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"If you expect disappointment, then you can never really get disappointed."
―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker[src]

Michelle Jones-Watson, commonly referred to as MJ, is a former student at Midtown School of Science and Technology, and soon-to-be student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With Parker's identity exposed, he and Jones tried to resume their normal lives, but this was thrown into jeopardy when Parker sought the help of Doctor Strange to make the world forget his identity as Spider-Man. This resulted in spell, visitors from other universes being sent to Jones'; she and Ned Leeds worked with Parker to track down and capture the rogue visitors, but then went against Doctor Strange in order to try and redeem the visitors instead of sending them to their deaths. Ultimately, the majority of the visitors would betray Jones and her friends, who then encountered other versions of Parker from alternate universes. Jones and her allies successfully sent the visitors back to their home universes, but instabilities in spacetime caused by Doctor Strange's spell meant that Jones tragically had to forget her entire history with Parker. The two shared a kiss before Jones' memories were erased, resuming her life with a new acceptance into MIT.


Early Life[]

Growing Up in New York[]

Michelle Jones-Watson was born on June 10, 2001 in New York City. Jones also came to dislike being called by her last name, "Watson."

Escape from the Public[]

Peter Parker (MCU)

Jones escapes with Parker

―Michelle Jones to Spider-Man[src]

Immediately, people who were next to Jones asked her if she was Spider-Man's girlfriend. Parker leaped down from the light post and rushed to Jones. As he did, the crowd increased and people began to push him, causing him to stumble into Jones. Jones grabbed onto him and Parker pushed his way out of the mass crowd to swing away.

Spider-Man & Michelle Jones

Jones being scared of heights

Jones held onto Parker as they swung through Times Square. Jones, who was scared and upset about swinging again, put her hands over Parker's face, accidentally causing him to not see. He told her and she apologized. She then asked where they were going and he suggested her house, but she said her father would be upset to see him, now that his identity had been exposed. Instead, Parker and Jones landed on Queensboro Bridge. As Jones tried to remain calm and keep her balance, Parker answered a face-time call from Ned Leeds. However, as Jones became fearful of the heights, she called out to Parker, cutting his call short as he tended to her.

Best Sandwiches in Queens

Jones escaping from the public

Parker then told her to hang on and leaped down off the bridge into a subway station below. As he swung through the station, they narrowly missed colliding into a train, much to Jones' horror. Parker took them into the sewer tunnel and helped Jones up through a sewer hole in the street in front of Delmar's Deli-Grocery. Parker then swung Jones to his apartment and opened his bedroom window to sneak inside.

Peter and Jones

Jones having privacy with Peter Parker

In doing so, they made noise, which caused Happy Hogan to open the bedroom door to find Parker undressed and Jones looking embarrassed. May Parker then rushed inside, only to close the door, and reopen it to introduce herself to Jones, who greeted her. As Parker got dressed, Jones followed him out of his room. A neighbor popped his head inside through the open front door and asked if it was true that Parker was Spider-Man, but Jones told him now wasn't a good time and closed the door.nShe then joined them in the living room and as Parker demanded an explanation for May and Hogan's relationship, Jones alerted Parker to the television which had NY1 on breaking the news of his identity. When May asked if the building on television was theirs, Parker opened a blind to reveal that the WLGJ helicopters had stationed outside. Following this, Jones left Parker's apartment and returned to her home.[1]

Interrogated by Damage Control[]

"I want a lawyer."
―Michelle Jones to P. Cleary[src]

Days later, Jones, along with May and Leeds, were taken by the Department of Damage Control to an NYPD precinct. As they were being escorted in, they passed Parker, and so Jones and May both told him to not answer any questions without a lawyer. Jones was brought into the interrogation room first and was interrogated by Agent P. Cleary. She told him that she was highly aware of his tactics and knew her rights, what she could say, opting to wait for a lawyer, as she knew very well how Cleary could easily manipulate her statements otherwise. Cleary tried to get the statement of Jones, asking her why she would get involved romantically with a vigilante like Parker to risk her future, but failed as the strong willed Jones told him nothing.[1]

Video Call with Parker[]

The night before their senior year started, Parker video-called Jones, where they both discussed about their applications to their preferred institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While Parker was hopeful that they could get into the institute, Jones wasn't sure about it saying that they would have to earn scholarships so that they could get in, but Parker tried to make her feel better by saying that she has all the scores, all the grades, and basically everything needed to get into M.I.T, making Jones wonder whether or not he thought she was pragmatic. Much to her happiness, Parker said while she was indeed pragmatic, that was one of the best things about her, making her wonder what his other favorite things were, which led to the duo joking around about her "relentless optimism", how she loved people, and Jones' "love for sports." After hearing a unique noise for a while, Jones discovered that the noise came from Happy Hogan, who decided to sleep with his CPAP machine and the one who moved into the living room of his condominium.

After some reluctance, Jones asked Parker whether he was ever relieved about not having to lie to anyone anymore about his dual life, feeling as though it made thing less complicated. Parker replied to Jones that ever since he got bitten by that radioactive spider, that he only had one week where he felt normal was when she and everyone whom he wanted to know about knew he was Spider-Man which was his aunt, her, and Ned. Parker continued that everyone finding out his true identity ruined that for him, joking around how despite he was currently the most famous person in the entire world, he is still broke. Then, Jones told him that she was excited to see him tomorrow, with Parker replying he felt the same. However, their special moments were ruined by Hogan who told them to wrap it up as he was trying to sleep, telling them he needed his eight hours of sleep, much to Jones and Parker's mutual shock as they learned he had been listening the whole time. As Parker was getting scolded by Hogan, Jones greeted Hogan, before the duo ended the call, to meet each other for their next day for senior year.[1]

Back for Senior Year[]

Jones and Parker

Jones and Parker share a moment together

The next day, Jones returned to Midtown School of Science and Technology. She met up with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds outside and walked together towards the building, and they were joined by Flash Thompson. As they approached the building, crowds of pro-Mysterio supporters and pro-Spider-Man supporters were gathered on each side of the sidewalk, with NYPD officers doing crowd control. One protestor was in support of Jones and called out to her. When they made it to the entrance, an officer separated her and Leeds from Parker and they were escorted in afterwards. At the end of the school day, Jones met with Parker on the school's rooftop and read a local newspaper detailing propaganda about Parker and his friends. As they enjoyed the time alone, they were soon joined by Leeds, who discussed Massachusetts Institute of Technology with them and the proposal of them living together in Boston. Jones agreed with them that they deserved a new start.[1]

College Admissions[]

Jones, needing some income, applied to and started working at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. When she, Ned Leeds, and Peter Parker had received their letters in the mail from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they met at the shop and opened the letters together. However, their excitement left them as they saw they had been rejected due to the recent controversy surrounding Parker. They were met by Flash Thompson, who walked in excitedly informing them he had been accepted and then asked why they were rejected. Jones ripped up her letter and was called back into work, while Leeds and Parker left.[1]

Multiversal Crisis[]

Locating Multiversal Men[]

NWH PROMOTIONAL Image Jones, Parker, Leeds

Jones with Parker and Leeds

Later that day, Jones and Ned Leeds were found by Doctor Strange and brought to the New York Sanctum where they met with Peter Parker. Strange told them that Parker had tampered with a spell causing universe-displaced people, within the Multiverse, who were aware of his identity to arrive in their universe. Parker apologized but Jones told him not to and was then told by Strange, who was impatient with them, to get started on fixing the problem. He sent them to work in the Sanctum's undercroft, in which only Leeds seemed excited about. Jones told Parker that next time he would decide to act on something huge to include them for insight. She, Parker, and Leeds then began to work on Leeds' laptop, until they were interrupted by Doctor Octopus, a universe-displaced man with cyborg legs, who was inside the holding cell. They laughed at his name, which infuriated him, but he still went on to tell them that they were chasing ghosts as Norman Osborn had died in his universe. Shortly, Leeds tracked down a flying anomaly noted outside the city by a military institution and Jones worked with him while Parker left to investigate.


Jones talking to Spider-Man with a phone on his suit

Jones and Leeds remained in touch with Parker via video call and tried to help him using Leeds' laptop, but once Parker came across Electro, they lost communication due to Electro's electricity powers. However, soon, Electro and Sandman appeared in holding cells in the undercroft, as well as a tree that had accidentally been brought with them. Jones then received a phone call from Parker, who told her that he was going to stay behind to fix the power lines. Jones and Leeds stayed the night at the undercroft. The next day, Parker returned bringing Norman Osborn with him. Strange then appeared and prepared to conjure the spell, but Parker stopped him and stole the Macchina di Kadavus. Moments later, he returned through an Inter-Dimensional Portal and explained he had been inside a mirror place. He then tasked Jones with keeping the Macchina safe and told her to press the button if need be. Parker then gave Leeds Strange's Sling Ring, and Jones and Leeds left the Sanctum.

The next day, Parker returned bringing Norman Osborn with him. Strange then appeared and prepared to conjure the spell, but Parker stopped him and stole the Macchina di Kadavus. Moments later, he returned through an Inter-Dimensional Portal and explained he had been inside a mirror place. He then tasked Jones with keeping the Macchina safe and told her to press the button if need be. Parker then gave Leeds Strange's Sling Ring, and Jones and Leeds left the Sanctum.[1]

Meeting Multiversal Spider-Men[]

Michelle Jones meets Amazing Spider-Man

Jones meets and confronts Amazing Spider-Man

Later, Jones went to Leeds' house and waited for the message of Parker. They turned the television on and saw news reports about the destruction at a condominium, both knowing that Parker had been there and worried for his safety. Jones told Leeds she was going to push the button on the Macchina to activate it, but just before she did it, Leeds waved his arms in the air, stating he wanted to see Parker and have his opinion on the matter. Much to their shock, a spark of magic flickered in the air before them and Jones asked Leeds to repeat what he just did. Upon her instructions, Leeds conjured an Inter-Dimensional Portal using the Sling Ring. To their excitement, they saw what appeared to be Spider-Man walking around in an alleyway. They called out to him and when he jumped through, they saw that he was another Spider-Man who was Peter Parker. Startled and confused by this, Leeds and Jones asked who he was. Leeds started to bring up the spell, and Jones stopped him from saying too much, before the Amazing Spider-Man deduced that his studies on multidimensional travel was real. Feeling suspicious, Jones threw bread at Amazing Spider-Man who replied that his Spider-Sense would not work when something harmless like bread would attack him, calling Jones a mistrusting person. Nevertheless, Amazing Spider-Man proved himself to be one as he climbed around the walls of Leeds' house to clean up the cobwebs. Jones told Leeds to try again and this time, another Spider-Man walked through. When Leeds had asked if he was another Spider-Man and why he did not tell them that, in which he replied he kept his identity anonymous. After the two Spider-Men used their webbing on each other, they told Jones and Leeds where they went when they needed alone time, thinking that that was what Parker was doing after the attack he had faced. Through their words, Jones then figured out where Parker was most likely.[1]

Supporting Spider-Man[]


Jones comforts Peter Parker

Jones and Leeds took the alternate Spider-Men to Midtown School of Science and Technology and went to the rooftop where they found Parker, crying and alone. They realized his aunt had died and comforted him, by hugging him. Jones then introduced him to his alternate counterparts, who jumped down to meet him. Jones listened as Parker interacted with them, eventually agreeing to help the universe-displaced as planned. Jones and Leeds went with Parker and his counterparts into one of Midtown's laboratory rooms and watched as they concocted cures for the universe-displaced. When Jones noticed that Parker was anxious, she comforted him and told him that they were in this together. When the cures had been made, Jones joined the group at a table and listened as they made the plan. She then witnessed when the older Parker produced organic webbing, much to their shock.[1]

Battle at Liberty Island[]

Jones and Leeds were tasked with staying at Midtown's chemistry classroom to wait for Parker to hand them the Macchina di Kadavus. Leeds used the Sling Ring to conjure an Inter-Dimensional Portal to the Statue of Liberty and Parker handed Jones the Macchina. However, Leeds was unable to close the portal, much to Jones' concern. She tried to give him advice, telling him to keep trying and asked why he could not close it. Leeds made several attempts; much was not successful. Their voices carried throughout the Statue, making Lizard aware of them. Lizard then leaped up onto the scaffolding and ran at them, wanting the Macchina. Jones and Leeds then ran away into the laboratory, with Lizard in pursuit, destroying the laboratory in the process. Parker caught up to Lizard in an effort to stop him, but Lizard got away from him and continued to chase Jones and Leeds through another portal. As they ran on the Statue's scaffolding, Leeds opened another portal, sending water rushing through into Lizard.

Jones falling

Jones falls of from the scaffolding

Jones found the cure and tossed it to Parker who was then able to give Lizard the cure and he reverted back to Curt Connors. Leeds then opened another portal and Doctor Strange walked through surprising them. Jones then gave the Macchina to Strange while Strange took back his Sling Ring. Jones and Leeds went to another level of scaffolding to wait while Electro and Sandman were cured. Shortly, Jones and Leeds then witnessed Green Goblin's arrival. When the Goblin seized the Macchina, he planted a pumpkin bomb inside it. When Strange reclaimed it, the bomb detonated and released the unstable spell, causing a multiversal tremor. The Statue's scaffolding fell and Jones and Leeds both lost their balance and fell. Jones was almost saved by Parker, but he was stopped by Goblin, who took him away on his glider. Jones watched in horror as she continued to fall but was rescued by Amazing Spider-Man.

MJ (2024)

Jones is saved by Peter Parker

When he brought her safely to the ground, he asked if she was okay, and when she saw him become emotional, she asked him the same. Jones then met with Leeds and hugged him. Parker called out to them to make sure they were okay in which they nodded at him. They then watched in horror as he confronted the Goblin on the fallen statue of Captain America's Shield, nearly killing him. They watched as Parker was stopped by his older counterpart and gave the Goblin the cure.[1]

A Forgotten Love[]

Afterwards, Jones reunited with Parker and was devastated to learn that the only way to stop the infinite amount of people in the Multiverse from arriving was for Strange to finish the spell that would cause everyone in there universe forget that Parker ever existed. She tried to protest, but he said it was the only way and he came by to share one more moment with her and Leeds. The three shared an emotional embrace one last time and Jones told Parker she loved him; right before Parker could say the same, she told him to save it for her once they reunited again. Parker shared one more look with Jones before he swung away; Jones tearfully watched him leave before the spell took effect, erasing Parker from her memories.[1]

College Bound[]

Awkward Customer Service[]

"I don't really get excited about things, I kind of expect disappointment."
―Michelle Jones to Peter Parker[src]

Jones continued working at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop and was accepted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, along with Ned Leeds. Weeks later, a young man came inside the shop. Jones smiled and waved at Leeds, who entered behind the young man. After she greeted Leeds, she asked the young man what he would like at the counter. He introduced himself suddenly as Peter Parker and after a pause, ordered a coffee, albeit awkwardly. Before making the coffee, Jones gave Leeds a doughnut as a congratulations on getting accepted to MIT and expressed excitement over it, with Leeds teasing Jones about her school spirit, to which she said if he told anyone she would simply deny it. Jones proceeded on making the coffee and called Parker's name, which she had to repeat two times to get his attention. After giving Parker the coffee, he asked Jones if she was excited for MIT, with her replying she was, which she admitted was weird for her because she is not usually excited for things because if she always expects disappointment, she will never be disappointed, with Parker finishing her sentence, leaving her a little stunned.

As Jones and Parker exchanged a smile at each other, Parker grabbed his coffee but noticed Jones' band-aid on her forehead and asked if she was okay, gesturing to his own forehead. Jones shrugged it off, remembering the recent event, and said that it didn't really hurt anymore. Jones then asked Parker if there was anything else she could help him with, as he replied "no" with a bittersweet smile and was on the edge of becoming emotional. Parker thanked Jones for the coffee and walked out, but as he did, Jones watched after him, as she contemplated if he seemed familiar to her.[1]

High School Graduation[]

In the following June, Jones was among the students who graduated from Midtown School of Science and Technology as the graduating class of 2025. (Spider-Man: No Way Home Fun Stuff)




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