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"When you try to fix people, there are always consequences."
―Lizard to Peter Parker[src]

Doctor Curtis "Curt" Connors is a scientist who became known as the Lizard after a self-inflicted experiment transformed him. With the desire to turn the rest of the human race into lizards, he was challenged by Spider-Man, whom he discovered was Peter Parker.

11 years later in an alternate universe, Lizard was dragged through the Multiverse into an alternate universe during the year 2024, due to his knowledge of Parker's secret, being taken at some point after discovering that Peter was Spiderman. Captured by this universe's Spider-Man along with several other multiversal invaders, Connors was offered a choice: to be returned to his universe immediately, which could possibly result in his death, or to be cured of his Lizard form, potentially giving him a second chance in his world. Though he was reluctant to follow the plan, Connors allowed this Spider-Man to attempt to cure them until chaos ensued with the arrival of the Department of Damage Control and the emergence of the Green Goblin from an alternate universe. During the battle, Connors escaped Spider-Man and hid away until he and the other villains were challenged to a battle at the Statue of Liberty, where he faced off against not only the Spider-Man of that reality, but his native Spider-Man and an alternate version of Spider-Man from Goblin's universe. When he was cured once and for all, Connors was sent back to his reality, where he would be given a second chance in a branched and a branched/alternate timeline in his universe.


Original Version[]

Becoming Lizard[]

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Curt Connors was a brilliant scientist at Oscorp with a missing right arm, and during his time there, he met the electrician Max Dillon and became colleagues with Richard Parker, though the latter later disappeared and died. He met Richard's son, Peter Parker during the year 2013. which was several years after Richard's disappearance. After experimenting on himself with a serum he developed in 2013, Connors was transformed into a mutant Lizard, a dangerously manic alter-ego.

The Lizard persona took control of Connors' mind and had him believe that he had achieved the next stage of human evolution. Due to his belief, he decided to release his serum throughout New York City in order to transform everyone into humanoid lizards.[2] However, he was challenged by Spider-Man, who tried to stop him, leading to them developing a rivalry. Shortly after fighting Spider-Man in the sewer, he discovered that Spider-Man was really the secret identity of Peter Parker.[3]

Becoming a Variant[]

Arriving to an alternate Universe[]

Lizard enters the MCU (No Way Home)

Lizard entering the new universe

One day, during the year 2024, Connors had found himself pulled from his universe and transported to an alternate universe (Earth-199999), due to a botched spell by Doctor Strange to make everyone forget that universes' Peter was Spider-Man. Arriving in the sewers of New York City in the year 2024, he was discovered by Doctor Strange, who captured him and contained him the dungeon of the New York Sanctum. After a short while, Lizard was crouching in his cell when he noticed the Earth-199999's Peter Parker outside, so he pounced at the invisible barrier entrapping him and roared, frightening Parker.

Spider-Man NWH trailer 103

Lizard scares Peter

While Strange explained the Multiversal incident to Parker, the latter took a glance into Lizard's cell, and the humanoid reptile stared back at him. He then sat down and watched Parker and Strange discuss searching for the Multiversal travelers. Later that day, Spider-Man's friends Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds entered the chamber, and when Leeds excitedly questioned if Lizard was a dinosaur, Lizard scowled, unamused. During Parker, Jones and Leeds' preparations to search for travelers, Lizard sat in his cell, bored, and tossed a stone pebble.

Following the captures of an alternate version of Electro (from the Earth-120703 universe, like him) and Sandman (the latter being from the Earth-96283 universe, which is another alternate universe), Lizard recognized the former and laughed, making Electro shocked. Electro explained Lizard's background to everyone in the chamber, including his plot to transform everyone in New York City into lizards like himself, which he labeled as insanity. Lizard shamelessly defended his actions as the next phase in human evolution. He also took note of Electro's physical changes, such as how his repaired teeth, lack of glasses and a new haircut, asking if he got a makeover. Eager, Lizard offered to give Electro a "real makeover" by transforming him into a lizard as well, but they were silenced by Sandman.[2]

Offered Help[]

"You don't have to come. I also didn't know you could talk. But if you stay here, you're gonna have to deal with the wizard."
"So we go along or die. Well, not much of a choice, isn't it?"
Spider-Man and The Lizard[src]

The next day, Lizard leaned against the wall when he witnessed an alternate version of Norman Osborn (from Earth-96283) arriving in the New York Sanctum dungeon. He then observed the conversation between Osborn, an alternate version of Doctor Octopus (from Earth-96283, like Osborn and Sandman) and Electro, as they realized they originally died fighting the Spider-Man of their universes, but had been spared by the spell that brought them to this universe. This made Lizard anxious and concerned about his own fate, asking Electro if he himself died. Doctor Strange then returned and tried to use the Macchina di Kadavus to transport the Multiversal travelers back to their home universes, making Lizard and others nervous and uneasy.[2]

Escape from Spider-Man[]

Lizard (2024)

Lizard hears the arrival of The Daily Bugle

"I told you there'd be consequences!"
―Lizard to Spider-Man[src]

In an attempt to save them from their destined fates, Peter Parker and his aunt brought them in a F.E.A.S.T. truck to Happy Hogan's condominium to work on cures for their conditions, though Lizard believed the plan was doomed to failure and elected to stay outside in the truck.


Lizard attacks Spider-Man

When J. Jonah Jameson and his Daily Bugle crew arrived, Lizard observed from inside the truck and remarked how things were beginning to go wrong as he anticipated. After Green Goblin (Osborn's evil alter ego) attacked Spider-Man, allowing Electro and Sandman to escape, Lizard broke out of the truck, startling Jameson and the Department of Damage Control agents who were nearby. Lizard then jumped up onto the outside of the building and grabbed Spider-Man, stating that he warned him that there would be consequences. He then threw Spider-Man through a window towards Green Goblin before making his escape.[2]


Dinosaur Lizard tv spot

Lizard at the Statue of Liberty

"Hey, Dr. Connors."
"Hello, Peter."
Spider-Man and Lizard[src]

Hours later, Lizard, alongside Sandman and Electro, arrived at the Statue of Liberty to confront the Earth-199999 Spider-Man, who was joined by his and Electro's universes' Spider-Man, and the Earth-96283 Spider-Man (Goblin's, Octopus's and Sandman's universe's Spider-Man).

Lizard vs

Lizard grabs Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Lizard engaged in a fight against Spider-Man and proceeded to chase him up a construction crew's crane. During the fight, they knocked over the crane, which impeded Sandman in the process. Lizard was then pinned down by the fallen crane in the scaffolding, much to his irritation.

The final battle

Lizard participates in the Battle at the Statue of Liberty

Lizard recovered and joined Electro and Sandman in confronting the Spider-Men. After they charged at each other, Lizard was kicked by his Spider-Man and the two resumed their scuffle below. Lizard managed to pin him down; however, Spider-Man managed to fight back and trapped Lizard in his Synthetic Webbing.

Lizard & Amazing Spider-Man (2024)

Lizard reunites with his Peter Parker

As Lizard worked to break himself free, he heard Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones and looked up to the next level of scaffolding, seeing an Inter-Dimensional Portal opened. Knowing that they had the Macchina di Kadavus, Lizard tore himself free and jumped up onto the scaffolding. Lizard surprised them and jumped through the portal leading into Midtown School of Science and Technology and found himself in one of Midtown's laboratory rooms. He chased Leeds and Jones through the room, but was temporarily stopped when the Earth-199999 Spider-Man jumped into the portal and fought him.


Lizard chases Spider-Man

Lizard quickly tossed Spider-Man across the room, destroying lab tables and chairs in the process before following Leeds and Jones through another portal leaving Midtown. After nearly catching up with them again, Leeds opened another portal and a burst of water came through right into Lizard's path, causing him to be stalled. As the Earth-199999 Spider-Man returned and tried to hold Lizard at bay, Jones threw Lizard's cure in their direction. When Lizard rushed to bite Spider-Man, he held up the cure, causing Lizard to sink his teeth in it and was promptly hit by a gas cloud causing him to be knocked backwards.

Lizard cured eye

Lizard reverts back to Connors

The Earth-199999 Parker, Leeds, Jones, and the newly arrived Doctor Strange watched as Lizard was reverted to Connors, who looked around and became emotional due to the loss of his right arm and the weight of his actions slowly setting in. When Green Goblin arrived and attacked them, he planted a Pumpkin Bomb inside the Macchina. The bomb detonated, exploding the Macchina and freeing the unstable spell, which created a dimensional rift that caused the scaffolding of the Statue to collapse. Connors was saved by the Earth-96283 Spider-Man, and brought to safety on the ground.

Curt Connors returns to his universe

Connors returns to his timeline

He was later present when Osborn was cured of the Green Goblin persona. When Strange cast the spell to make everyone in that universe forget their Peter Parker, Connors, Dillon, Osborn, Otto Octavius (Octopus's real name, before he was turned into a villain), Flint Marko (Sandman's true name before he was turned into a villain) and and their respective Spider-Men were successfully sent back to their universes.[2]

Starting a New Life[]

As for the Sandman and the alternate version of Connors, it wasn't clear when they were taken either. However, as they were never killed fighting their Spider-Man, they most likely would've returned to their lives, albeit without their powers. If the alternate Connors was originally pulled from the time he was in the sewer, it is possible he does not go to prison because that event takes place before he tries turning everyone into Lizards. So, there is potentially a branched/alternate timeline in the Earth-120703 universe, in which the alternate Connors is not in prison after he is sent back to his universe.


"You know I can give you a real makeover"
"Let me guess. Into a Lizard?"
―Lizard and Electro[src]

One of Oscorp Industries's leading scientific minds, Curt Connors was a bright and ambitious scientist who attempted to engineer a revolutionary regeneration serum to help re-grow limbs and human tissue with a desire to help change mankind for the better. However, when pressured to come up with results, he elects to become the first human test subject. While initially it works; however, it quickly changes, and he mutates into a powerful man-lizard creature.

As Lizard, Connors is much more callous and ruthless than his normal form. Although he displays an animalistic cunning and viciousness, he still displays Connors' intelligence, albeit somewhat twisted, to create a new breed of beings to inherit the world. Lizard has shown to be stoic to those around him sometimes, rarely speaking unless directly spoken to. He was also very cynical and skeptical about the young Peter Parker's desire to cure the villains, refusing to go with the other villains inside Happy Hogan's apartment. Once things went wrong, Lizard wasted no time in mocking the young Parker and throwing him back into the apartment to fight Green Goblin.

Despite his stoic and ruthless characteristics, Lizard did show a kinder side, as seen when he complimented Max Dillion's new look and politely warned the young Parker that his intentions to help him and the rest of the villains would have consequences. Lizard even took the time to greet his native Spider-Man, even though he was fighting him. In addition, Lizard could not believe that the young Parker had someone like Michelle Jones for a girlfriend.

Powers & Abilities[]

Former Powers[]

"He turned himself into a lizard!"
  • Reptilian physiology: Much like his original counterpart, this version of Dr. Curtis Connors transformed his own physiology to alter resulting in him becoming a large lizard-like humanoid after injecting himself with a serum. This gave him superiority to humans in every physical and mental way, and also gave him new abilities he did not have as Curtis Connors.
    • Superhuman strength: The Lizard has remarkable superhuman strength, able to lift weight that no human ever could. The Lizard's physical might is so great, that he is obviously stronger than even Spider-Man himself.
    • Superhuman speed: He has shown the ability to travel at great speeds.
    • Superhuman endurance: The Lizard's skin, bone, and muscle tissue are denser and tougher than ordinary humans.
    • Superhuman acrobatics: In his Lizard form, Connors possess a level of agility superior to even the finest of human athletes.
    • Superhuman stamina: He can do intense physical activity for long periods of time without being fatigued.
    • Superhuman senses: The Lizard has superhuman acute senses.
    • Regenerating Healing Factor: This was the only power that Doctor Connors wanted. But when things went wrong, he still received Regeneration and all of its benefits. He can heal much quicker than even Spider-Man, and the true extent of his healing isn't known.
    • Claws: The Lizard's claws are extremely sharp and dangerous.


  • Genius Intellect: Connors has a genius-level intelligence and is a world renowned herpetologist.
  • Expert Combatant: Despite having no formal combat training, in his Lizard form, due to his powers that combined with his natural savagery, Connors caused himself to become a fierce hand to hand combatant.



  • In the comics, Curt Connors was a military surgeon who had his right arm amputated due to an injury. In an attempt to get his arm back, Connors tried to use a serum of lizard DNA to gain regeneration powers, but due to a failure, he was turned into a reptilian monster known as the Lizard.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, Lizard's right claw has four fingers instead of five, since his right hand was artificially regrown. This continuity detail was kept for Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • Prior to appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lizard and Sandman were the only two Spider-Man's rogues who survived the events of their respective films.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man, Lizard looked less reptilian and lacked a snout, but for Spider-Man: No Way Home, he was slightly redesigned with a slightly more reptilian face, lizard-like groves and a more pronounced snout.


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