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The EXO-01 is a giant, robotic exoskeleton suit designed to destroy anything in its wearer's path. It was created and used by Alistaire Smythe and appears in the The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game. The suit doesn't specifically count as a S-Bot due to it needing a wearer, but it's just as deadly.


Since he lost the use of his legs, (due to a faulty cure for the Cross-Species virus) he wanted to destroy Spider-Man and the Lizard in any way possible, Alistaire Smythe directed all Oscorp funds into a more personal line of research - human augmentation; resulting in him creating the EXO-01. It was then used to fight Lizard and Spider-Man whilst aboard the S-03 where Spider-Man and Lizard worked together to defeat it.


This prototype exoskeleton features a vibranium alloy shell, providing Smythe with enhanced agility and fighting power. The unit also holds booster rockets for short-range flight/hovering, powered by a fusion generator located in its back. The suit also features laser cannons mounted on the shoulders and protuding from under the arms of the exoskeleton.