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Helen Stacy is the wife of the late George Stacy and the mother of Philip Stacy, Howard Stacy, Simon Stacy, and the late Gwen Stacy.


The Amazing Spider-Man[]

When Gwen invited Peter around for dinner, Captain Stacy and Peter got into an argument about Spider-Man, an argument which Helen observed. Peter and Gwen then leave the table and go to the rooftop. Helen catches Peter and Gwen kissing, and tells Gwen that George wants her downstairs.

Helen became a widow when her husband died at the hands of the Lizard.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2[]

Helen and her family attended the graduation of Gwen Stacy and later had a dinner at a Chinese restaurant which Peter was also supposed to attend by failed to show up to. Helen once again suffered a loss when her daughter was killed at the hands of Green Goblin.


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Helen was never seen in the comics, stated to have died when Gwen was very young. However, in the Ultimate comics, Ginger Stacy divorced George and left Gwen sometime after Gwen's introduction, flat-out saying she wanted nothing to do with either of them, having a devastating effect on Gwen, who, after George's death via a belt of grenades thrown by an imposter of Spider-Man who committed violent robberies detonating on top of him, Aunt May legally adopted her after calling her mother and realizing Ginger's contempt of Gwen for her rebellious personality.
  • Helen was also briefly present in a deleted scene of the previous trilogy's Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi, where a dejected Eddie Brock violently seized Gwen, unable to accept rejection from her, before being told off and forced to leave by her parents.
  • Also unlike the comics, not only is Helen alive and present in Gwen's life, she and George have multiple children in Philip, Howard, and Simon, Gwen's younger brothers, of whom she is the oldest.


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