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"In the Shadow of Evils Past" is the third chapter in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


Part 1[]

"Gwen and the other scientists are still in quarantine, struggling to stave off their infection. With Gwen's help, Spider-Man learns that Connors' research is currently held at the Oscorp Archives facility... but not for long!"

Part 2[]

"Spider-Man retrieved the tablet containing Connors' research just before it got burnt in the incinerator. He also met with Whitney Chang, the TV reporter who's investigating Oscorp. Research in hand, Connors should be able to make an antidote to help Gwen and the scientists. 'Should' being the operative word here, webheads..."






Part 1 - Spider-Tracing the Rhino[]

As Spider-Man toys with his Spider-Tracers, he finds police radio antennae with multiple Oscorp Sentries at each one. After he's traced all antannae, he immediately hears report of a rhino-like creature rampaging around in a second-story parking lot. Once Spidey arrives at the scene, the creature is seen throwing around cars as a massive, humanoid rhino. Spider-Man dives into action, eventually defeating the beast and slamming him into the pavement below. The Rhino gets up quickly and escapes, and Spider-Man tries to search for him, but to no avail.

Oscorp Archives[]

Spidey finally arrives at the Oscorp Archives, sneaking past all of the Guards that appear. Spidey searches further through the warehouse, and once he arrives at the controls he needs to free the locked research files Curt Connors requires, what seems to be a female Guard is preventing him from doing so. In reaction, Spider-Man swiftly tackles the apparent Guard, only to knock her helmet off and reveal her true identity: an undercover Whitney Chang.

After Spider-Man helps Chang up, she immediately takes out her camera and starts flashing shots at Spidey, asking who Spider-Man truly is. Spidey jokes about the answer, asking Chang if she wants his long or short story, and Chang immediately changes the subject. She asks Spidey what his intentions were for breaking Connors out of Beloit. It appears that Chang is also at Oscorp Archives for Connors' work, as it could make for a great news story. Spider-Man states he needs the files more than her, when, suddenly, a heavily-armored Guard walks in the room. Chang quickly re-equips her Guard helmet and poses as one herself, quietly telling Spider-Man to push her out of the room to make it look intentional. Spider-Man somewhat gently sends her to another room and begins attacking the heavy Guard.

Afterward, the two meet up again and proceed further through the warehouse. Chang sees something she wishes to photograph, but cannot because Spider-Man has her camera and the two are on opposite sides of glass. So, Spider-Man takes a picture of a suspicious box and the two proceed again. Eventually, the two finally meet the control room and Chang instructs Spider-Man to help her out with releasing Connors' files. However, he hits a wrong button and instead of freeing the files, the place goes on lockdown and Chang is captured by another Guard. Spider-Man quickly races to different ends of the facility searching for both her and Connors' work, finding her first. Thankfully, the files are nearby as Spidey helps Chang release them.

Part 2 - File-searching[]

The files Spider-Man needs are locked in a giant container, along with a lot of other junk Oscorp Industries threw out. So, Chang begins to search for them in the container as Spidey defends her against armed Guards trying to stop her. Once she's found the work, she gets up from the container, but is suddenly shot in the leg. It apparently only "nicked" her, as she is able to walk, but barely. Spider-Man picks her up and brings her to another room with an elevator leading out of the warehouse. The two have to quickly stop their trip because Spider-Man must fend against another heavily-armed Guard quickly. The two, now ready to leave, fight once again over who gets the files, but Spider-Man wins, and keeps not only the files, but Chang's pictures to help her take pictures of unique, story-worthy things around town.

Lasers Ahead[]

Once Spider-Man leaves the facility, he is quickly found by multiple Oscorp Snipers across buildings that he must take out, and once that's done, he returns to Stan's apartment.


  • When Chang is caught by a Guard, she utters the phrase, "I am not the droid you're looking for." This is a reference to the famous Star Wars quote by character Ben Kenobi, "These are not the droids you're looking for." However, in that film, the reciever believes that they are not the droids he's looking for, but in this game, the Guard sarcastically calls Chang funny and brings her into captivity.
  • Part 2's description forshadows Connors' failed attempt at a serum in the in-game days to come.