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"I didn't choose to be this. The only thing left to me now, is my daughter."
―Flint Marko to Spider-Man[src]

Flint Marko was a crook, who committed crimes in order to helped for his sick and dying daughter. He unintentionally killed Ben Parker, an incident that would haunt him for years. While on the run from the police one day, he gained the ability to control into sand after falling into a supercollider, becoming Sandman. The Sandman would soon become enemies with Spider-Man, who unknown to him, was Ben Parker's nephew, Peter Parker. After eventfully finding out Spider-Man's identity, a remorseful Marko let go of his hatred towards him and explained how he accidently killed his uncle. Spider-Man forgave Marko and they ended on good terms.

19 years later, Sandman found himself travelling through the Multiverse and to an alternate universe, due to Doctor Strange's failed spell. Sandman agreed to work with this universe's Spider-Man to be cured and sent home. However, when Green Goblin sabotaged these plans, Sandman sided with him in a final battle against this universes' Spider-Man, his universes' Spiderman, and another alternate universes' Spider-Man. Eventually, Sandman was cured and returned to human form, and eventually returned to his respective home reality.


Becoming Sandman[]

616 Spidey

In many universes, due to Ben Parker's death, Peter Parker became the superhero vigilante Spider-Man.

"I fell into a super collider."
―Flint Marko to Electro[src]

Flint Marko was a criminal in order to find his daughter money as she was dying of an unknown illness[2]. One day, he accidentally killed Ben Parker when he tried to steal his car[2], an incident that would haunt him for many years. He saw on the news how the villains, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, died fighting Spider-Man. [3]

One day (2005), while trying to escape the police, Marko fell into a super collider and obtained powers. With these powers, Marko became Sandman, and stole more money (to pay his daughter). [2]

However, he would be challenged few times by Spider-Man. As he could not defeat Spider-Man, Marko made an alliance with Venom, challenging Spider-Man in a construction site, but was defeated by Spider-Man and New Goblin (with New Goblin ended up being killed by Venom)[2]. Following Venom's death, Marko, who had discovered Spider-Man's identity, Peter Parker, explained to Peter how killing Ben was an accident he still wished he could take back. Acknowledging his mistakes as well and seeing that Marko was genuinely remorseful, Peter forgave Marko and allowed him to go free.[2][3][4]

Arriving in an Alternate Universe[]

Sandman FIRST LOOK (NWH Trailer)

Sandman saves Spider-Man from Electro

"Peter, its me Flint Marko! You remember?"
"I'm Peter but I'm not your Peter."
―Flint Marko and Spider-Man[src]
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During the year 2024, in an alternate universe (MCU/Earth-199999), a failed spell by Dr. Strange, caused Sandman, from a point after making peace with Spider-Man, to be transported to the MCU universe, where he arrived in a forest in New York, not knowing what happened. While wandering around, Sandman noticed an alternate version of Electro (from the Earth-120703 universe which is another alternate universe) trying to shoot a bolt of electricity at the MCU Spider-Man, thinking it was the Spider-Man from his universe (Earth-96283), became a wall of sand to protect him. Sandman asked him if he remembered him, thinking it was his Spider-Man until the native told him he wasn't Sandman's Peter Parker, making him confused. Sandman agreed to help the MCU Spider-Man fight Electro by acting as a wall of protective sand around Spider-Man. Sandman turned into a sand typhoon swirling around Electro while Spider-Man destroyed the utility poles that were giving Electro energy.

Sandman (2024)

Sandman saving Spider-Man

Sandman appeared next to an unmasked Spider-Man, not recognizing him as his Spider-Man. Sandman listened as Spider-Man revealed that Sandman and Electro were in another universe, much to Sandman's surprise. When Electro's eyes started flashing, Sandman attempted to calm him down by sayin "easy, buddy." When Electro said "Y'all just stand up here and act I ain't butt-ass naked?", Sandman pretended Electro wasn't naked until Spider-Man found some clothes and had Electro wear them, teleporting him to the sanctum.

Sandman asked Spider-Man what he did and accused Spider-Man of killing the villain, which angered and freaked him out. Spider-Man pleaded for him to calm down and trust him, but Sandman told him he didn't trust him since he didn't know this Spider-Man. Spider-Man used his web-shooters to transport him to a holding cell at the New York Sanctum, where other villains were trapped in.[3]

Trapped in the New York Sanctum[]

Flint Marko (November 2024)

Sandman reveals the resurrected villains' deaths

"Would you two just shut up?"
―Sandman to Electro and Lizard[src]
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Annoyed at Electro and an alternate version of the Lizard (the latter being from Earth-120703) talking to each other, Sandman told them to be silent and asked Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds where they were, and they responded it was Doctor Strange's dungeon, which they call it "wizards dungeon." The next day, Spider-Man brought the alternate version of Norman Osborn from his universe to the New York Sanctum, where he reunited with the alternate version of Doctor Octopus from Earth-96283 (like him and Osborn). Otto told Osborn he was supposed to be dead because of fighting Spider-Man. Sandman reveals that both Osborn and Doctor Octopus died fighting their universe's Spider-Man. He explained to them how they died, and this made the villains scared that they would have to meet their intended fates once they returned to their home worlds.

Doctor Strange was about to use the Macchina di Kadavus to send the Multiversal travelers back home, the villains reacted nervous and uneasy, until Spider-Man stole the box and teleported Strange to Sandman's cell. With Stephen managed to easily walk through the barrier, Sandman attempted to walk out but bumped into the transparent wall. After the battle between Strange and Parker, He offered the villains help by fixing them of their afflictions, with Sandman noting that he just wanted to go home. The villains then decided to go along with Spider-Man's plan rather than dying.[3]

Staying in Happy Hogan's Condominium[]

Escape from Spider-Man[]

Sandman sitting down in Happy Hogan’s condominium

"I just want to go home."
―Flint Marko[src]
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The villains were snuck into Happy Hogan's apartment complex in a F.E.A.S.T. truck, allowing Sandman, Electro, Norman Osborn and Doctor Octopus to go into Hogan's apartment. Sandman took a seat on the black leather sofa, accidentally causing sand from his body to fall onto the cushions. He apologized and tried to brush the sand off the sofa, which he couldn't take the sand of. Sandman and Electro began conversing (even though they were enemies at the beginning) while Spider-Man and Osborn were creating a Neural Inhibitor Chip for Doctor Octopus. Electro told Sandman about how he could so much more in this universe with the Arc Reactor, and asked Sandman why he came along. Sandman responded that he wanted to see his daughter, saying that Spider-Man would not send them home until he finished curing them. Electro also mentioned how he obtained his electrical powers. Sandman told how he got his sand powers too. Electro told in this, reminding that they needed to be careful where they could fall. Sandman and the rest looked up from below as Spider-Man placed the chip onto Doctor Octopus' tentacles, successfully curing the scientist.

Sandman's escape

Sandman escapes throughout New York City

When Electro's Cure was placed onto Electro's chest, he admitted that he didn't like it, but Sandman told him to leave it alone, since the sooner they are cured, the sooner they could go home. Later, everyone noticed that Spider-Man was sensing something was off in the apartment, so they all looked concerned. Green Goblin took over Norman Osborn's body and insisted they didn't need to be fixed, referring to their afflictions as gifts, Sandman sided Goblin's words, so he transformed into a cloud of sand. The swirling cloud of sand that was Sandman approached the burst-open living room wall. Sandman propelled himself forward, taking to the wind and flew off.[3]

Battling the Spider-Men[]

The final battle

Sandman confronts the Spider-Men

"Where's the box, Peter?"
"Flint, we can help everyone."
"I don't care!"
―Sandman and Michelle Jones' Spider-Man[src]
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Marko arrived in the Statue of Liberty. Sandman headed towards there to use the box to send himself home. While the MCU Spider-Man, Sandman's Spider-Man from Earth-96283, and Earth-120703's Spider-Man fought Electro and Lizard, Sandman's massive fist grabbed onto the MCU Spider-Man, clutching him in mid-air. Sandman demanded for the box, but when the MCU Spider-Man told him they could help Sandman and the villains, Sandman yelled that he didn't care. Electro told Sandman that nobody was going home, Electro accidentally blasted a crane, sending it falling down and severing Sandman's massive arm and head, freeing the MCU Spider-Man. Sandman drew sand from all over, creating a massive sandstorm. When the three Spider-Men landed on the statue's crown as a team, Sandman, Electro, and Lizard rose directly across from them.


Sandman attacks his Spider-Man at the Statue of Liberty

Sandman chased his Spider-Man through another part of the scaffolding. Sandman's Spider-Man was scrambling to evade Sandman, who was closing in. Marko's Spider-Man tried to convince Sandman that they were trying to help him, but Sandman didn't give up to fight him. Sandman's Spider-Man was stuck in the crown and sand was drowning him. When Sandman's Spider-Man was completely engulfed in sand, save for his grasping hand, which received Sandman's Cure and clicked the device on.[3]

Returning to his Universe[]

"It's okay Flint, we're gonna get you home, just stay right here."
Peter-Two to Flint Marko[src]

Marko rose up from the sand in his human form, and stared at his hand, in panic for losing his powers. Marko's Spider-Man told him that it was okay and that they were going to get him home, telling him to stay there. Strange later recast the Runes of Kof-Kol again to return the cured villains home, resulting Marko and the others returning to their universes.[3]

Starting a New Life[]

Flint Marko returns to his universe

Marko returns to his universe

As for the Sandman and the Lizard, it wasn't clear when they were taken either. However, as they were never killed by fighting their Spider-Man, they most likely would've returned to their lives, though without their powers. As Marko was not known to have died or suffered any consequence since being forgiven by his Peter, he may have been pulled from the original/present timeline like his Peter. If he was pulled from the present time, he'd return to the original/present timeline of Earth-96283 like his Peter.


"I don't trust anyone."
―Flint Marko[src]
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Flint Marko is not a very trusting person as he's very quick to jump to conclusions or escape if he feels threatened. This was shown when he immediately became hostile towards the young Peter Parker when the latter transported Electro away.

Powers and Abilities[]


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Behind the Scenes[]


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