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"When will people wake up and realize that everywhere Spider-Man goes, chaos and calamity ensue. Everything Spider-Man touches comes to ruin. And we, the innocents, are left to pick up the pieces."
―J. Jonah Jameson[src]

John "J" Jonah Jameson Jr. is the show host of The Daily Bugle, who mainly focuses on reporting on the actions of heroes and vigilantes, including Mysterio, whom he reveres as a great hero, and Spider-Man, whom he views as a menace to society.

The reveal gave The Daily Bugle a surge in popularity, and Jameson continued to report on Peter Parker, fueling public hatred of the hero, and support for the late Mysterio. Tipped off that Parker was taking refuge at Happy Hogan's Condominium, Jameson traveled there in hopes of getting incriminating footage, only to witness the clash between Spider-Man and the various villains that had been unleashed from the Multiverse. Jameson was forced to flee the scene when the battle got out of hand, and later was called by Parker himself, who told the world he would make right his mistakes. Jameson alongside everyone else in the world would forget Peter Parker as a result of Doctor Strange's spell, although this did not stop Jameson from continuing his crusade against Spider-Man.


Reporting on Spider-Man[]

"You better believe this shocking revelation brought to light by yours truly has only raised more questions about the secret life of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, aka the Spider-Menace. But rest assured, dear viewers, we here at The Daily Bugle won't rest until we uncovered the truth from his web of lies!"
―J. Jonah Jameson[src]

In 2024, while reporting from The Daily Bugle, Jameson had witnessed the actions of Spider-Man during his battles against Mysterio in London. During the battle, Mysterio filmed himself claiming that he had intentions to save them from Spider-Man and the Stark Industries Combat Drones, framing Spider-Man for murdering him. Having watched the footage and believing Mysterio's claims, Jameson proceeded to expose Spider-Man's real identity as Peter Parker.

Venom, who had travelled from another universe, saw Peter Parker and licked the TV screen while Jameson continued reporting worldwide.[2]

Further Reports[]

Sometime after Spider-Man's identity was revealed, Jameson hired Betty Brant as an intern, she managed the Bugle's TikTok account and sometimes Jameson would make small appearances by the end of the videos to comment on the topic of the certain report or correct her if she spoke too highly of Spider-Man.

Conversation with Nelson Burke[]

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Finding Spider-Man[]

"Did you see that?"
―J. Jonah Jameson[src]

Jameson was soon alerted by a The Daily Bugle truck driver that he had found Spider-Man in a F.E.A.S.T. truck, sending Norman Osborn to the New York Sanctum and spoken to by May Parker. When Jameson realized Spider-Man was no longer there, he was enraged at him. Soon after, Jameson and his crew got a tip and went to Happy Hogan's condominium where Parker was inside. Jameson waited impatiently outside as he informed Damage Control of his suspicion of Spider-Man. As they waited, he witnessed Doctor Octopus being shot out of a window by bursts of electricity. Jameson, recognizing him from the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, told his cameraman to catch him as he jumped onto another building. He was then startled when Lizard tore out of the F.E.A.S.T. truck and ran away.

Soon after, they witnessed sand swirl up around them, and blackout occurred within the condominium. Looking up once more, he spotted Parker engaged in a fight against Lizard and smiled that he had found him. However, once the condominium began to collapse due to the fight inside and the release of Pumpkin Bombs from Green Goblin, he and his crew were forced to escape. Shortly after, Jameson and his crew returned to the now destroyed condominium and reported on May's death. Despite knowing he was her nephew, Jameson blamed Parker for what had happened, suggesting that he had caused his aunt's death.

Speaking with Peter Parker[]

Later, Jameson received a call from Parker via a video broadcast, revealing the truth that he had brought the enhanced perpetrators to their city. Jameson relished as that Parker admitted to being responsible, before he revealed his location at the Statue of Liberty. Jameson then told the audience that Parker would destroy another national monument.

Forgetting Spider-Man's Identity[]

Hours later, Jameson, along with the rest of the world, had his memory of Peter Parker erased. In December, Jameson operated at his studio, continuing to question when Spider-Man would make his identity be known, saying that if he was truly a hero, he wouldn't be hiding behind the mask like a coward.


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