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"I was wrong about you, Peter. This city needs you. Here. You're gonna need this. You're gonna make enemies. People will get hurt. Sometimes the people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something, okay? Leave Gwen out of it. Promise me that. Huh? You promise me."
―George Stacy to Spider-Man[src]

Captain George Stacy was a captain in the New York Police Department and the father of Gwen Stacy. After the emergence of Spider-Man, George considered him a dangerous anarchist. This drew him and the NYPD into conflict with the masked vigilante. After discovering Spider-Man's identity, he assisted him into defeating the Lizard, but was killed by the monster itself. Moments before death, he told Peter Parker to keep Gwen far away from the danger of being Spider-Man.


Early Life[]

An esteemed police officer for over twenty years, Captain Stacy is the public face of the NYPD. The only thing Captain Stacy vows to protect more than the city is his family, and particularly his only daughter, Gwen, assistant to Curt Connors in Oscorp.[1]

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Masked Vigilante[]

When Peter Parker begins hunting down Uncle Ben's killer and making himself known to the public, Stacy immediately dislikes the mysterious costumed crime fighter.

Family Dinner[]

Peter with Stacies (ASM1)

Stacy and Peter Parker discuss Spider-Man

"I'm saying he's trying to help and it looks like he's trying to do something what the police can't."
"Something the police can't?"
"I don't know."
"What do you think we do up there? You think we're just sitting around eating doughnuts with our thumbs planted firmly up our asses?"
Peter Parker and George Stacy[src]

Later, Captain Stacy opens the door to Gwen's room and finds her talking to Peter Parker, whom she had invited to her house for dinner earlier that day. Although they weren't doing anything but talking, Stacy obviously isn't thrilled about the picture and becomes suspicious about Parker. At dinner, when the topic of Spider-Man comes up, Stacy discusses with his family and Peter about how he will capture the masked menace; Peter defends Spider-Man as "doing something the police can't", and begins to accidentally anger Stacy, further ruining his first impression.

Confrontation at Williamsburg Bridge[]

However, dinner is suddenly interrupted when The Lizard is spotted rampaging through the Williamsburg Bridge, and Stacy immediately goes out to hunt down the monster. After Spider-Man saves the lives of several people and fights off the Lizard on the bridge, Stacy's hatred toward Spider-Man remains undeterred, and the next morning, he issues an arrest warrant for "the masked vigilante known as 'Spider-Man'." He continually gets New York's finest police officers to go after him but to no avail.

Learning about Lizard[]

Heading back to his office at the NYPD's headquarters, Peter arrives there and tells him that Dr. Curt Connors is going to turn all of New York into powerful man-lizards and that Stacy has to help him stop him. However, Stacy, who was already disapproving of Peter from the night before, has the cops escort him out of the building, refusing to believe what Peter says. However, after contemplating it, he reluctantly has an officer run everything they have on file about Connors.

After helping clean up the battle between Spider-Man and The Lizard at the school, Stacy resumes the hunt for both of them.

Finding Spider-Man's Identity[]

"Your boyfriend is a man of many masks. I get it."
―George Stacy to Gwen Stacy[src]

That night, Lizard launches a biological attack on New York City, and while Stacy orders a squad to stop it, Stacy himself instead personally leads a chase on Spider-Man. When Spider-Man is caught in the sight of the police, Stacy's helicopter stuns Spider-Man out of the air. The cops put Spider-Man in handcuffs, but when Stacy pulls off his mask, Spider-Man quickly beats up the cops and is about to escape until Stacy gets up and holds him at gunpoint, forcing Spider-Man to freeze. Realizing the situation, Spider-Man turns around and reveals himself to be Peter Parker. Stunned, Stacy is taken back by the revelation, but Peter convinces him that he has to stop the Lizard before it reaches Oscorp where Gwen is, and Stacy reluctantly lets him go. He then heads over to Oscorp, where he runs into Gwen. He reveals to her that he knows about her boyfriend's secret, and she gives him an antidote that will cure the lizard toxin and pleads him to make sure Peter's okay.

Captain Stacy aims a gun

Captain Stacy shoots at Lizard


"I got this, Peter!"
―George Stacy to Spider-Man[src]

Eventually, Stacy somehow makes it near the top of Oscorp Tower and assists Spider-Man in defeating the Lizard. He gives Peter the antidote from Gwen and buys him time by fighting the Lizard himself. While Peter goes to switch the lizard toxin with the antidote, Stacy fires his shotgun at Lizard, but the monstrous reptile quickly heals from his wounds and attacks the Captain, mortally wounding him. Peter successfully releases the antidote into the air, but falls from the collapsing tower, and is saved by Connors, who is beginning to transform back to his normal form.

Peter returns to Stacy, who is bleeding heavily. In his dying moments, Stacy tells Peter that he was wrong and that New York does need Spider-Man. However, he warns Peter that being a superhero will often put the ones closest to him in danger and that it will come with sacrifices. He then forces Peter to promise that he will leave Gwen out of it, so that she is not harmed by Peter's status as Spider-Man. Peter agrees, and mourns as George Stacy dies.



Later, Stacy has a funeral where he is honored for his work as New York's top cop, and Gwen notes that everyone, even Flash, shows up, except for Peter. She arrives at his apartment, and Peter tells her that he can no longer be with her, and she realizes that her father made him promise that. The next day in school, the two sadly ignore each other, until, in class, the teacher scolds Peter for being late, and when he says it won't happen again, she tells him not to make promises he cannot keep. Sitting behind Gwen, Peter quietly and slyly replies, "Yeah, but those are the best kind," which causes Gwen to smile, meaning that, for better or worse, Peter is going to stop honoring his promise to Captain Stacy and start dating Gwen again.

Peter's Hallucination[]

George Stacy appears often as a vision and hallucination to Spider-Man, haunting him for the promise he did not keep and does not keep about his daughter. Gwen's death at the hands of the Green Goblin proved that Stacy was right because Peter did not keep his distance from her.[2]

The Death of George Stacy (Earth-120703)

"The Death of George Stacy"

Monitored across the Spider-Verse[]

As Spider-Man 2099 was teaching Miles Morales about the concept of a Canon Event, and how it is a constant throughout each universe within the Spider-Verse, footage of Peter Parker was presented that showed him at the death of George Stacy and how his death is a Canon Event.[3]


"Also, my father is under the impression you require psychiatric attention."
Gwen Stacy to Peter Parker[src]

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  • SIG-Sauer P226 DAK: Captain Stacy held Spider-Man at gunpoint with his sidearm before letting him go to fight the Lizard.
  • Heckler & Koch FABARM: Captain Stacy attacked the Lizard with his shotgun to aid Spider-Man.


  • The age of George Stacy differs largely from his comic book counterpart. In the movie, he was a middle-aged man whereas he was a grey haired old man in the comic.
  • George Stacy was one of the few people to know Spider-Man's true identity before he died. The others are his daughter, Harry Osborn, and Curt Connors.
    • Both how George Stacy discovers Peter's identity was changed heavily from the comics. In the comics, he doesn't actually say how he learnt that Peter was Spider-Man (Peter just commenting "he's always known") but it was implied that he simply used his deductive skills and deduced it using his absences. In the movie, Peter unmasks to save himself from getting shot and/or arrested. This was presumably changed because it was an unresolved loose end in the comics as to how he learnt Peter's identity.
      • As well as this, the place where he discovered it is changed. In the comics, the place is unclear (likely the police station though he doesn't reveal it until he is dying) whereas he learns it in an alley in the movie.
      • George Stacy is a cop, he was by Electro after, in the police car.

Behind the Scenes[]

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