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Gatling Commandos are the most heavily-armed and strongest type of thug appearing in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.

Using military tech to deck out their arsenal, these commandoes are the fiercest of the thugs found in Manhattan. Spider-Man must plan his attacks wisely if he wishes to properly deal with these enemies.


These heavily-trained Commandos come with a full-body armor piece, including extreme padding and metals covering their bodies. They wear army-style masks to protect their faces, and, to top it all off, they are equipped with the largest machine gun money can buy.


Gatling Commandos don't fistfight too much - not with the huge gun they have at their arsenals. Spider-Man will have to take these enemies out with stealth or by way of trickiness.


  • The Commandos' masks seem to bear resemblance toward the characters of the Army of Two series of games, as they wear military-like faceplate/masks.