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"You have a gift. You have a power. And with great power, there must also come great responsibility."
―May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

Maybelle Reilly "May" Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker.


Spider-Man's Identity Exposed[]

"Is that...?"
"Is that– is that here?"
―May Parker and Happy Hogan[src]

May told Happy Hogan that their relationship was called off and that it was only a fling, leaving him distraught at the news. As May led Hogan out of the apartment, they heard a noise come from Peter Parker's bedroom. Parker told Hogan she would see about it, but Hogan insisted and beat her to the room.

They found Peter undressed standing with a girl in his room. Thinking that the two were about to have s*x, May closed the door and told them to practice it safely, only to realize that the girl next to him was his girlfriend Michelle Jones, and promptly greeted her. As May went into the living room, Peter told her that it wasn't what she thought and then demanded that she and Hogan explain their own relationship.

However, Jones told Peter to look at the television which broadcasted NY1 news which revealed his identity as Spider-Man and was airing footage of their apartment complex. Peter used his Web-Shooters to close the blinds and May asked if it was live footage. Peter then opened one of the blinds to show her the news helicopters that were surrounding the complex. The news continued stating that the United States Department of Damage Control would be leading the investigation and that Stark Industries was under controversy due to their drones being used in the Battle of London.

Damage Control Interrogation[]

May interrogated

May is interrogated by P. Cleary

"You should definitely lawyer up. Child endangerment's a nasty wrap. A boy was entrusted to you, and as his legal guardian, essentially his mother, you not only allowed him to endanger himself, but you actually encouraged it. Who does that?"
P. Cleary to May Parker[src]

Days later, May and Peter were sitting in the living room and watching the television when they heard a knock on their door. May went to answer it and was met by Agent P. Cleary and his agents who told her that Peter was under arrest. She told him that she knew her rights, as well as the Fourth Amendment. Despite this, Cleary went inside and took pictures of various items. He then took Peter in and brought him to the New York City Police Precinct. May was also asked to come to the Precinct and met with Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones who had been called in as well. As they passed Peter in one of the rooms, she and Jones told him not to say anything without a lawyer. When it was May's turn to be interrogated in the interrogation room, she told Cleary that they could not be there unless he had actual evidence against them. Cleary told her that she, having been entrusted by Peter's parents to raise him, had endangered Peter by encouraging him to take on vigilantism and questioned her judgment in doing so. He continued stating that she would definitely need a lawyer.

Meeting with Matt Murdock[]

"Thank you, Matt."
―May Parker to Matt Murdock[src]

After finding Peter a lawyer, May, Peter, and Hogan met with Matt Murdock at the apartment. Murdock told them that he was able to remove all criminal charges off of Peter, much to May's delight. However, he told them that there was still the court of public opinion and things would still be hard for Peter. He then told Hogan that he would be under investigation due to his role in Stark Industries. A brick was then thrown in through a window from a Mysterio supporter and May and Hogan ducked. Murdock caught it with one hand, shocking them at his superhuman agility. Following this, Parker stated they needed to find a safer place to live.

New Life[]

"Last one. MIT?!"
―May Parker and Peter Parker[src]
May Parker and Peter Parker (2024)

May moves to Happy Hogan's condo

Parker and Peter were offered to stay at Happy Hogan’s condominium on Long Island. After they arrived, a loud alarm system went off, and Parker managed to turn it off. They then met Dum-E who greeted them. Hogan gave his bedroom to Parker, as he slept on a recliner in the living room. When Peter started his senior year, Parker looked out for mail from colleges regarding applications. Each time there was a new one, she excitedly brought the letters to Peter.


Meeting Norman Osborn[]

"He's lost. And I don't mean just in the cosmos. I mean in his mind."
―May Parker[src]

That fall, Parker started helping out at F.E.A.S.T.. In November, she was informed by Peter about the universe-displaced people having entered their universe, much to her surprise that the Multiverse was real. When a homeless man named Norman Osborn came inside the shelter, Parker deduced that he was one of the universe-displaced people that Peter told her about. She brought Osborn to the kitchen as she gave him some clothes to hide the green armor that he was wearing along with a box of donuts and coffee. After calling Peter to come to F.E.A.S.T., Parker sat with Osborn and talked with him while they waited for her nephew to arrive.

Peter Parker meets Norman Osborn

May and Norman talking to Peter

When Peter arrived, Parker introduce Osborn, who looked at her and the young teenager in confusion, to her nephew and explained to him that the latter wandered into the building. After hearing Osborn's problem, Parker told Peter that the latter was mentally ill in the mind. Hearing that the other universe displaced people also had their own mental and physical issues, Parker encouraged Peter to help them as they had the means to do so, rather than send them off to their universes. However, Parker was bummed that Peter wanted to send them back as he believed that Doctor Strange knew best and they weren't his responsibility. Although, Parker accepted Peter's request to help clean his upgraded suit.

She removed the paint, much to his gratitude. Afterwards, May drove Osborn and Peter to the New York Sanctum and dropped them off.

Helping Multiversal Visitors[]

"I got it. I did it, I did it! Uh, will you send him up?"
"Yep, here we go! Hold on, Doc."
Spider-Man and May Parker[src]

Later, after Peter changed his mind about helping the universes displaced people, Parker returned to the Sanctum as she picked up her nephew, Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro with the F.E.A.S.T. truck. She brought them to Hogan's condominium and let them inside, but only Osborn, Doctor Octopus, Marko and Dillon decided to come up as Connors told her that he wanted to stay in the truck.

Doctor Octopus and May Parker

While her nephew prepared Doctor Octopus's cure, she asked him if he wanted freshwater or saltwater to drink, as she thought he was part octopus. When he acted confused, she changed the subject. Shortly, her nephew finished the Neural Inhibitor Chip and placed it in Doctor Octopus. May watched as he was healed and became proud of her nephew, as Doctor Octavius placed the nanites back on the Spider-Man Suit. Afterwards, May went upstairs.

Her nephew then suddenly called out for her and she came downstairs, asking him what was wrong. She realized that he had sensed something with his Spider-Sense and witnessed the Green Goblin persona come out. She then ran in and grabbed a device, just as her nephew told her to run.

Escape from Spider-Man[]

"I saw how she trapped you, fighting her holy moral mission. We don't need you to save us. We don't need to be fixed!"
Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]
May runs

May runs to save her nephew

May ran out to the elevators. However, when Electro used his powers to shut off the electricity within the building, the elevators stopped working and the lights flickered, before going out. Thus, May was forced to take the stairs. She ran as fast as she could. When she made it to the lobby, she saw the Green Goblin attacking her nephew. She ran to the Goblin and punctured him with the antidote and ran in front of the entrance. The Goblin laughed and grabbed her nephew, threatening him, as May glared back, ready to defend her nephew. Before she could, the Goblin Glider soared into the entrance and stabbed May in the side, causing her to fall. As she lay injured, the Goblin deployed two Pumpkin Bombs before leaving, causing mass destruction with the entrance hangar crumbling to the ground.


"I just... need to catch my breath."
"I'm right here. You're okay. It's just me and you."
―May Parker and Peter Parker[src]

After being hit, May collapsed onto the ground. Peter Parker found her and hugged her. May struggled to stand up and walk away, eventually falling onto the ground. As Peter knelt down to comfort her, she told him "You have a gift... And with great power there must also come great responsibility". She then told Peter that she needed to catch her breath. Peter noticed that he had her blood on his hand and immediately realized she was in fatal condition.

He called out to the United States Department of Damage Control agents outside to get an ambulance but it was too late and he tearfully broke down when Parker passed, her body shedding one last tear as he was forced to flee when DODC agents fired on him.


"When you help someone, you help everyone."
―May Parker's epitaph

In December 2024, one month following the Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis and May Parker's demise, her surviving nephew Peter--now with his secret identity completely restored as the world has forgotten his civilian persona, visits her grave to pay tribute. Whilst there, he is joined by another friend of May's, Happy Hogan, who is likewise completely oblivious to ever associating with Peter Parker, simply being introduced to him as someone who similarly knew May through Spider-Man. Hogan recounts to Peter events that led him to losing another friend of his sometime prior, and how May's death carried a similar significance to him. He pondered that remembering what a person like May stood for may never be preserved again now that she had passed on.

Peter, remembering May's contributions to New York's community through her work at F.E.A.S.T. and her selfless acts as an individual, reassures Happy that everyone who was helped by her would continue her work, indirectly alluding to Peter himself experiencing an epiphany to become a more responsible and self-sufficient hero in an effort to honor his aunt's dying words.

May's grave

May Parker's grave

Sometime after parting ways with Hogan, Parker would move into an apartment and begin respecting May's wishes by loaning a GED (General Educational Development) textbook to complete his lost secondary academics in addition to buying a sewing machine, creating a new Spider-Man Suit from scratch as he would resume his efforts as an independent vigilante, exiting his apartment through the window one night in response to being notified of an incident through police communications. As he swung past the Rockefeller Center, he would reassert his personal vow to uphold May's mantra of "with great power, there must also come great responsibility".


"When you help someone, you help everyone."
―May Parker's epitaph




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