Sounds like you're halfway in the ground already. You are going to die a horrible death like your father. The only difference is.. no one's going to miss you!
―Menken's farewell to Harry Osborn[[{{{3}}}|[src]]]

Donald Menken was the personal assistant of Oscorp founder, Norman Osborn.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2[edit | edit source]

Donald Menken was Norman's assistant and is an Oscorp Industries employee and possible board member. Menken seems to know something about Peter Parker as he had a suspicious face when he heard that Parker came to visit Harry Osborn. After  Electro/ Max Dillion's accident, he tried to keep the whole thing as a secret. Later on at Oscorp Industries, he framed Harry, and fired him as he became the new CEO. Harry later returned to Oscorp with Max Dillion, who is now dubbed as Electro, and threatened Menken to take him to Special Projects. There, Menken showed him the spider venom. He told Harry that the serum won't work, but Harry refuses to listen and tells him to inject it in him. Harry soon starts transforming into the Green Goblin. During his transformation, Donald alerts Oscorp and escapes, he is no longer seen after these events. Mostly he died off-screen.  

Video Game Continuity[edit | edit source]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)[edit | edit source]

Unlike in the movie, and iOS version of the game, Menken's role is very supportive towards Harry, for the sake of Norman's wish to protect him, and finding a cure to get rid of the shortening condition within Harry's body. He soon discovered a symbiotic lifeform that can cure the Osborn's curse, calling it, Project Venom. He later used a prisoner, Cletus Kasady, as a test subject. Unknown to him, Kasady's mindset is pure evil and chaotic that would cause the symbiote to transform into a living virus instead, infecting most of the patients. He is soon rescued by Spider-Man, and tells him the truth. He tells Spider-Man that he and the Ravencroft Institute are indeed using people, like Electro, as guinea pigs behind Harry's sleeves, and had it fell into Kingpin's hand, also the location's destruction caused by Cletus Kasady being the one who infected the prisoners. Later on after the credits, he shows up after the Kingpin's phone call, and it is revealed that the Donald Menken Spider-Man met is the Chameleon and not the real Menken.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw Harry Osborn kill Menken as the Green Goblin, similar to a deleted scene in The Amazing Spider-Man where The Lizard kills Rajit Ratha.
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