achieved his desire to have the power of the sun in a handheld device, so he kept the Reactor with him upon being returned to his home reality.
  • Nanites: To be added


  • F.E.A.S.T. Truck: Octavius was transported to Happy Hogan's condominium from the New York Sanctum in the truck.


  • New York Sanctum: Having been defeated by Spider-Man, Octavius was transported to the Sanctum's prison, where he was contained until Spider-Man freed him to cure the multiversal visitors.
  • Happy Hogan's Condominium: After agreeing to come with Peter, he was taken to Happy Hogan's apartment and was restrained by his arms in the kitchen, where he was later offered water by Aunt May. Parker developed the replacement inhibitor chip in a back room outside of Octavius' view, then used Octavius's arms to lift him to the second-floor balcony where Peter installed the chip.


  • The mechanical tentacles were each made up of 76 individual pieces. Each one of them was controlled by four people, who rehearsed each scene with Alfred Molina to get a more natural sense of movement. The sound designers chose not to use servo sound effects, to complete the illusion that the tentacles are a part of Doctor Octopus' body.

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