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The Goblin Glider is a a weaponize vehicle made by Oscorp which is used for transport. Harry Osborn uses it to fight Spider-Man.


Goblin Glider[]

The glider is a transportation device created by Oscorp. It was kept with a specialized exo-skeleton in the Special Projects chamber Including the goblin suit. The exo-skeleton is also revealed in a deleted scene to heal the person using electrically conductive nano-fibers, it is also an Oscorp prototype of a new military body armor.[1]

Battle at the Clock Tower[]

Taken away from Harry Osborn[]

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Both Goblin Gliders are weapons, a means of transportation, and a storage unit all in one. A number of Pumpkin Bombs are stashed in the machine, which the Green Goblin can retrieve at any time. He can also control the Glider remotely to either summon it or attack his foes with it.

At the front of the Glider are sharp prongs which the Goblin can use to impale his enemies, usually with lethal results.

Harry's Glider is a lot more armored, and can rival speeds that his Spider-Man couldn't keep up with after he stole Gwen Stacy, and had more variaty of blades, which he attempted to use on Parker.

However, Norman's Glider is more thin allowing for faster speeds, and more easily maneuverability, though it can be disabled more easily as Spider-Man was able to use a Pumpkin bomb to take it down for good. It's speeds although do allow the blades to be more effective as He accidently originally impaled and killed himself while trying to murder the Spider-Man native to his universe and managed to fatally injure May Parker, who was the aunt of an alternate Peter Parker. They can also slice metal since he used it to slice off Octavius' tentacle. The Goblin himself was almost killed by his own glider once more by a vengeful Parker, but was stopped by the Goblin's native Spider-Man.



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