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The Escape from Spider-Man was a battle between Spider-Man, May Parker, Green Goblin, Electro, and Lizard. The battle was planned by Green Goblin after he managed to convince the other uncured multiversal visitors to side with him and abandon Parker and his allies, May and Otto Octavius, attempts to cure them.


The Green Goblin SMNWH

All of a sudden whilst working with the villains, Spider-Man's senses went into overdrive nullifying all sounds around him, telling him that someone posing a danger for was very close by. Being unable to visually discern who was the cause of it, Spider-Man closed his eyes and trusted his senses and reflexes to guide him to the culprit, who was detected to be Norman Osborn.

His senses did the work for him, resulting in him firing a web shot at Osborn, revealing him to be the cause as the Green Goblin persona had re-emerged. Green Goblin preached that his powers along with the others were not diseases to be cured but rather gifts that made them gods. A shocked Parker told his aunt to run as his spider-sense told him Goblin was posing a threat to her.

Goblin takes control

Electro, convinced by Green Goblin's philosophy, attacked Octavius sending him out of a window, while Sandman fled the scene. Meanwhile, Spider-Man battled with Green Goblin and the two engaged in a fierce and brutal battle throughout the entire building with Goblin. Goblin and Spider-Man fought a ferocious battle in which the latter discovered Goblin's immense power, forcing him to use his full strength against Goblin. Goblin threw Spider-Man out of a window, and as Spider-Man held onto the side of the building, he looked down below and saw The Daily Bugle watching. He was then suddenly attacked by Lizard, who grabbed him and told him he was right, that he couldn’t help them and threw him back inside of a window. Green Goblin then proceeded to fight him again, crashing through multiple levels, until they reached the first.

No good deeds unpunished

However, before he could choke him to death, his aunt ran to them and stabbed Green Goblin with the first version of his cure. Unfortunately, it did not work, and Green Goblin called his Goblin Glider, which impaled her, fatally injuring her as Green Goblin then proceeded to throw a Pumpkin Bomb and escape. Parker tried to catch it before it exploded, sending the foyer crashing down. As Spider-Man awakened he checked on May who at first assured him that she was fine, told him that with great power comes great responsibility and collapsed from her wounds. When several armed agents of the Department of Damage Control arrived, Spider-Man attempted to call for help but the agents didn't hear him and it was also too late as May had died but not before reassuring her nephew he did the right thing.

As Happy Hogan arrived to see Spider-Man mourn over his aunt's death, the armed agents mercilessly forced him out of his car and arrested him for interfering. Hogan then yelled at Spider-Man to run in which the agents proceeded to fire a barrage of bullets at Parker, only managing to hit him in the shoulder. Parker then fled before they were about to enter the building to apprehend him.[1]


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