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"You better make damn sure you kill me this time. Because if you don't, I will cut the light and soon, everyone in this city will know how it feels to live in my world...A world without power...a world without mercy...a world without Spider-Man. They will see me for who I truly am."
"And who are you?"
"Don't you know? I'm Electro!"
―Electro and Dr. Ashley Kafka[src]

Maxwell Dillon[4] is an electrical engineer and the former supervillain known as Electro[3]. Shunned for most of his life, Dillon was extremely insecure and lonely, seeing himself as a self-proclaimed nobody in spite of designing New York's Power grid for Oscorp Industries. However, Dillon was saved by Spider-Man on his way to work one day, in one of the latter's fights against the Russian Mob. Treated with kindness by the superhero, Max became obsessed with Spider-Man, coming to reimagine his life as a fantasy in which he and the latter were best friends, and even becoming more confident and social. However, Dillon's life would soon be changed forever when on the day of his birthday, he was forced to stay at Oscorp Tower late in order to fix a loose electrical cable. Shocked by the cable, Max fell into a vat of electric eels, which mutated his body into a translucent form of living electricity. Confused and angry, Max's new electrical nature drove him to Times Square, where the police mistook him for a monster and attacked him, provoking him into blasting them with his new powers. With the arrival of Spider-Man, Max's rage soon worsened, as the superhero could not recognize him in his new form. When Max was shot by a sniper as soon as he moved, in spite of the hero promising him that he would not be shot at anymore, and yelled at by the mocking crowd that had gathered, the voices in his head manipulated him into believing that his hero betrayed him, which caused him to let out all his rage and attack the crowd and Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man managed to stop Dillon from causing further damage, and he was taken away to the Ravencroft Institute. At Ravencroft, Dillon was subjected to torturous experiments by Oscorp Industries, stretching his mind even further. Angry, hateful, and thirsty for revenge, Dillon dubbed himself Electro, vowing to destroy everything to bring everyone the pain that they had brought him, especially Spider-Man. Eventually, Dillon was broken out by Harry Osborn, who required his help to break into Oscorp, with the latter offering him his freedom in exchange. Appreciating that Osborn had recognized his power and come to him for help, Max agreed, helping to ensure Osborn had what he wanted before leaving to take over the city's Power Grid in a trap for Spider-Man. In the subsequent battle, Dillon almost managed to kill the superhero, but was destroyed with the help of Spider-Man's girlfriend, Gwendolyne Stacy, who overloads him with electricity to the point that he explodes into many pieces.


Early Life

Oscorp Employee


Dillon worked at Oscorp Industries, where his power grid designs were stolen by them

Max Dillon lived his whole life without anybody merely acknowledging his existence.[5] He was an electrical engineer working at Oscorp and lived a very lonely, unfulfilling life, mainly being shoved around and bullied by his co-worker Alistair Smythe. He knew and on occasion worked with Dr. Curt Connors, who he recognized as a brilliant scientist at Oscorp, then he would later hear about how Connors had turned himself into Lizard and planned to turn everyone in New York City into lizards, but Spider-Man managed to defeat him.[5][6] Sometime later, Max would hear as Oscorp was accepting designs for their power grid, and Max would put in some of his designs, however Oscorp would reject Dillion's design, but would use a majority of the designs any way, without at least crediting Dillion, which Max would take notice of, to his annoyance.[1]

Meeting Spider-Man

"I'm a nobody."
"Hey, you're not a nobody, you're a somebody!"
―Max Dillon and Spider-Man[src]

Dillon meets the amazing Spider-Man

One day, Dillion was sent out to bring some blueprints to Oscorp, while a chase between NYPD and Alexsei Sytsevich with the later crashing into cars, while walking with his hands full of blueprints pleaded with other pedestrians to please move, with no one complying. Soon Max would be bumped into by a random citizen causing the blueprints to fall onto the road. Annoyed, Max would bend over and try to pick up the prints, only for the Manhattan hero Spider-Man to save him from a taxi hurtling through the air.

640px-Maxwell Dillon and Spider-Man

Dillon becomes Spider-Man's "eyes and ears"

After the Taxi finished its crash, Spider-Man would help Max get up, asking if he was alright, which the flabbergasted Max would stammer how he was speaking to Spider-Man, which he quipped about how the costume gave it away before webbing up Max's blueprints telling him that they looked important, calling him by name. Confused Max asked how Spider-Man knew his name since he's a "nobody" while accepting the prints, which Spider-Man explained that it was on his nametag that he was wearing. Max would tell Spider-Man that he was a nobody, which the hero would tell Max that he was a somebody, asking him to lick his glove, which Dillon obliged as Spider-Man used the same glove to help comb Dillon's hair.

Max dillon

Dillon would become a more happier man after being saved by Spider-Man

After Spider-Man finished combing, he told Max to listen before stating that he needs Max, as he was his eyes and ears in New York, which delighted Max agreeing with him. Having to go back to attend the chase Spider-Man told Max that he'll see him later before swinging off. Being the "nobody" that Dillon was, he was thrilled to have been acknowledged by somebody, let alone the very famous Spider-Man.[1] Dillon always acknowledged how Spider-Man helped a lot of poor people and thought Spider-Man was actually black.[5]

Over the months, Max would devote his life to his "friend," and even called to a radio station on a night that they were talking about Spider-Man's heroic pursuits, where Max would tell the listeners how he didn't believe that Spider-Man deserved the criticism that was thrown at him, before explaining how Spider-Man saved him once, before lying by stating how they became friends after that.[1]


Becoming Electro

Dillon obsessed with Spider-Man

After months had gone by, Dillon would begin to fantasies over a surprise party thrown by Spider-Man for his birthday tomorrow with Max acting out his friendship with Spider-Man while turning on all the electronics in the house to shave and eating a small cake that he had bought himself. However, after Max had finished his fantasy, the prolonged use of the electronics caused his apartment to blow a fuse, causing Max to use his electrical skills to return the power manually.[1] As Max was restoring the power. He went to go check on his mother, as her constant smoking restricted her to a breathing machine in Max's flat.

Max Dillon

Dillon's birthday would soon become his nightmare, when he became Electro during an accident at OsCorp

As Max tried to restore her machine Mrs. Dillon tried to take another cigarette, which caused Max to smack it out of her hand and try to remind her of her circumstances, causing her to just berate him. Now feeling angry Max, would keep quiet as he imagined himself taking charge at his mother while berating her for her dangerous choices, but in reality Max had to suck up his pride and continued to restore the power as his mother continued to berate him.[7]


Dillon fixing the cables

Going to work, his superior, Alistair Smythe, ordered him to check some faulty cables. Max met Gwen Stacy in the elevator. Max talked to Gwen about Spider-Man once saved his life. He was also surprised that Gwen remembered his name. Max found an unplugged cable and tried to get a co-worker to cut the power so he could fix it, but the co-worker was already on his way out. This forced Max to plug the live cable and was zapped by the electricity, falling into a tank with genetically modified electric eels. They started to bite him and shock him with massive amounts of electricity, seemingly killing him.[1]

Electro's War

First Clash with Spider-Man


Dillon walks to Times Square

"You lied to me!"
―Electro to Spider-Man[src]

After waking up in the morgue, a confused Max is terrified as to what happened to him and finds himself stumbling into the city. After charging up on electricity at Times Square, his strange appearance and abilities accidentally caused a commotion with the police and New York citizens.


Dillon talks with Spider-Man

While frightened at first and trying to reassure everyone that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, he is suddenly stunned to find himself on the Jumbotron and possibly for the first time in his life, is finally having people "see" him. When Spider-Man arrives, he is shocked when his hero does not remember him, but after reminding him of who he is, Spider-Man appears to remember him. Spider-Man attempts to keep the peace, which seems to be working, as he convinces Max to talk. However, a sniper fires at Max, causing him to retaliate, leading to him up being inadvertently humiliated in Times Square by Spider-Man. As he is being mocked by the crowd, much to his anger, the voices in his head manipulate him into believing that he has been lied to and deceived by Spider-Man. Giving into the voices and his built up rage, Max angrily attacks Spider-Man and appears to defeat him.


Electro attacks the amazing Spider-Man

After apparently defeating Spider-Man, the voices manipulate him into believing the world lied to him and turned their backs on him, making him more enraged. Giving into his rage and the voices again, he starts taking his revenge by attacking the public. However, Spider-Man returns and defeats him by to spraying him with water. Max is then sent to Ravencroft.[1]

Escaping from Ravencroft


Electro threatens Dr. Ashley Kafka

Much later, Max is taken to the Ravencroft Institute where is used and looked at by doctor in a basement. Max threatens Dr. Ashley Kafka three times (who is experiment on him), only to be hurt with the push of a button. Claiming that he will kill the doctor, and "Kill the light" and wants him to see "A world without power. a world without mercy. and a without Spider-Man." After being asked who he is by the doctor, Max replies by "I'm Electro." after another short burst of energy and putting a hole through the doctor's glasses.


Electro is offered to be freed by Harry Osborn

After Harry Osborn is removed from being CEO at Oscorp, he comes to Ravencroft to visit Electro. He finds Max in the basement and starts to talk to him. Max says "I should kill you." but Harry tells Max to think bigger and that they do not have much time. After Harry tried to reach Max, Max asked "Why should I trust you?" Harry claims "I need you!". Max has probably never been told this by anyone in his life, and actually seems worried for Harry.

Electro talking to Harry

Electro and Harry Osborn making a deal

Before the guards attack Harry, he gives Max more fuel by tazing him. Max then turns into pure energy and zaps all guards in the room, out cold. He then appears in front of Harry. Harry claims that they already are friends, and gets zapped, trying to touch Max. After claiming that Max and Harry had a friend and it didn't go too well, Max says "Let's go catch a spider.", vowing to kill the web-head.[1]

Infiltrating into Oscorp


Electro confronts Donald Menken

After Electro agrees and is given a new suit to control his powers, they successfully break in adnd they confront Menken. Harry then leads Menken to where the last of the spider venom is kept, in hopes of it being able to cure his disease.[1] Harry allows Electro to take over the electrical grid he designed and take control of New York's electricity.

Second and Final Battle with Spider-Man


Electro challenges Spider-Man

"I was whoopin' Spider-Man's ass, he'll tell you! And then, he caused an overload. I was stuck in the grid, absorbing data. I was about to turn into pure energy, and then... oh shit. I was about to die."

At some point, Electro would absorb data, finding out that Spider-Man was Peter Parker.[5] Max shut down most of the city's power, to draw out Spider-Man. After modifying his web-shooters with the help of Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man leaves Gwen to fight Max. After taunting Max, Spider-Man tries to douse Max with water, only for Max to shoot back and win against the water. After taunting "That's all you got?" and more shocks, Gwen comes out of nowhere and hits Max with a NYPD car, stunning him.


Electro attempts to attack Spider-Man

After a brief argument, Spider-Man and Gwen agree to take down Max by overloading him and making him explode like a battery. Gwen leaves as Max gets up to fight Spider-Man. After moving out of the way from most of his attacks, Spider-Man webs up many plugs as Max continues to zap him.

Electro death

Electro is overcharged and killed by Gwendolyne Stacy

Spider-Man tells Gwen to hit the button to activate the power. While Electro's power is being sucked, he screamed in horrific pain one last time[1] and exploding into pieces.[5]


Gwen's Death

To be added

Variant Electro


Electro and Harry Osborn's alliance caused Gwen's death, haunting Peter for the rest of his life.

Prior to becoming pure energy, an alternate version of Max Dillon is transported to another universe and absorbs its electricity, which restores his human form. He is subsequently confronted by Sandman and the native Spider-Man (later dubbed "Peter-One") before they are brought to the New York Sanctum along with other dimensionally-displaced supervillains. Peter-One later breaks the villains out and persuades them to let him cure them and avert their original fates. However, the Green Goblin sabotages the experiment, allowing Electro and the other villains to escape. After gaining power from an Arc Reactor, Electro fights three Spider-Men until Doctor Octopus cures him. Dillon laments losing his powers, but his Spider-Man assures him that he is not a nobody and convinces him to abandon his villainy before Doctor Strange returns Dillon and the dimensionally-displaced individuals to their respective universes.[8]


"Max was, like, the sweetest guy ever. Before he fell into a pool of electric eels."
"Yeah, that would do it."
Peter Parker and Peter Parker[src]

Before he became Electro, Dillon is a self-described "nobody" in society: awkward, timid, and deeply introverted but naturally kind nonetheless. After gaining his electrical powers and became Electro, Dillon became an egotistical, cocky, and arrogant individual who takes great pride in his powers with the desire to play god as well, as it made him feel noticed and gain other people’s attention. He believes the only way to save himself is to hold onto these gifts of power and was not willing to give up his powers as he thinks he would become a normal person again if he loses his powers.

Powers and Abilities

"I can feel it in the walls. I can feel it in my veins. No matter what you do Doc you can't contain it. Its a force of nature... like me."


TASM2 Electro Burst

Electro generating an electrical explosion

  • Electrostatic Generation and Manipulation: Electro possesses the ability to bodily generate electrostatic energy which he can release or harness for a number of effects. He is powered by the micro-fine rhythmic muscle contractions that normally regulate body temperature. His body can generate electricity at a rate of about 10,000 volts per minute, up to his maximum storage capacity of 10,000,000 volts. At that point, his body automatically stops producing electricity. As he expends his electrostatic energy, his body automatically begins to recharge the stores. Electro can mentally control the amount of electricity he discharges, anywhere from a single volt to his full 10,000,000 volt charge at once. At ten to thirty feet, his maximum charge is more than enough to kill a man. Electro can also use his body as a transformer, touching an outside power source (such as a generator) and channeling it through his body for use. The amount of electricity he can transform above his body's maximum storage capacity is unknown
    • Lighting Bolt Projection: The simplest manifestation is the emission of a lightning bolt with a electric arc from his fingertips, which can propagate through air or other conducting mediums. This discharge, whose total voltage can be regulated within certain limits, travels at the speed of lightning, about 150,000 feet per second. The course of the electrostatic bolt, like lightning, does not always follow a straight line since it may be influenced by conducting substances like metal or other electrical fields. If his target is not grounded, his electrostatic bolt will have little effect. The maximum effective range of his bolts is about 100 feet.
    • Electromagnetic Propulsion/Flight: Electro can propel himself along the accompanying magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He generates light, eddying electrical fields around his legs, which develops an intense, opposing magnetic field that can support him above the electric cable's magnetic field. By creating imbalances in his field, he can ride along on magnetic ripples at speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, the maximum speed at which he can still breathe unaided. He can sometimes create electrostatic bridges to traverse upon, although the expenditure of energy is enormous. To a limited degree, he can also mimic Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability, using his electromagnetic field to become attracted to the fields of iron bars in buildings.
    • Electrical Detection: Electro's electrical powers also grant him certain sensory and manipulative abilities. By "feeling" the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device, Electro can override the system and make the device obey his mental commands. Electro can disconnect alarm systems, control computers in a limited way, or overload any electrically controlled system that is insufficiently shielded.
    • Electrocution: The electric flux of Electro's skin is such that when his electric charge is at a maximum, a person touching him is in danger of being electrocuted.
    • Electrical Conversion into Enhanced Physical Attributions: The electricity coursing through his altered body augments his strength, speed, and recuperative powers.
      • Enhanced Endurance & Stamina: He have shown that he can take attacks from Spider-Man and extreme force from impacts to hard surfaces with no affect to himself. He was able to get up to keep fighting Spider-Man for a long period of time.
    • Electricity Immunity: Electro's body is immune to the effects of its electricity and that of other sources as well. Hence, Electro cannot be electrocuted no matter how great the voltage.
    • Electrical Absorption: By absorbing an external electrical power source to recharge his body's energy reserves, he could expend electrical energy indefinitely without diminishing his personal reserves.
    • Charging: Electro can charge himself up to reach high maximum voltage. Here he can grow in height to an enormous humanoid looking creature made up of nothing but electricity.
  • Electric Telekinesis: Electro could use his bio-electricity to move objects.
  • Flight: Electro's body was transmuted into pure electrical energy, rendering him virtually weightless and granting him the ability to fly.
  • Teleportation: Electro could break down his body into electricity and teleport himself anywhere before reforming himself.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Dillon is a genius in his universe, knowing all about electrical energy and devices. But he is ultimately weak minded when he believes Spider-Man betrayed him.
  • Expert Engineer: Dillon is an expert electrical engineer in his universe, designing most of the Oscorp power grid.
  • Expert Marksman: To be added


Other Equipment

  • Rubberized Ravencroft Suit: After being broken out of Ravencroft by Harry Osborn, Max would steal a rubberized suit that the guards wore while keeping an eye on Dillon, although the suit would be completely melted off of Dillon when he was being overloaded.
  • Power Monitor: After being incarcerated into Ravencroft, Dillon was equipped with a monitor to help warn Dillon if he were to go into an overload.


  • To be added

Behind the Scenes

  • In a 2012 Twitter post, Jamie Foxx teased that he "dressed up as Electro for Halloween" and that the "costume fit well".[9]
    • Foxx also stated that the costume for the movie would not be green and yellow, like it is in mainstream comics. Instead, it would have been a sleek black, similar to the "Ultimate Marvel" comics.[10]
  • After being chosen for the role, Foxx stated to Entertainment Tonight that he likes Electro as a character and was excited to play him.[11]
  • In an interview, Foxx states that Max is 42 years old.[2]
  • His appearance is based off of his Ultimate Marvel Incarnation.
  • Electro, Rhino and Felicia Hardy are the only villains that don't know Spider-Man's secret identity.
  • Electro seemingly disappears in to nothing near the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Whether he truly died or not is unknown. However, actor Jamie Foxx, when asked on the topic, replied that "electricity can't die", fueling the idea that Electro may make a return. It was later revealed in Spider-Man: No Way Home what became of Electro. He indeed did die as Max states “I was about to die”. Right before he died however, he was transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • In the scene where Harry enters inside Ravencroft Institute, it's most likely that he actually got Electro's suit from one of the two men that were wearing black leather suits with lightning bolts on the side.
  • On October 2, 2020, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Jamie Foxx would be reprising the role of Electro in Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • To date, Electro and The Rhino are the only villains in any of the Spider-Man movies, to not discover Spider-Man’s Secret identity. Until Rhino is the only one left who have not aware Spider-Man's secret identity, by the time of No Way Home.


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