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Ganali Device
"I've seen that before."
"The Ganali Device."
"Yeah I remember a picture of that in my dad's office."
"The idea was so simple, load it with an antigen, which creates a cloud, which disperses over a neighbourhood, even an entire city. Theoretically it could cure polio in an afternoon."
"I hope we can help people with this."
Curt Connors and Peter Parker[src]

The "Ganali Device" was a machine created by Curtis Connors and Richard Parker to distribute antigens and cures on a mass scale, with the intention of curing diseases across a wide area, even entire cities. When Richard Parker died he took all of his research with him, delaying the project by another 12 years and leaving Connors to carry on the research himself. This resulted in the creation of the Lizard serum, which was going to be distributed over Manhattan, until The Lizard's plan was foiled by Spider-Man and George Stacy.