Mendel Stromm was a former chemist at Oscorp Industries and was featured in the game The Amazing Spider-Man. He presumably died after being infected from the cross-species virus and being detected as a cross-species by and attacked by an S-Bot of Dr. Alistaire Smythe's.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mendel Stromm was one of the few Oscorp scientists to have a personal relationship with Norman Osborn. To what degree, he never told anyone, but some suspected him of actually being a spy for Osborn. Though formerly officially identified as an Oscorp chemist, Stromm had developed a reputation for getting his hands on projects extending beyond his area of expertise, a practice that has only furthered some colleagues' suspicions relating to his true intentions. Before his disappearance, Stromm took a particular interest in Alistaire Smythe's work in robotics, while also contributing to the team of scientists that created the cross-species creature known as Nattie (a name he coined himself).

Despite his possible ulterior motives in the eyes of some, Stromm proves quite likeable and easy to talk to in the eyes of most of his colleagues. No one can refute the extra effort he puts forth to mentor and educate Oscorp's young interns, such as Gwen Stacy. As one of the Oscorp employees infected with the cross-species virus, Stromm suffered in quarantine with the other victims. Everyone, including Gwen, was horrified to see him attacked and carried off by robots created by Smythe. They all presume him dead, but a body has yet to be found.

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