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"If I don't get home. Our dad is going to die."
"Your dad."
Spider-Man and Prowler[src]

Miles Morales is a vigilante in his universe known as the Prowler.


Becoming Prowler[]

E-42 Miles

Miles in class when the spider is teleported to another universe

Miles G. Morales was born to police officer Jeff Morales and Rio Morales in Brooklyn, New York on Earth-42. It seems he was meant to be bitten by a radioactive spider that would've turned him into the superhero "Spider-Man", but the spider was teleported to Earth-1610B by Liv Octavius and Johnathon Ohnn during their particle collider experiments. Instead, the Miles Morales of that dimension was bitten and became Spider-Man, sparking off a chain of interdimensional anomalies and leaving Earth-42 without a Spider-Man to protect it.

At some point, Jeff died after being promoted to captain, and Miles was left to be raised by Rio and his uncle, Aaron Davis. Miles grew cold and bitter, becoming a skilled fighter and taking on a life of crime with Aaron. He donned a powerful suit of armor and became the criminal known as "The Prowler", gaining infamy across New York City.[1]

Confronting Spider-Man[]

Miles (Prowler)

Prowler confronts Miles Morales

"I'm Miles Morales. But you... you can call me the Prowler."
―Prowler to Spider-Man[src]

In 2019, after a battle with the Spider Society, the Miles who became Spider-Man was accidentally transported to Earth-42 after trying to return to his home dimension. Once he realized he wasn't home, he pretended to be the Earth-42 Miles to try and blend in, but Aaron and the Prowler saw through it and captured him. Spider-Man explained about the radioactive spider, and that he needed to save his father, but the Prowler didn't seem to care, instead threatening Spider-Man's life.[1]


"Your father.... you said he's still alive."

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Powers and Abilities[]


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