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"This one's straight out of a Halloween store, but who WOULDN'T wanna dress like the sensational Hornet when they fight crime? I've only been a fan of his comic since, like... FOREVER! It even got better when he joined the Slingers. Too bad the costume's wings don't work. I'll have to settle for good ol' web slinging."


Hornet" is a suit in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame).


The Hornet suit has a pink helmet with a blue stripe going down the middle with a grey reflective visor across the eyes. It has a metallic appearing neck. It has a yellow hornet symbol on its chest with blue metallic ruck sack straps on either side which connects to a blue back pack with hornet wings. The chest is black with the sides of the body being pink. The sleeves are also pink. On either shoulder their are large blue shoulder pads and on each arm has black bands/stripes. The wrists have large gauntlets with a blue metallic look, like the shoulder pads and blue gloves as well. The waist features a blue utility belt and there are blue knee pads on each knee. The trouser legs are black on the inner sides and pink on the outer sides and beneath the knee pads the legs are completely black.


  • In the game the it is introduced as a Spider-Man suit (because you can wear it as Spider-Man) when the suit is actually based on the suit of the comic book hero "Hornet".
  • Even though the suit has wings they don't work as quoted in the suits profile in the game: "Too bad the costumes wings don't work, I guess I'll just have to settle for good ol' web-slinging".