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"Everyone keeps telling me how my story is supposed to go. Nah... I'ma do my own thing. Sorry, man, I'm going home. "
―Miles Morales to Spider-Man 2099 (theatrical release version only)[src]

Miles Gonzalo Morales is a Brooklyn Visions Academy Student from Earth-1610 who was bitten by a radioactive spider from E-42, gained spider-like abilities, taking the mantle of Spider-Man. During 2020, Miles Morales encountered Jonathan Ohnn, a scientist who was affected by the super-collider's explosion. Ohnn started to gain the ability to travel between the alternate dimensions, threatening to take everything he loves. Finding out that his father was about to die, and also not being allowed to stop it, resulted in a chase with the Spider-Society. Miles decided to save his dad and used the Go-Home-Machine to return into his home reality, only to end up in his spider DNA's home universe instead.


Early Life[]

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Continuing Crime-Fighting[]

Miles operated as Spider-Man for the next year and four months, during which he caught all sorts of bad guys, guest-hosted Jeopardy! and had to make public apologies for endorsing baby powder and attempting to grow a moustache over his mask. He was however stretched thin, causing him to mess several classes and his grades to suffer as the result. Miles missed his Spider-friends, especially Gwen, which he expressed in art both on the walls in graffiti and in his notebooks.[4]

Jonathan Ohnn's Campaign[]

Battling the Spot[]

So are you like a cow or dalmation

Spider-Man meets the Spot

"I created you. You created me."
"Spider-Man, why'd you create that guy?"
"I didn't! He's talking crazy."
Spot, Jefferson Davis and Spider-Man[src]

One year and four months later, Miles came across a bodega robbery by a new villains who called himself the Spot. Miles couldn't listen as he was being late for a review meeting at the school that his father kept texting him about. Miles paid more attention to his phone than Spot, to the latter's great frustration, but neither could Miles catch him due to Spot's sporadic teleportation abilities. The two battled across the city until Miles restrained Spot in a web and rushed back to Brooklyn Visions.

Why did you create that guy

Spider-Man learns about Spot's origins

Along his way he told Ganke to inform the police about where the captured bad guy was held, only for Ganke to completely ingore his request. Arriving at the meeting, Miles was was berated by his parents for his bad Spanish grades and missing classes. When the topic came to college, Ms. Weber revealed that Miles wished to attend Princeton University. Rio disagreed, and Miles had to convince his parents to let him follow his dreams. However, he then saw that Spot managed to get out of his web and, quickly apologizing, had to rush back outside.

Changing back into his Spider-Man's Suit, Miles engaged Spot once again, just as his father had rushed outside has well, having received a call on the supervillain disturbance. Jefferson was caught in their fight, which took them to former Fisk Tower where construction work was done at the supercollider wreckage; Jeff nearly fell to his death but was saved by Spider-Man just in time. Spot revealed that he was the reason behind Spider-Man's powers, having brought the Radioactive Spider that bit him over from another reality, and that Spider-Man had created him in turn when he blew up Kingpin's supercollider. Spot then lunged as Spider-Man, but due to instability of his own powers ended up kicking himself and falling into one his portals. With the bad guy gone, Miles had a talk with his father in his identity as Spider-Man.[4]

Late for a Party  []

In the evening, the Morales had a rooftop party to celebrate Jeff's promotion, for which Miles was again late. Running out of web after grabbing the party cake, he had to ride city transport but was distracted by Armadillo and a pizza robber.[4]

When Miles finally showed up at his father's party, Jeff and Rio questioned him about his disappearances and after receiving no explanation grounded him for two months.

Getting a Visit from Gwen[]

Gwen In E-1610

Miles reunites with Gwen

"Miles! Miles! Miles! You got a minute?"
"Whoa. Gwen, how did you... how did you... how did you get... how've you been?"
Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales[src]

Miles went back to his room, where to his surprise Gwen popped out of a dimensional portal and hugged him as soon as she could. She then invited him out, and despite Miles being grounded the two went on swinging around the city. Gwen told Miles about joining the Spider-Society and her new friends and adventures with them, but was unable to tell why he could not join.

ATSV Empire Still (1)

Miles and Gwen

Miles eventually took Gwen to his favorite spot at the Williamsburgh Bank Building, where the two shared a tender moment. Gwen called Miles her only friend, but as he tried to make a move on her, she revealed that for other Gwen Stacys in the Multiverse dating Spider-Man had never ended well.[4]

Following Gwen[]

They then went to the party at the rooftop of Miles' house, where Gwen was introduced to Jeff and Rio. Her Dimensional Travel Watch send an alert, and Gwen rushed to leave, saying an awkward goodbye to Miles. Rio send Jeff away and had a personal talk with Miles, telling him to stand up for himself in the big fancy places he was going to and encourage him to follow the girl. Miles promised to return home with a cake and swung after Gwen, but went into stealth mode upon noticing her entering a police-surrounded building. He followed her to what turned out to be Spot'a apartment, as Gwen reviewed her tracker's footage and learned that Spot harnessed enough energy to jump into another reality. Jessica Drew appeared as a hologram and pressed Gwen into confessing that she went to see Miles, which she promised to never do again, to Miles' shock. LYLA tracked Spot to Earth-50101 and Jess ordered Gwen went there to fix things. Gwen said goodbye to Miles and went into the portal, not knowing that he followed her.

Miles First Look ATSV

Miles in Mumbattan

Miles arrived on Earth-50101 and immediately started glitching without a Dimensional Travel Watch to stabilize him. He announced himself to Gwen, who didn't liked being followed and said that she never should have come to see him. They met Pavitr who instantly sensed romantic tension between the two, and the three Spiders engaged Spot together. Spot had leveled up his game and was more than a match for all three of them and soon located this reality's Alchemax, where he went inside to commandeer their supercollider and locked himself behind the force field. Gwen, Pavitr and Miles were unable to break through, but Miles used his powers to weaken the field until Hobie Brown arrived to reinforce them and used the power of rock to break the shield. Gwen introduced Hobie and Miles, but the four of them were unable to stop the Spot from jumping into the supercollider.

Miles (Spider-Man)

Spider-Man trying to save Inspector Singh

Emerging far more powerful, Spot taunted Miles and departed Earth-50101, just as the explosion of the supercollider caused the section of the Alchemax Building to collapse onto the streets. The Spiders jumped in, with Pavitr and Miles clearing the civilians while Hobie and Gwen were trying to slow the falling debris. Seeing Inspector Singh in danger, Miles jumped to save him despite Gwen telling him that it as too dangerous. The entire crowd applauded the four Spider-People, and Gwen admitted to Miles that she found him amazing, when a dimensional rift began to grow underneath them. Jess Drew arrived with a team of Spiders to contain it and ordered everyone except Pavitr to report to the HQ.[4]


Arguing about the Canon Events[]

Miles, Gwen and Hobie traveled to Spider Society HQ on Earth-928, and Gwen showed Miles around, while Jess gave him a day pass to stop him from glitching. They got to the office of Miguel O'Hara, who erupted in anger at both of them. Peter B. Parker then arrived and had a warm reunion with Miles, introducing him to his daughter Mayday.

Gwen miles

Miles meets Miguel O'Hara

To explain to Miles what he had done, Miguel had LYLA show a holographic presentation explaining the Multiverse, the Web of Life and Destiny and Canon Events, revealing that deaths of Police Captain Stacy or similar figures could not be avoided without threatening the fabric of reality. Miles realized that his father was about to become Captain, and Miguel confirmed that Jeff was about to die in two days at Spot's hand and that Miles was not allowed to save him.[4]

Running from the Spider-Society[]

Miles Hands

Miles prepares to run from the Spider-Society

"My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a Radioactive spider, and I'm pretty sure you know the rest, jerk!"
―Miles Morales to Miguel O'Hara[src]

Peter and Gwen tried to talk to Miles, but Miguel simply trapped him in a force cage. Miles used Hobie's advice to break out and went on the run, with the entire Spider-Society chasing after him. When he jumped outside of the building, Gwen caught Miles by a web strand, but he angrily tore it apart. Peter caught up with Miles and tried to get through to him again, getting him to hold Mayday whom Peter only had after being inspired by Miles. Miles went on the run again, but eventually Miguel caught up with him and revealed the truth about Miles' status as the original Anomaly who was never supposed to be Spider-Man.

Miles (2019)

Miles escapes from Miguel O'Hara

Learning that Peter, Gwen and the others had all known about it shattered Miles' faith in them. Miles than revealed that his plan was to drive the Spider Society away from the headquarters, just as Miguel ordered them. After saying goodbye to Gwen, Miles escaped by venom-blasting Miguel and instantly went invisible.[4]

Arrival at Earth-42[]

"Who are you?"
"I'm Miles Morales, but you can call me... the Prowler."
―Miles Morales and Miles Morales[src]

He snuck back into the HQ and and used the Spider-Society's Go Home Machine to transport himself back to his home dimension. Unfortunately, it locked onto his spider's DNA instead of his own and sent Miles to Earth-42 instead.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 090426

Miles in Earth-42

Miles emerged on a world similar to his and rushed back home, where he now had enough strength to reveal his secret identity to his mother. But Rio had no idea who Spider-Man was and once he started glitching again, Miles realized that he was trapped in the wrong reality. Uncle Aaron showed up alive and well, and Miles embraced him in a hug, telling him how much he had missed him. Aaron initially assumed Miles to be his local self and told his nephew to follow him, but quickly realized something was wrong about him. As they got on the room, Miles realized with horror that his father was dead in this reality before being knocked out. He awoke tied up in Uncle Aaron's apartment and tried to talk to him, explaining who he was.

Miles Infobox Profile

Morales' eyes were in horror after seeing his alternate self had became the Prowler.

Aaron barely said anything besides revealing that he was not the Prowler of this reality. Miles then noticed the Prowler who had been watching them this whole time before approaching Miles and asking about his father. When Miles asked to know who the Prowler was, he removed his mask to reveal his own face back at him. Miles begged his counterpart to let him go, saying that his father would die otherwise. The other Miles saw no reason for him to do that and pressed his Prowler glove against Miles' head to threaten him.[4]


"I just don't want him to mess it up."
"Maybe get off the kid's ass."
Jefferson Davis and Spider-Man[src]


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Miles Morales is friendly, humorous, stubborn, and awkward, with a desire to help others and make them happy. Becoming Spider-Man may have made him even more stubborn, leading Miles to jeopardize the safety of the entire multiverse to save his father's life.

Powers and Abilities[]

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