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Max Dillon is an electrical supervillain known as Electro.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - The Official Game[]

ASM2 ElectroPower

Max first appeared when he was taken hostage by the Shocker's Men until Spider-Man rescued him and says that Max is his eyes and ears and he helps Spider-Man stop the Shocker and his men along with the Russian Gang.

After the gang war incident in Oscorp between Russians and Shocker’s Gangs, Max’s project is stolen, and began to complain to Menken about his stolen works he worked so hard. At some point, Max ended up having an accident that transformed him into Electro. Upon realizing his new lust for his newfound power, Max also realize that Spider-Man and the police will apprehended him, and Max chooses the path of villainy while avoid being arrested. Suddenly he somehow being captured by Kingpin’s Task Force and “Menken” (Chameleon in disguise) and sent to Ravencroft to be experimented for Kingpin’s use. By the time after the Carnage Killer known as Cletus Kasady has been arrested, Max have a point that Kasady’s psychotic kind deserved to be imprisoned in Ravencroft, not for imprisoned tragic victims as Max (other being Dr. Curt Connors).

At some point during Spider-Man’s raid on Task Force hideout to expose Kingpin’s crime, Electro escaped from his prison and taking away all city’s electrical supplies centered in Times Square, foiling Spider-Man’s raid from almost taking Kingpin’s crime evidences and forced the web-head went off to the city to stop Electro’s rampage. Electro blames Spider-Man for not being there to save him, since they were "partners", in which Spider-Man did mean it for real, and thus attacks him. Spider-Man manages to defeat Electro, whose body explodes, thus presumably killing him. The power returns to New York, but Spidey feels sorry for Dillon, since he was only a victim, and realises that Ravencroft must be doing similar experiments on all of their patients, so its time for him to stop them.[1]


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Powers and Abilities[]


Electro generating electricity


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  • Spider-Man - Former Idol, Attempted Victim and Killer


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