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"Before Gwen and I broke up, she told me about a crazy tank of electric eels at Oscorp that was being used to research better ways to prevent risks of electrocution. She was in on the research and helped me make a weekend project to create a suit that specializes in nullifying electric shocks. Sure hope I never have to use it..."
Peter Parker[src]

This is a DLC suit that appears in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Game.


The suit is dark grey and is orange on the sides of it (all orange areas having a stripy texture). The forearms of the suit, upper front of the legs and the feet are all orange and stripy too. The eye pieces are white and vertical and the small spider logo (orange) in the middle of the chest has bent legs arching above and below its body.


  • This suit was invented by Gwen Stacy for Peter to defend himself from being electrocuted by Electro whilst in a fight.