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Manhattan West pumping station is a water pumping station located in Manhattan. It appears in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


Vermin west pump st

Vermin in the west pumping station

During the cross-species plague, Spider-Man was to travel through the pumping station in search of a giant rat-like cross-species known as the Vermin in order to collect DNA samples from him to create a cure for the infection. As Spider-Man was searching, he came across multiple Infected humans he had to stop. When he finally caught up to Vermin, Alistaire Smythe's Sentry bots distracted Spider-Man, causing Vermin to escape.

Once the bots were taken care of, Spidey had to follow a trail of live rats terrorizing the streets of Manhattan in order to relocate the Vermin. When he did, he finally got his DNA sample and then the serum, but it eventually turned out to be the wrong one, causing Spider-Man to become furious at Dr. Curt Connors, the man behind the serum.


  • When Spider-Man is trying to find Vermin, he uses the same web-vibration technique that he used months before to find the Lizard in the sewers.