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"I sold another photos to the Bugle, so that ought to help."
"Yeah, it would really help if that guy would pay you a fair wage."
"Jameson pays me a fair wage. If it was 1961, he pays me a fair wage."
Peter Parker and May Parker[src]

J. Jonah Jameson is the editor and owner of the newspaper The Daily Bugle.


Starting The Daily Bugle[]

Many years before 2013, J. Jonah Jameson started The Daily Bugle, becoming chief and hiring many employees, including Robbie Robertson.[2][3]

Contacting Peter Parker[]

"Dear Mr. Jameson, new pix and invoice enclosed."
Peter Parker to J. Jonah Jameson[src]

Sometime after Spider-Man's fight with the Lizard, Peter Parker joined The Daily Bugle.[4] During 2014, Peter Parker begins working for Jonah giving him photos of Spider-Man. Peter is seen contacting Jonah on his laptop and sending him a photo, however, Jonah didn't appear to be satisfied with it.[1]

Video Game (Non-Canon)[]

Although in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)  he doesn't make an actual appearance he asks (more of a demand) Peter through texting that he does photo investigations throughout levels and in Manhattan of Easter Eggs that appear in the game.




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