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Easter eggs in media are jokes or gags, hidden messages, or mini-games that appear in things such as movies, video games, television shows, books, or crosswords as a special extra.

During some sequences in the film and the video game featuring the hero Spider-Man, there are a few small easter eggs.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Note: if any Easter egg needs to be added, please keep them in alphabetical order.

Donald Glover

  • In Peter Parker's bedroom, there is a poster of Donald "Don" Glover on his wall. Glover is a famous American actor, rapper, writer, producer, and comedian.


  • At the very end of the film, when Spider-Man can be seen facing the camera with the moon behind him, a quick flash of lightning can be seen. This references and foreshadows one of Spidey's comics villain's, Electro, appearance in the second film.
  • After the initial credits, Curt Connors can be seen in the Beloit Mental Facility. Suddenly, a flash of lightning occurs yet again, and the "Man in the shadows" appears. This man is not Electro; however, the flash of lightning again references and foreshadows Electro.
  • When Max is having his birthday cake it is colored green and yellow just like is a costume in the comics

Night Gwen Stacy Died, The

  • At the very end of the film, just after Spider-Man swings through the crane, time slows and his Spider-Sense triggers. Far further from Spider-Man, the George Washington Bridge can be seen. In comics, this bridge is the one that which Gwen Stacy was killed on by the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn); therefore, this all references the comic issue The Night Gwen Stacy Died. This egg might also foreshadow Gwen's death in the second or third film.


  • When Gwen Stacy is in an Oscorp Tower lab, a hologram of the "Tree of Life" can be shown, with multiple animals that are possible subjects to cross-species genetics; one being a rhino. This is a reference to the later-appearing cross-species villain Rhino, who can be seen in the video game, which takes place after the film.


  • During the scene where Spider-Man swings and maneuvers through a dark alley, a brief shot of a yellow pair of pants with a red stripe on them can be seen hanging from a clothesline.. In comics, one of Spidey's villains, Shocker, wears an exact pair as the one seen in the film.

Trask Industries

When Spider-Man is swinging in Manhatten in The Amazing Spider Man (Video Game), there's a sign on the road that reads "Trask Industries Sells The Suit".


  • When Spider-Man comes out of the alleyway, the background behind Spider-Man shows the moon and the cloud which resembles Mysterio because of the moon as his helmet and the the cloud as his cape.

The Amazing Spider-Man (video game)

Note: if any Easter egg needs to be added, please keep them in alphabetical order.

Amazing Spider-Man,The

  • In Stan's apartment, there is a cut-out Daily Bugle newspaper article headed with "MOVIE OF THE YEAR" and a picture of the movie's Spider-Man. This article and picture also appears on numerous newspapers seen around Manhattan.


  • There is a building in Manhattan near Stan's apartment with big letters at the head of it entitling "BEENOX," as well as the Beenox logo: a blue gear. Beenox is the game-developing company that created this video game.
  • In a certain part of the game while loading, in NY City Thoughts, there will be four different people commenting about current events. These people, in order, have the usernames: Bee, Nox, Luvz and You. This is an obvious message to the player from Beenox: "Beenox loves you."

Captain America

  • While finding an escaped Beloit patient, they may thank a "Captain America" for picking them up, to which Spider-Man will reply, "Uh... wrong person." Captain America is another hero created by Marvel.

Comic book villains

  • In some of Whitney Chang's photo missions for Spider-Man, there are some obvious references to some of Spider-Man's famous villains. For example, in one sequence, there is a sand pit in which a little girl was sucked into, referencing Sandman. Others hint at foes like Hydro Man, Mr Negative, Vulture and Man-Wolf.

David and Goliath

  • During Spider-Man's first fight with Hunter bots, he makes a small note to David and Goliath, two characters, one a man and the other a giant, from the Bible.

Dee Brown

  • There is a clothing store in Manhattan named "Brown & Dee", referencing Beenox's president, Dee Brown.
  • The very last NYC Thoughts post that can be seen is from "LtCoolDee", Brown's real Twitter name.

Eddie Brock

  • There are unique billboards hidden within Manhattan with the words "EDDIE BROCK PHOTOGRAPHY." Eddie Brock is a famous character in the Spider-Man comic book universe because he turns out to become the villainous Venom from an alien symbiote.

Fast & Furious

  • During a Car Chase, Spider-Man might say that he, himself, is "fast" and the criminals he caught were "furious." This is an obvious reference to the movie Fast & Furious.

Guitar Hero

  • In certain places in Manhattan, Spider-Man will find various pawn shops. In the windows of these shops, one will see small, toy guitars with colored buttons at the top, hinting at the design made by famous music game Guitar Hero.

Heroes For Hire

  • At one point, Spider-Man admits that sometimes he wish he was a hero for hire. This is a reference to the comicline Heroes For Hire and the most famous hired hero, Luke Cage (also known as 'Power Man').


  • In other certain places, Spidey will also find restaurants entitled "Fast Food", with a logo that is a frontward and backward F together, but looks almost like the letter M and the McDonald's logo, a real fast food restaurant.

Spider-Man trilogy

  • In Stan's apartment, there is a newspaper picture of another Spider-Man swinging with text reading "WHO IS HE?" This references director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, in which famous actor Tobey Maguire portrayed the hero.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • When Spider-Man is looking for Vermin in the sewers, Spider-Man asks if Vermin is going to hang out with his "adopted turtle sons and eat pizza". This is a reference to the classic title TMNT, in which the turtles would often hang out with their mutated rat mentor, Splinter, and eat pizza in the sewers. This may also be a reference to a specific turtle, Donatello, because Sam Reigel, who voices Spider-Man in this game is famous for voicing Donatello in other media. Most notably, Reigel played Donatello in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

World of Warcraft

  • When Spider-Man is chasing Smythe through his robotics lab, he says "I should be studying, chasing girls and playing WOW (World of Warcraft)".
  • After the game's story mode, in the NYC Thoughts, one can read "Luckily all went fine. That was worse than the Corrupted Blood incident in WOW."