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The NYPD helicopter is a helicopter owned and used by the New York Police Department.

Film Appearances[]

It first appears parked presumably atop the roof of the New York Police Department head quarters. George Stacy alongside another cop/pilot climb inside in a rush to get across the city and stop the Lizard, before entering the vehicle he says "I want that spider guy off the streets." Talking to fellow police officers giving them the order to stop Spider-Man if they cross paths, which they do. When Spider-Man is seen making his way to Oscorp in order to use the reptilian antidote. When he is web swinging past the police force he shot at multiple times with taser blasters and manages to dodge them until he turns a corner and is blinded by the spotlight attached to the helicopter which shoots a taser blast which successfully hits Spidey. Multiple cops including Captain George Stacy drop from the helicopter on ropes to arrest him. It is presumed later in the film after George lets Spidey go ahead that he uses the helicopter to make his way to the roof of the Oscorp tower.

Videogame Appearances[]

When free-roaming around New York you can stop crimes, one of them is called a police deadlock which is a shoot out between a mob and the police, when Spider-Man goes to the location on the map he must web-rush onto the NYPD chopper for the event to begin, some shoot-outs take place on roof tops of buildings under construction where your starting position is the landing gear. This also repeated in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame)" though in that game the Helicopters don't move throughout the area and instead float in place.

Toy Die-Cast[]

There is a die-cast version of the helicopter released for the die-cast collection series by Maisto, it lacks any mention of the NYPD, it also has a different livery, and doesn't have a spotlight. It also has the words MC75PD near the blades and seems to be based on a real life Bell 206.