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"What's up Peter? How do you like the new new? Look, you give it to me, I'm gonna destroy it! But I'll let you live. Don't make me a murderer, Peter."
―Electro to Spider-Man[src]

Maxwell "Max" Dillon is a former electrical engineer at Oscorp who gained the ability to manipulate electricity after falling into a batch of electric eels, turning Dillon into a living electric generator. Adopting the alias of Electro, he clashed with Spider-Man, one of his former idols.[3] He eventually met his end fighting Spider-Man, as the latter and Gwen Stacy nearly overloaded him with electricity to the point.

10 years later, a past version Dillon was dragged through the Multiverse to an alternate universe during the year 2024, being taken from the brink of his death. Tracked down by that reality's Spider-Man, Max was soon imprisoned magically after a short battle so that he could be returned to his world alongside several other multiversal interlopers. However, Dillon was soon offered a second chance by this Spider-Man: to be cured of his powers so that when he was sent back, it would not result in his death. Though he doubted the young hero, Max agreed to go along with the plan before the Green Goblin of an alternate universe emerged, persuading him that the abilities he had received were not curses, but gifts. Deciding that he wanted to keep his powers and stay in that world to start a new life, Dillon revolted against Spider-Man and stole an Arc Reactor device to enhance his powers. In a final battle at the Statue of Liberty, Dillon faced off against not only the Spider-Man of that reality, but his native Spider-Man and an alternate version of Spider-Man from Goblin's universe as well. Eventually cured through their combined efforts, Dillon reluctantly accepted his fate and reconciled with his Spider-Man, finally realizing that it was never his powers that made him important, and that he had always been someone special despite not being acknowledged for it. Ready to start a new life, Max was returned to his universe, where he'd be a more contented and peaceful man in a branched/alternate timeline of his universe.


Original Version[]

Becoming Electro[]


Max Dillon was an electrical engineer working at Oscorp, but a self described nobody because he had no friends or anyone in his life. He was once saved by Spider-Man during the year 2014, causing him to idolize the hero. One day during 2014, while fixing some faulty cables, he was zapped by the electricity, causing him to fall into a tank with genetically modified electric eels, who began to bite him and shock him with massive amounts of electricity, leading to him becoming blue and gaining electric powers.

Unfortunately, Spider-Man initially did not remember him. After being shot by a sniper, the voices in his head manipulated him into believing that Spider-Man betrayed him and the world turned their backs on him, both of which enraged him and led to him violently attacking Spider-Man and the people with his electric powers. While he was defeated by Spider-Man and subsequently imprisoned, he was later freed by Harry Osborn, who enlisted his help to destroy Spiderman, which Electro agreed to do.[4][5]

Battle at Oscorp's Power Grid[]

Electro met his end while fighting Spider-Man at Oscrops' Power Grid, as Spiderman webbed up many plugs and his girlfriend Gwen Stacy activated the power[4], causing Electro to be overloaded with electricity.[5][3]


Arrival to an alternate Universe[]

Just before his body exploded after being overloaded with energy during his fight against Spider-Man[4][5], Dillon was pulled from his timeline and transported through the Multiverse to the Earth-199999 universe during the year 2024, due to a botched magic spell cast by that reality's Doctor Strange that was intended to make everybody forget that his world's Peter Parker was Spider-Man. The spell almost caused the infinity of people in the Multiverse that knew Spider-Man's identity to be pulled into this universe, but Strange managed to contain it. Only a handful people from alternate realities made it to Earth-199999, with an alternate version of Dillon being one of them.

Capture of Electro[]

"It's actually my fault that you're here."
"Like, the universe? Or the woods? I hate the woods."
"I meant the universe, sir."
―Spider-Man and Electro[src]
Blue Electro (2024)

Electro in another universe

Electro was trying to absorb the electricity from the electricity bolts, which caught the attention of the Earth-199999's version of Spider-Man. When Spider-Man asked him if he was from another universe, Electro did not reply. However, after Parker attempted to use magic webs from his Web-Shooters to capture him but the webs went through his body, Electro jolted awake and noticed Spider-Man, blasting yellow bolt after bolt at the retreating web-slinger. He suddenly appeared before Spider-Man and blasted him, causing Spider-Man to tumble to the ground.


Electro vs. Sandman

Electro charged at him by shooting another bolt when Sandman appeared as a wall of sand protecting Spider-Man, taking the brunt of the shock. When Spider-Man webbed and swung back up in the fight, Sandman (from the Earth-96283 universe, which is another alternate universe) acted as a wall of protective sand around him as Electro launched electricity bolts. Sandman turned into a sand typhoon, swirling around Electro. Spider-Man managed to dodge Electro's blasts, web the various transmission towers, pull them back and rip the lines. Electro's body grew dimmer as he drew less and less power.

Electro naked

Max realizes he's in another universe

Spider-Man severed the last power line and Electro expended his seemingly last blast before falling to the ground. Electro stood up in his human form, looked around, and stared at the remnants of electricity crackling down his arm, making him realize he got his body back, albeit slightly different, due to the difference in energy between his universe and the new one. He was approached by Spider-Man and Sandman, and the former explained that this wasn't his universe. Electro then admitted that he had been feeling a difference in the electricity here, saying that he liked it as his eyes flashed. Sandman tried to ease Electro down before Spider-Man told him that it was his fault that Electro's here. Electro asked if Spider-Man meant the universe or the woods, since he hated the woods, but Spider-Man clarified that he meant the universe. He then asked the two if they were going to stand there and pretend he was not naked, prompting Spider-Man to notice some line worker clothes nearby, as the latter handed them to him.[5]

Imprisoned at the Sanctum[]

Electro (Imprisoned)

Electro being held in the New York Sanctum

"Look, you can keep your magic. I want a taste of that new energy I just felt."
―Electro to Michelle Jones[src]

After getting dressed, Electro was then teleported by Spider-Man as he used his magic webs to bring him to a cell in the New York Sanctum. Upon arriving, he noticed Earth-199999's Spider-Man's friends Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds. Electro then met an alternate version of Doctor Octopus (from Earth-96283 like Sandman) as he waved to him from his own cell. After Sandman was teleported to a cell as well, Electro told him that he picked the wrong side before hearing a familiar voice laughing. Electro looked over and noticed an alternate version of the Lizard, whom he recognized as his former Oscorp colleague Doctor Curt Connors. He was shocked to see his former colleague. When Doctor Octopus asked him if he knew the "creature", Electro clarified that Lizard was a man, causing Ned to realize and state that Electro and Connors were from the same universe (Earth-120703).


Electro tests his powers

He then told Lizard's background to everyone, and after he finished, Lizard stated that his attempt to transform humanity was the next step in evolution, and then Lizard asked Electro about what happened to him, asking if he got a makeover. Lizard suggested that he could give Electro a "real makeover", which Electro sarcastically asked if it was to be turned into a lizard, and Lizard confirmed it. Jones revealed that they were in a wizard's dungeon, but Electro told them they could keep their magic since he wanted to experiment with the new energy he felt as his hands were glowing, causing the overhead lights to flicker. When Leeds asked if the tree in one of the cells was a monster or a scientist that turned into a tree, Electro assured him that it was just a tree.

Electro smiles

Electro liking the new universe

In the morning, Electro met another alternate universe version of his boss, Norman Osborn, who was brought to the Sanctum by Spider-Man. Electro then found out that Osborn knew Doctor Octopus and they were both from the same universe (Earth-96283 like Sandman). Also, Electro overheard Doctor Octopus' and Osborn's conversation as the latter was supposed to be dead. Hearing this, Electro admitted that he loved this universe and became fascinated by the two scientists. In addition, Electro witnessed the young Spider-Man defend Osborn as he explained to Doctor Octopus that the latter was not dead and was standing right in front of them.[5]

Learning of His Fate[]

Dillon worried about his fate

Electro worries about his fate

"Well, I myself don't want to be killed, especially by a guy dressed like Dungeons & Dragons so... what's your plan?"
―Electro to Spider-Man[src]

Electro then listened to Sandman, as he explained to both Norman Osborn and Octopus that both of them had died fighting their Spider-Man. After Octopus explained how he fought his Spider-Man and then realized that was his last memory before ending up in this universe, Dillon told them all about his final fight with his own Spider-Man, but then he could not remember what happened when he was stuck in the grid, making him realize he was about to die at that moment. Curt Connors, hearing this, asked Dillon if he died.

Electro about to be sent to 120703

Electro panicks

Just then, Doctor Strange teleported into the area with the Macchina di Kadavus, which he would use to send the Multiversal visitors back home, but Dillon, Octopus and Osborn refused because they would experience their deaths again. As Strange was preparing the Macchina, the villains were reacting nervous and uneasy, but then Spider-Man stole the Macchina from Strange, initiating the Battle for the Macchina di Kadavus. After Spider-Man won the battle, he returned to the sanctum's basement through an Inter-Dimensional Portal.

Fry you from inside out

Electro threatens Spider-Man

Spider-Man then offered help by fixing what happened to them, so that when they would go back, they would not die fighting their respective Spider-Man. Dillon admitted that he did not want to be killed, especially by Strange and asked Spider-Man what his plan was. Michelle Jones stated out loud that she would use the Macchina if something went wrong, so Dillon skeptically responded that they all believed her. After Ned Leeds and Jones left, Spider-Man asked who was coming with him, so Dillon said he was in, but if this went sideways, he would fry Spider-Man from the inside out.[5]

Staying at Happy Hogan's Condominium[]

NWH elevator

Electro sneaking into the condo

"Look at this place. And all the possibilities."
"What? This condo?"
"Yeah, yeah, the condo, I like the whole open floor plan. Nah. Nah man, I'm talking 'bout the world. I kinda like who I am here."
―Electro and Sandman[src]

Electro and the rest of the villains were transported inside a F.E.A.S.T. truck to Happy Hogan's condominium by Spider-Man and his aunt May Parker. Everyone except Lizard went up to Happy Hogan's apartment, and as they hustled through the entrance, Electro stared at the security camera while walking past it, causing the footage to glitch a bit. Electro used his powers to turn on the TV, where there was news about the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. When Spider-Man went into the storage room, Electro sensed a powerful device in there, prompting him to follow Spider-Man and tell the scowling Doctor Octopus that he sensed something.

Electro sees Arc reactor

Electro sees the Arc Reactor

In the storage room, Spider-Man introduced the Stark Industries Fabricator, which began unfolding itself to reveal the Arc Reactor, catching Electro's attention as his eyes flashed. At night, while Spider-Man and Norman Osborn were making a Neural Inhibitor Chip for Doctor Octopus, Electro was by the windows, staring out at the world. Electro contemplated out loud about the possibilities in this place, and when Sandman asked if he meant the condo, Electro clarified that he meant the world, admitting that he liked who he was here, admiring his new appearance. He then glanced towards to storage room where the Arc Reactor was, saying that with the Arc Reactor's power, he could be so much more. Electro then asked Sandman why he came along, and Sandman responded that he wanted to see his daughter, but Spider-Man would not send them home until they were cured. He asked Sandman if he trusted Spider-Man, but he responded that he did not trust anyone and questioned Electro of how he ended up the way he did. Electro explained how he fell into a vat of electric eels, and Sandman revealed that he fell into a supercollider. Taking sympathy on the fact that they both fell into science experiments, Electro said that they needed to be careful where they would fall.

Electro Dillon

Electro watches Otto Octavius being cured

Later, Spider-Man had finished the Chip and suspended Doctor Octopus upwards until the second-story loft. Electro and the rest looked up as they anxiously awaited the result, while Doctor Octopus tried resisting Spider-Man's attempts to cure him. Upon having the Chip implanted onto Doctor Octopus' Tentacles, Doctor Octopus passed out as Electro looked up, waiting. As a result, Otto Octavius (Octopus's real name before he was turned into a villain), had been cured, and he happily greeted his old friend Osborn. Electro looked on, feeling stunned and disappointed, knowing this decision was real now.

Electro and cure

Electro learns about his own cure

Electro and Spider-Man sat at the kitchen table as Spider-Man held out Electro's Cure. Spider-Man placed the device on Electro's chest, and it activated, but Electro felt uneasy. Electro was told that when all the indicator lights turned green, that meant all the electricity in his body had been dissipated, and Spider-Man went on to explain that not all of the electricity since Electro needed some for his own body, but Spider-Man stopped talking. He asked Spider-Man if those were his Legos, and after an awkward beat, Spider-Man went to the storage room. Electro shifted, uncomfortable as he checked the indicator lights, with one flashing green. He admitted to Sandman that he didn't like the cure, but Sandman told him to leave it alone, since the sooner they were cured, the sooner they could go home. Another indicator flashed green, but Electro was troubled because he began changing his mind.[5]

Escape from Spider-Man[]

Electro (condo)

Electro attacks Octavius

"Norman's on sabbatical, honey!"
"The hell?"
―Green Goblin, Otto Octavius and Electro[src]

As his siphon was almost ready, Green Goblin emerged from Osborn and was able to persuade Dillon from reverting back to normal claiming that they are "gods". With this, Dillon tore off his siphon and proceeded to take the Arc Reactor before using his electricity to blast Octavius out of the building, commenting on how he liked him better before the cure. Electro then used his powers to create a hole in the building and cause a blackout of the condominium and, with his prize secured, escaped from the ongoing chaos. After seeing Damage Control and The Daily Bugle below, Electro went past them into the city.[5]

Battle of Liberty Island[]

Electro (November 2024)

Electro arrives at the Statue of Liberty

"Look who showed up! My old friend Spider-Man."
"I'm trying to save you, Max. That's all I've ever wanted."
"You're not trying to save me."
"I am."
"You ain't even the shit no more! Don't worry about me, I'll save myself. Burn up!"
―Electro and Spider-Man[src]

Electro, along with Sandman and the Lizard, went to the Statue of Liberty to confront the Earth-199999's Spider-Man (who was aided by Electro's and Lizard's universes' Spider-Man, and the Earth-96283 Spider-Man) and obtain the Macchina di Kadavus. When he arrived, his new enhanced powers illuminated him. He told Spider-Man that he would spare his life if he gave him the box so that he could destroy it, asking him not to make him a murderer.

Electro Better Look (SMNWH)

Electro demands for the Macchina di Kadavus

After Parker's refusal, Electro continued to chase him around in order to obtain the box. In the midst of the battle, he was greeted by his universe's Spider-Man who in return told him he missed him. Later on, his Peter tried to talk to him, claiming all he ever wanted to do was help, but Electro rebuffed his statement and claimed he never wanted to help him, but it didn't matter since with the Arc Reactor he had more power than he could have ever imagined, and he soon continued his attack on his Parker.

Max Dillon (Electro)

Electro confronts the three Spider-Men

Sandman and Lizard would later join the fight with Marko also wanting the box while Lizard faced off against the other Spider-Man. Electro would later tell Sandman that no one would be going home and attacked the crane that both Spider-Men were on which caused the crane to fall on Lizard and Sandman, trapping the former. After regaining conscious, Sandman made a sandstorm that surrounded the Statue of Liberty, with Electro's lightning illuminating in the sandstorm.

Spider-Man in shock (No Way Home)

Electro shocks Amazing Spider-Man with electricity

Electro would later chase after the native Parker again. After the Earth-96283 Spider-Man tried to cure Sandman, Electro's Spider-Man tried to grab the cure for Sandman while Electro tried repeatedly to stop them. After curing Sandman, the three Spider-Men then turned their attention to Electro. When all three Spider-Men tried to take away the Arc Reactor, Electro easily defeated them while boastfully claiming that they were not going to take the Arc Reactor away from him. When Electro's Spider-Man tried again, Electro was able to use his electricity to contain him causing him to drop Electro's Cure.[5]


Max Dillon vs

Electro being restrained by Doctor Octopus

"Can I tell you something?... You got a nice face, you're just a kid. You're from Queens. You got that suit, you help a lot of poor people. I just thought you was gonna be Black. Don't mind it. There's gotta be a black Spider-Man somewhere out there."
―Max Dillon to Spider-Man[src]

The other Spider-Man then used his webbing to grab the cure and try to take on Electro but was soon caught by Doctor Octopus' tentacles which also grabbed Amazing Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus showed up and grabbed the two alternate Spider-Men. Octavius told Electro that he should leave and that the two Spider-Men were his. Electro ignored him, stating that he could do this alone. However, his tentacle grabbed the Arc Reactor from Electro, showing that he never actually changed and had deceived Electro. Electro was horrified at what he was doing. Octavius then inserted the cure onto his chest, leading to Electro losing his powers and becoming Dillon again.

Black Spider-Man somewhere

Dillon makes amends with Spider-Man

Once returned to normal, he let go of his hostility towards Amazing Spider-Man. When his Spider-Man approached him, a sad Dillion told him he was back to being a nobody again. Spider-Man argued he was never a nobody, but Dillon claimed he was. He then acknowledged that Spider-Man helped a lot of people. Their conversation seemed to have encouraged Dillion. Dillon would later witness Green Goblin's arrival and would be saved by Otto Octavius when one of Green Goblin's Pumpkin Bombs destroyed the Macchina di Kadavus and broke the scaffolding that held the Captain America's Shield statute, causing it to fall into the water below.

Electro returns to his universe

Dillon returns to his universe

After Green Goblin's defeat and the curing of Osborn, Doctor Strange conjured the spell that would return all the multiversal visitors back to their universes albeit the cost of everyone in the native universe forgetting the identity of that universe's Spider-Man. However, just before the second spell was finished, Dillon, Connors, Octavius, Osborn, Marko and their respective Spider-Men were returned to their universes.[5]

Starting a New Fate[]


Electro would be powerless when he went home

The alternate Dillon would've been sent back to when he was about to explode, but this would be a branched/alternate timeline in the Earth-120703 universe. Assuming he wouldn't struck by an immense load of electricity this time because he was cured, he likely could have returned safely. Perhaps he would have aided Peter against his own Green Goblin and helped save Gwen Stacy, as he and Spidey seemed to have a good rapport.


"Max was, like, the sweetest guy ever. Before he fell into a pool of electric eels."
"Yeah, that would do it."
Peter Parker and the older Peter Parker[src]

Before he became Electro, Dillon is a self-described "nobody" in society: awkward, timid, and deeply introverted but naturally kind nonetheless. After gaining his electrical powers and became Electro, Dillon became an egotistical, cocky, and arrogant individual who takes great pride in his powers with the desire to play god as well, as it made him feel noticed and gain other people’s attention.

Shortly after arriving in Earth-199999, he realized he was in another universe due to the energy feeling different. While the alternate version of Electro was more subdued than his original version, he still craved energy and power like his original version, and he particularly craved the energy in Earth-199999.

As he was pulled from his universe before he died, he was unaware of his death. However, after realizing that he was indeed about to die before being transported to this universe by the spell, he was unwilling to go back to his universe to meet his dark fate. While reluctantly agreeing to be cured by the Earth-199999 Spider-Man so he would not die upon returning to his universe, he still craved the energy. However, his greed for the energy and power, eventually led to him defecting and siding with the Green Goblin.

During the Battle of Liberty, Electro is shown to be drunk with power. However, he could be seen as gullible, as Octavius tricked him into thinking he was still Doctor Octopus, which led him to losing his powers and reverting back to Max Dillon.

Being cured by Octavius restored Max Dillon's personality. Similar to his original version, the alternate version of Dillon became saddened by the fact that he has become a nobody again. However, his spirits were lifted by his Spider-Man, to whom he exchanged a good conversation with and reconciled. Like his original version, he admired his Spider-Man. Also, Dillon had no hard feelings with Octavius for tricking him and was grateful to him for rescuing him when the Statue of Liberty collapsed, showing that Dillion was still a kind-hearted man after all.

Powers and Abilities[]

Former Powers[]

  • Electrostatic Generation and Manipulation: Electro possesses the ability to bodily generate electrostatic energy which he can release or harness for a number of effects. He is powered by the micro-fine rhythmic muscle contractions that normally regulate body temperature. His body can generate electricity at a rate of about 10,000 volts per minute, up to his maximum storage capacity of 10,000,000 volts. At that point, his body automatically stops producing electricity. As he expends his electrostatic energy, his body automatically begins to recharge the stores. Electro can mentally control the amount of electricity he discharges, anywhere from a single volt to his full 10,000,000 volt charge at once. At ten to thirty feet, his maximum charge is more than enough to kill a man. Electro can also use his body as a transformer, touching an outside power source (such as a generator) and channeling it through his body for use. The amount of electricity he can transform above his body's maximum storage capacity is unknown
    • Lighting Bolt Projection: The simplest manifestation is the emission of a lightning bolt with a electric arc from his fingertips, which can propagate through air or other conducting mediums. This discharge, whose total voltage can be regulated within certain limits, travels at the speed of lightning, about 150,000 feet per second. The course of the electrostatic bolt, like lightning, does not always follow a straight line since it may be influenced by conducting substances like metal or other electrical fields. If his target is not grounded, his electrostatic bolt will have little effect. The maximum effective range of his bolts is about 100 feet. He could also limit the intensity of his electric blasts, such as when he used his powers to simply turn on the television in Happy Hogan's apartment without touching it.
    • Electromagnetic Propulsion/Flight: Electro can propel himself along the accompanying magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He generates light, eddying electrical fields around his legs, which develops an intense, opposing magnetic field that can support him above the electric cable's magnetic field. By creating imbalances in his field, he can ride along on magnetic ripples at speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, the maximum speed at which he can still breathe unaided. He can sometimes create electrostatic bridges to traverse upon, although the expenditure of energy is enormous. To a limited degree, he can also mimic Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability, using his electromagnetic field to become attracted to the fields of iron bars in buildings.
    • Electrical Detection: Electro's electrical powers also grant him certain sensory and manipulative abilities. By "feeling" the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device, Electro can override the system and make the device obey his mental commands. Electro can disconnect alarm systems, control computers in a limited way, or overload any electrically controlled system that is insufficiently shielded.
    • Electrocution: The electric flux of Electro's skin is such that when his electric charge is at a maximum, a person touching him is in danger of being electrocuted, however after regaining his original appearance, it only applied when Dillon had electrical energy surrounding him, since an alternate Parker and Octavius were not electrocuted when attaching his cure to him.
    • Electrical Conversion into Enhanced Physical Attributions: The electricity coursing through his altered body augments his strength, speed, and recuperative powers.
      • Enhanced Endurance & Stamina: He have shown that he can take attacks from Spider-Man and extreme force from impacts to hard surfaces with no affect to himself. He was able to get up to keep fighting Spider-Man for a long period of time.
    • Electricity Immunity : Electro's body is immune to the effects of its electricity and that of other sources as well. Hence, Electro cannot be electrocuted no matter how great the voltage.
    • Electrical Absorption: By absorbing an external electrical power source to recharge his body's energy reserves, he could expend electrical energy indefinitely without diminishing his personal reserves.
    • Charging: Electro can charge himself up to reach high maximum voltage. Here he can grow in height to an enormous humanoid looking creature made up of nothing but electricity.
  • Electric Telekinesis: Electro could use his bio-electricity to move objects, such as when he levitated and blasted a buzz saw away, pulled an Arc Reactor to his grip or when he lifted Otto Octavius and launched him out the window.
  • Flight: Electro's body was transmuted into pure electrical energy, rendering him virtually weightless and granting him the ability to fly.
  • Teleportation: Electro could break down his body into electricity and teleport himself anywhere before reforming himself.


"I don't know why I'm explaining electricity to you."
―Peter-One to Electro[src]
  • Gifted Intelligence: Dillon is a genius in his universe, knowing all about electrical energy and devices. But he is ultimately weak minded when he believes Spider-Man betrayed him and recklessly let Green Goblin manipulate him when all the Spider-Men tried to do was help him.
  • Expert Engineer: Dillon is an expert electrical engineer in his universe, designing most of the Oscorp power grid, and was able to use the Arc Reactor to his liking, despite never having the tech before.
  • Expert Marksman: To be added


"I have never seen him this powerful."
"It's the Arc Reactor! We got to get it off of him."
Peter-Three and Peter-One[src]
  • Arc Reactor: Before Peter Parker could fully extract the electricity from his body, Electro stole the Arc Reactor from the Stark Industries Fabricator. Enticed with the power it gave him, he integrated the power source into a harness, allowing him to continue drawing his strength from it and become more powerful than he was in his native universe. However, it and his powers would be taken from him by Doctor Octopus.

Other Equipment[]

  • Arc Reactor Harness Suit: After stealing the Arc Reactor, Dillon would make and alter the clothes he was given into a device to secure the Arc Reactor while enhancing Dillon's powers.
  • Power Monitor: After being incarcerated into Ravencroft, Dillon was equipped with a monitor to help warn Dillon if he were to go into an overload.
  • Electro's Cure: In order to help Dillon survive his battle against Spider-Man, and not die, an alternate Peter Parker would design a Cure to help dissipate the excess Electricity in Max. However, the power-hungry Max would later remove it, not wanting to lose his powers. Dillon would later have the cure finally forced on him by Otto Octavius, allowing Dillon to finally turn a new leaf after being drained of his powers and a new chance to live.


  • Happy Hogan's Condominium: To be added


  • In the comics, Max Dillon was a lineman who was struck by lightning, giving him the powers of electrical manipulation. Corrupted by greed, he became the criminal known as Electro. Also, he was one of the founding members of Spider-Man's recurrent group of enemies, the Sinister Six alongside Vulture, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman.

Behind the Scenes[]


Jamie Foxx, alongside Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina, casted as the three main villains for Spider-Man: No Way Home


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