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"I've been thinking about the future here. Should my life ever become more a living comic book than it already is -- complete with my own rogues gallery of sinister villains -- this design allows for all sorts of customization. I should be able to equip it further with all sorts of tech, specifically tailored to combat as many as six different defined superpowers."

Ends of the Earth Spider-Man

The "Ends of the Earth suit" is a DLC Spider-Man suit that you can purchase in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame).


This suit has more of an armored look to it (more thick set, less revealing) and is made up of the colours red and black. It has a black spider logo on the chest that has a similar look to the spider logo on the Iron Spider suit and has a red helmet with more sharp looking white eye holes outlined.


  • In the profile for it in the game is says that the suit allows all sorts of customization (but you are not able to do this in the game) meaning that in the comics where it originally came from it might change appearance due to the customization/modifications that it allows.