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A yellow Hunter.

Hunters were a deadly type of Spider-Slayer created by Alistaire Smythe's team of Oscorp technicians and appeared in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


The Hunters had only one objective: to slay all cross-species. However, after Spider-Man interfered with Smythe's work, Smythe grew tired of the hero's presence and decided to reprogram the Hunters to have him as their only target.


Once a Seeker calls them after they've detected cross-speceis, they'll arrive and deploy a devastating shockwave that's engineered to target their foes, first stunning them with electricity and then blowing them away. They're fast and agile, capable of hunting down any prey, hence their name.


  • The Hunter's appearance was inspired by the S-01's appearance. Thus, the Hunter looks somewhat like a giant insect that comes in all colors.