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Lizard Rampage

The Lizard Rampage Pack is downloadable content (DLC), or an expansion pack, for the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. It allows players to take control of Curt Connors as the Lizard and rampage around the streets of Manhattan, New York.

The DLC was released on September 25th, 2012 in North America as a digital download on Steam and the PlayStation Store for $3.99 and on Xbox LIVE for 320 Microsoft points. It is scheduled to be released in Europe in later year.


"Become the Lizard: The notorious Lizard is on the loose again in Manhattan! Take control of Dr. Connors' terrifying alter-ego in a race against time. Rampage through the streets using your devastating stomp attack and tail swipe to defeat Oscorp Guards and earn mega points. Use your boost jump to bound great distances over the city. Destroy blast towers to buy yourself more time and delay Oscorp from releasing their cross-species containment blast across the city!" - DLC's description on Steam


  • A new playable character, Lizard.
  • A leaderboard that allows players to see other players' scores and compare them with theirs.
  • A bonus skin, Vigilante suit.


  • This downloadable content is very similar to the Rhino Challenge DLC, where the player races against time with the role of Rhino and rampages through the streets, wiping out various thugs and policemen.
  • This DLC allows the Vigilante suit to be unlocked once again and on consoles other than the PlayStation 3, when it was before unavailable to Xbox or PC players (and, at one time, PS3 players).
  • The Lizard is the third alternate playable character to be released in the The Amazing Spider-Man video game, with the first two being the Rhino and Stan Lee, in no particular order.
  • This, like most other DLCs, is obviously non-canon.


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