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Mr Negative is a comic book villain referenced in a photo mission given to you by Whitney Chang in The Amazing Spider-Man (video game).

References in games[]

In the first Amazing Spider-Man video game Mr Negative is referenced during a photo investigation that takes place outside of a homeless shelter called F.E.A.S.T where you must take photos of: a "negatively" charged telephone box, bench and writing on a wall that reads "I was never born so I am ever living!". At the end of the report it is then mentioned in the news article that "the public have agreed on one name for the mysterious figure: Mr Negative".

Mr Negative is also mentioned in two Photo missions in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Video Game) when you take a photos of Detective Jean DeWolff's research into recent major criminal activity. After taking the photo you recieve an Audio Evidence, of Jean DeWolff speaking of her investigation into the subject, the audio evidence says: "Mr Negative controls Chinatown, we've got plenty of eye witnesses to his crimes. We could convict him easily... if we could ever find him. His weird appearance and incredible strength clearly show superhuman power... and make him hard to ID. He's like a negative image on a photograph, his face always in shadow. I don't know what kind of energy he controls, but we need to find a way to stop it." There is also another point in the game where you do a photo mission of another of one of Jean's crime evidence in another location in New York, where you unlock anther audio evidence that says: " Negative's men show a unusual level of loyalty. It might just be that he pays them well, and he can charge up their weapons with negative energy to make them extra effective. But I'm starting to think Mr Negative might actually have some kind of menatl control over his people. If thats true, and we can find a way to break it, that'll be our key to prosecuting him."


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