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Wilson Fisk, known as Kingpin, is one of the most prominent figures of organized crime.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game[]

Wilson Fisk, better known as Kingpin is a big time crime boss and is introduced in the second level of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame). He first appears at a press conference with Harry Osborn which is held after the death of Norman Osborn. At the press conference they discuss the future of Oscorp, where Harry introduces Wilson Fisk as the main fund raiser for the company. During the conference Wilson mutters to Harry about handing over Oscorp to him, which Harry refuses, Wilson replies "Then I'll just wait for you to die of the disease that killed your father". Shorty after this Wilson announces that the main Oscorp project he will be funding will be the "Task Force", ex-criminals turned cops who will prevent crime in Manhattan including that of the "web slinger".

Later within the game Fisk hosts a party in Fisk Industries Tower to help fund raise for Oscorp since the death of the CEO (Norman Osborn). Spider-Man makes his way towards the tower to take photos for J.J., on the way Spidey hears police radios speaking of the new criminal known as the Kingpin. In the party as Peter Parker he interviews Fisk on the subject of the task force.

Later in the game on one of the final levels Spidey breaks into the base of the "Kingpin" which is heavily guarded by the task force and common street thugs working together to bring Spider-Man down. When the base is finally infiltrated Spider-Man walks into the "Kingpin's" lair and discovers that Wilson Fisk is the Kingpin. They have a fight featuring a lot of fat jokes which is then followed by Kingpin's defeat.

In an end credit scene at the very end of the game Kingpin is shown sitting back in his office in Fisk tower where he is making a phone call to the mayor where he quotes "yes Mr. Mayor, the crime wave will go down... to an acceptable level". After hanging up Donald Menken enters (or so you think), where a large shelf slides out of the wall displaying masks on dummy heads, it then turns out this is a man in a mask of Menken's face as he removes it whilst he does this the image goes back to Kingpin to prevent the gamer from seeing the man's true face which is now covered with a grey balaclava and Kingpin calls him "Chameleon", a character who is a villain from the Spider-Man comics.


  • In the comics, Wilson Fisk is the arch-enemy of Daredevil.
  • His relation to Oscorp mirrors his incarnation from the 1994 TV series Spider-Man.