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"In the grand calculus of the multiverse, their sacrifice means infinitely more than their lives. I'm sorry, kid. If they die, they die."
―Doctor Strange[src]

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, M.D., Ph.D is a former exceptionally skilled neurosurgeon. Hailing from an alternate dimension from the Webbverse, Doctor Strange offered his aid to the native Peter Parker, whose true identity had been revealed to the world by the native Mysterio, as he asked Strange to help cast a spell that would erase the world's memory of this so his life could return to normal. However, due to Parker's interference, the spell soon went wrong, and Strange's spell instead breached several parallel universes, pulling several enemies of Spider-Men from across the Multiverse.. Namely the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman of and Strange tried to use the Macchina di Kadavus to send them to their universes to meet their inevitable fates, which Spider-Man had refused to allow, hoping to give these people a chance at redemption. Having been trapped in the Mirror Dimension, Strange then returned and fought to contain the Multiversal rift. With no other choice, Strange cast a spell to return the visitors back to their universes and close the rifts, but also at the cost of making everyone, including himself, forget Parker's existence.


Early Life[]

Becoming Doctor Strange[]

Stephen Strange was born in New York City. When his sister died, Strange decided to become a doctor to save lives. Strange went to medical school at Columbia University, and eventually graduated with an M.D. and Ph.D. At the same time. Strange had begun specializing in neurological surgery and focusing his research on the formation of new nerve cells. One day, Strange got into a car accident, which resulted with his hands becoming crippled and broken. He went to Kamar-Taj, where he was trained by the Ancient One in the ways of Magic and the Multiverse.[2]

In 2018, Strange gave the Time Stone to Thanos, to spare Tony Stark's life. He was a victim of the snap, leading to Wong taking the title of "Sorceror Supreme".[3] 5 years later, he was restored to life, aiding the Avengers once again to defeat Thanos.[4]

Multiversal Crisis[]

Helping Peter Parker[]

Peter and strange

Doctor Strange seeing Peter Parker

In 2024, Strange witnessed a blizzard in Siberia come through the Rotunda of Gateways into the New York Sanctum. That November, he was visited by Peter Parker, who was surprised to learn that Strange was not Sorcerer Supreme and that Wong had been given the title. Strange asked what the reason for the visit was and insisted that Parker no longer refer to him as "sir" due to their shared experiences. Parker brought up that Mysterio revealing his identity to the world ruined his life, and asked if Strange could go back in time and stop it from happening.

Stephen strange

Doctor Strange explaining about the Time Stone

As Parker pled his case, Strange informed him that he was no longer in possession of the Time Stone and voiced his concerns that the recent Time Heist affected the space-time continuum, but was given the idea to cast a spell that would make everyone forget Parker was Spider-Man. Wong objected Strange's idea, as it traveled the borders of known and unknown realities, but Strange revealed he had used the spell for less important matters, such as a party at Kamar-Taj. Strange attempted to convince Wong, who decided to let it happen, only if he were to be left out of the entire situation, and he departed through an Inter-Dimensional Portal to Kamar-Taj.

Runes of Kof-Kol (1)

Doctor Strange starts casting a spell

Strange brought Parker down to the Sanctum's lower level to a room that had walls that were thousands of years old and were filled with cosmic energy currents. As he began to cast the spell, he said a farewell to Parker, as he would soon forget who he was. Parker questioned what Strange meant, who revealed that the spell would make everyone in the world forget, and that it would be dangerous to change while casting the spell. However, Strange decided to allow Parker's girlfriend to remember, but Parker continued to add a few more people as he wanted not to forget him, even after Strange insisted on not altering it further, which caused him to start losing control of the spell.

Nwh trailer spell

Doctor Strange witnessing the spell being interrupted

Due to the interference, the spell erupted around them, creating a fissure in the Multiverse, with Parker changing again it so that only people that knew he was Spider-Man before the reveal would know, so Strange quickly shut it down before chaos ensued and stored it inside the Macchina di Kadavus.

Doctor Strange confronts Peter Parker

Doctor Stange confronting Parker about his actions

Annoyed that his spell was changed, Strange angrily told Parker that it did not work, and explained that the problem was him trying to live two different lives. When Strange learnt that Parker tried to get him to brainwash the world before speaking to the people at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he promply removed him from the Sanctum.[5]

Capturing Multiversal Visitors[]

Strange and Parker

Doctor Strange telling Parker about the situations

Soon after, Strange detected an other worldly presence, and went to investigate, finding Lizard in the sewers, so he put him in a cell under the Sanctum, realizing that the spell had caused people from the Multiverse that knew Parker was Spider-Man to be brought over to their universe. Strange used his Sling Ring to bring back Parker, who had encountered another one, Doctor Octopus, who Strange put in a cell also. He explained to Parker how he was only able to contain the spell, which is why a few people have managed to cross the Multiverse.

Do you know a Peter Parker's who is spider-man

Doctor Strange giving an example of what happened to Parker

Seeking to remedy the situation, Strange then tasked Parker with locating the rest and bringing them back to the Sanctum while he figured out a way to return them to their respective universes before they destroyed the fabric of reality. Strange upgraded Parker's Spider-Man Suit and Web-Shooters with a magic device so that he could transport any universe-displaced people directly to a cell in the Sanctum. Parker then told Strange that he would still help in finding the people, so Strange went to find Parker's friends.

Doctor Strange (NWH)

Doctor Strange talking to Parker, Jones and Leeds

Strange found Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds, and brought them to the Sanctum, where they asked about how the people got to their universe, so Strange explained how Parker's attempts to get them all into college led to the spell that went wrong. Wanting to get the problem over with, Strange reminded them to get to work and start looking for any more trespassers from the Multiverse. However, after Jones called him out for being the one that messed up the spell, Strange sees her point and told them to get to work, allowing them to use the undercroft.[5]

Conflict with Spider-Man[]

Macchina di kadavus

Doctor Strange preparing to send the travellers back to die

Later, Strange returned to the Sanctum's undercroft and saw that Sandman and Electro had been added into the cells. He then spotted Norman Osborn and transported him into a cell. He revealed that he had used the Macchina di Kadavus, an ancient relic to trap the corrupted spell, and only needed to complete the ritual to reverse what had been done. Parker told Strange not to go through with the plan, as it meant sending them to their deaths, but Strange was adamant on upholding their fates, so he began the ritual to send them back.

Spider-Man Astral Form

Doctor Strange challenging Spider-Man

Before Strange could complete the ritual, Parker snatched the Macchina di Kadavus away from him, and used his upgraded gauntlet to put Strange in a cell with Sandman, as he ran away. Strange was able to walk out of the cell, and followed Parker outside the Sanctum, using an Inter-Dimensional Portal to prevent him from leaving. Strange removed the gauntlet from Parker, and pushed his astral form out of his body, but was unable to take back the Macchina due to Parker's Spider-Sense.

Dr Strange Train fight

Doctor Strange fighting Spider-Man

Parker managed to return to his physical body, and began swinging away, so Strange sent the Cloak of Levitation after him, allowing Strange to open the Mirror Dimension and put Parker in it. Being in complete control in the Mirror Dimension, Strange manipulated the environment as he pursued Spider-Man, leading to them facing off on top of a train in Central Park. Strange told Spider-Man that the spell could not get loose as an infinite number of people would cross into their universe, but Spider-Man was determined to change the fate before sending them back.

NWH tv spot (1)

Doctor Strange talking to Parker about his actions

Strange opened a portal above and below Spider-Man, causing him to fall endlessly with the Cloak grabbing the Macchina. Parker collided the two portals into each other, making the Mirror Dimension alter around them and making them appear by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Macchina fell, so Strange flew after it. Strange retrieved the Macchina and opened a portal out of the Mirror Dimension. Spider-Man used his knowledge of geometry to web Strange up. As he boasted that math was cooler than magic, Spider-Man took the Macchina and then used his webs to take Strange's Sling Ring. He then went through the portal, leaving Strange tied up in the Mirror Dimension.[5]

Battle at Liberty Island[]

Ned leeds Portal

Strange sees an portal created by Ned Leeds

After being stuck in the Grand Canyon within the Mirror Dimension for twelve hours, Strange managed to escape and come through an Inter-Dimensional Portal that was inadvertently opened up by Ned Leeds to the Statue of Liberty. Being greeted by Leeds and Michelle Jones, Strange asked them where Parker was then reclaimed his Sling Ring and the Macchina di Kadavus. However, before he could do anything else, Strange was informed by Leeds and Jones that Parker's plan to cure the universe-displaced people was working, as they witnessed Lizard turning back into a human. Seeing this, Strange realized that Parker was right about second chances and was right about him not having a heart before. Strange then asked Leeds if he was the one who opened the portal as he replied that he did. Hearing this, Strange was impressed by Leeds as he nod his head in approval then left to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

The Multiverse

Strange looks at the Multiverse cracking

Strange went to confront Parker, who introduced him to his two counterparts from other universes, and reminded him that they had to send everyone back. But at that moment, Green Goblin attacked them with his Razor Bats, with Octavius narrowly saving Strange and snatched the Macchina, so Strange used an Eldritch Whip to get it back, only to find a Pumpkin Bomb had been placed inside of it. With the Macchina destroyed, the unstable spell became loose, and despite Strange's efforts to contain it again, he could not, and the Multiverse started to crack open. Strange used his magic to close the cracks, but the spell could not be stopped.

Runes of Kof-Kol (2)

Strange casting the Runes of Kof-Kol one last time

Parker suggested to cast the spell again how it was meant to be done, but Strange stated that it was too late, as infinite amounts of people from the Multiverse were coming through because of him. Parker then told Strange to cast a new spell to make everyone forget who he was. Strange became slightly emotional and was reluctant however, warning Parker of the severity of the spell, but he accepted it, so Strange told him to say his goodbyes and began casting the spell, but not before they both bid farewell to one another themselves. The spell worked and the universe-displaced were sent back to their universes, along with the infinite number of people, and everyone in his universe forgot Parker's existence, including Strange himself.[5]


"If they die, they die."
―Doctor Strange[src]

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