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"I know your name. Just wanna know if you know your name."
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"You can take the guy out of the chair, but you can't take the chair out of the guy."
―Ned Leeds to Peter Parker[src]

Edward "Ned" Leeds is a former student at Midtown School of Science and Technology. Upon discovering his best friend, Peter Parker, was Spider-Man, Leeds then focused on assisting Parker's adventures as they attempted to find and defeat Vulture before he could sell high-tech hybrid weapons to the criminal underworld, while also hoping to use the Spider-Man to improve their own social standing at their school.

Leeds would once more work with Parker as his "guy in the chair" when, due to Doctor Strange's botched spell, visitors from alternate universes crossed over into theirs; Leeds would assist Parker in capturing the visitors, but would then help free them from Strange after discovering his plan involved sending the visitors to their deaths. Using Strange's Sling Ring, Leeds accidentally summoned alternate versions of Parker, who assisted Leeds, Parker, and Parker's girlfriend Michelle Jones in taking down the visitors, who had betrayed them. Tragically, though, instabilities in Strange's spell could only be solved by having the entire world, including Leeds, forget Parker's identity. Leeds exchanged a tearful goodbye with Parker before his memories of him were erased.


Unwanted Publicity[]

Spider-Man Exposed[]

―Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

Leeds saw that Peter Parker was being framed for the Battle of London and Mysterio's death, along with his identity being revealed by The Daily Bugle. Worried, he contacted Parker via face-time. However, Parker had to cut the call short as he was on the Queensboro Bridge and had to tend to Michelle Jones.

Interrogated by Damage Control[]

"I literally helped him find the Vulture. And I helped him hack his suit once, then later I kinda helped him get to space."
Ned is interrogated

Ned interrogated

Days later, Leeds was brought by the United States Department of Damage Control to the New York City Police Precinct to be questioned. He came in alongside Michelle Jones and May Parker and passed Parker, who was in a separate room. When it was Leeds' turn, he was brought into an interrogation room and was interrogated by Agent P. Cleary, who asked if Leeds was hungry. Leeds told Cleary that he had helped Parker hack his Spider-Man Suit in order to remove the Training Wheels Protocol, how he had assisted Parker in his mission to stop Vulture, and how he had made a distraction so Parker could help out in the Infinity War. Cleary then told Leeds that this information wasn't good on his part as it made him Parker's main accomplice. Leeds then asked to have his words retracted and kept silent.

Return to School[]

"Finally, some privacy. It is so crazy down there."

That September, the 2024-2025 school year began, with Leeds returning to Midtown School of Science and Technology along with Peter Parker and Michelle Jones, beginning their senior year. When they arrived, they were met by Flash Thompson, who voiced his support for Parker. They then walked past Betty Brant, as she reported on Parker's return, and through the crowds of protesters, those who were in support of Parker and those who were in support of Mysterio. Leeds was asked by one Mysterio supporter who he was, but Thompson interrupted him, stating he was Spider-Man's best friend. At the entrance, NYPD officers escorted Parker in first, while Leeds and Jones stayed behind and came in later.

That afternoon when the school day was over, Leeds met Parker and Jones on Midtown's rooftop. He sat down and pulled out his laptop, showing them that he had researched Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then discussed going there with them and staying as roommates. He then agreed with Parker that it would be a fresh start for all of them.

College Rejection[]

Ned rejected

Ned is rejected by MIT

In November, Leeds met Peter Parker and Michelle Jones at the cafe that Jones worked at and sat down to open his college admissions letter from MIT. However, to his disappointment, he was rejected, as well as Jones and Parker, due to the recent controversy surrounding Parker's identity. Jones then ripped her letter up, and Leeds did the same, only to remember he needed to show his parents it. They were then met by Flash Thompson, who told them enthusiastically that he was accepted to MIT. When he learned they weren't, he asked why, and Leeds replied that he and Jones were actually Parker's friends. When Jones was called back to work, Leeds patted Parker on the back and left for home.

Multiversal Crisis[]

Locating Multiversal Men[]

NWH PROMOTIONAL Image Jones, Parker, Leeds

Leeds, Parker and Jones

Soon after, Leeds and Michelle Jones were found by Doctor Strange and taken to the New York Sanctum. Leeds expressed excitement about being inside the Sanctum and asked Strange what he should do regarding tingling in his hands. Strange told him to see his physician. Peter Parker then met up with them, and Strange told them that they needed to use their technology to find the universe-displaced people who had come to their universe from within the Multiverse after Parker had fractured the spell. Strange sent them to the undercroft, in which only Leeds expressed awe about going too. Leeds then explored it, finding what he thought was a torture machine, but was only a Pilates machine. He then found a crossbow and other various items. Later, as he became hungry, he opened the refrigerator only to find glasses of eyeballs and other supernatural objects, and quickly changed his mind. While researching on his laptop, they met Doctor Octopus and Lizard who were in holding cells nearby. Leeds asked if the Lizard was a dinosaur and was surprised he could talk. After finding another universe-displaced person near a military institute outside of the city, Leeds told Parker and Parker went to investigate.


Leeds on Parker's phone

Leeds and Jones remained at the undercroft and face-timed Parker, who attached his phone to his chest. Leeds informed Parker that they hadn't seen anything from their footage yet, but then witnessed Electro, who consumed electricity from nearby towers before attacking Parker. During Parker's attempt to escape, Leeds and Jones lost connection with him. However, soon after, Electro appeared in a holding cell, along with Sandman. Surprised at seeing the different universe-displaced, Leeds asked if a tree was also one, in which Electro informed him it was just a tree. Leeds and Jones remained there for the night. That next day, Leeds and Jones saw that Parker returned with Norman Osborn.

Ned NWH Still

Ned helping Spider-Man

Hearing that Osborn recognized Jones initials, Leeds was surprised that another version of his friend existed in his universe and that her counterpart goes by a different name, Mary Jane, as he wondered if there were other versions of himself within the Multiverse. Osborn spoke with Octopus, who was surprised to see him. Sandman then revealed that both of them had died in their universe. Strange then transported himself there and appeared with the Macchina di Kadavus. He told them he was there to finish the spell and transported Osborn into a cell. Leeds watched as Parker used his Web-Shooters to grab the Macchina and run off with it, with Strange in pursuit. Moments later, Parker returned through an Inter-Dimensional Portal and told them that he had trapped Strange in a mirror place. He then gave Jones the Macchina and handed Leeds Strange's Sling Ring, asking them to go and wait for him, as he was to help cure the universe-displaced.

Finding Spider-Men[]

Screenshot 2023-03-26 121139

Leeds after opening a portal to another Peter Parker

Leeds and Jones went to Leeds' house and waited. They turned the television on and saw news reports about recent destruction at a condominium, both knowing that Parker had been there and worried for his safety. Jones told Leeds she was going to push the button on the Macchina to activate it, but stopped when Leeds waved his arms in the air, stating he wanted to see Parker. A spark of magic flickered in the air before them and Jones asked Leeds to repeat what he just did.

Ned portal

Ned attempts to find Peter again, opening portal to another Peter

Leeds did so, and conjured an Inter-Dimensional Portal using the Sling Ring. To their excitement, they saw what appeared to be Parker in an alley way. They called out to him and when he jumped through, they saw that he was another Spider-Man. Startled and confused by this, Leeds and Jones asked who he was. Leeds started to bring up the spell, and Jones stopped him from saying too much, before the other Spider-Man deduced that his studies on multidimensional travel was real.

Great its just some random guy

Ned after opening another portal

Jones told Leeds to try again and this time, another Spider-Man walked through. Leeds asked if he was another Spider-Man and why he didn't tell them that, in which he replied he kept his identity anonymous. After the two Spider-Man used their webbing on each other, they told Leeds and Jones where they went when they needed alone time, thinking that that was what Parker was doing. Leeds and Jones then figured out where Parker was most likely and took the other Spider-Men with them.

Engineering Cures[]

Leeds and Jones arrived at Midtown School of Science and Technology with the Macchina di Kadavus, and went to the rooftop where they found Peter Parker, crying and in deep distraught. They learned that his aunt had died and comforted him. Jones then signaled the other two Spider-Men to join them. Leeds watched as Parker said bitterly that he didn't care if the villains died fighting them and prepared to send them and the other Spider-Men back to their universes. However, after hearing the other Spider-Men's stories of loss, Parker was encouraged to keep persevering. Leeds and Jones then joined Parker and the other Spider-Men to one of Midtown's laboratory rooms. They watched as the three concocted cures for the universe-displaced. As they worked, Leeds asked the older Spider-Man if he had a best friend. He replied that he did, but he had died in his arms after he had attempted to kill him. Fearing that he might follow in that individual's footsteps, Leeds became unsettled and remained quiet.

Peter Parker26 Peter Parker

Ned talks to the older Parker variant

Later on, Leeds called out to Parker and all three responded, confused at who he was talking to. Leeds became exasperated and told them to look at his laptop. Leeds then told Parker that he wouldn't become a super villain and try to kill him, granting him confused looks from Parker and Jones. After the cures were concocted, Leeds and Jones were tasked to stay at the laboratory while Parker and the other Spider-Man left with the Macchina.

Battle at Liberty Island[]

Leeds and Jones waited for the signal from Parker and Leeds used the Sling Ring to open up another Inter-Dimensional Portal in which Parker tossed them the Macchina. However, Leeds was unable to close the portal, telling Jones that he had only opened them and they had closed on their own. As Leeds and Jones tried to offer suggestions of what to do, they were soon confronted by the Lizard, who wanted the Macchina. Leeds and Jones ran through Midtown's laboratory room, dodging as the Lizard slammed into laboratory tables. Parker managed to catch up to them and tried to stop the Lizard, but he was unsuccessful. As Leeds and Jones left Midtown and escaped through another portal onto the Statue of Liberty, the Lizard followed. Leeds then conjured another portal, in which water came through and knocked the Lizard off his feet. Parker then subdued the Lizard and retrieved the cure, giving it to him. As Leeds opened another portal for him and Jones to head back to Midtown, Doctor Strange walked through it as he took Sling Ring and the Macchina back from him and Jones. However, Leeds and Jones convinced Strange to hold off on reversing the spell as they explained that Parker's plan to cure the multiverses displaced people was working. Leeds, Jones and Strange watched as the Lizard reverted into his human form of Dr. Curt Connors. Before Strange went to meet Parker, Leeds was asked by the latter if he was the one who opened the portal that brought him to their location as he told him that he did, which surprised him of his ability to perform magic.

Ned MJ

Ned watches Peter fight Green Goblin

Leeds and Jones remained on the scaffolding of the Statue and witnessed from a distance the Green Goblin's attack, in which he stole the Macchina. When Strange retrieved it back, a Pumpkin Bomb that had been placed inside detonated and released the unstable spell. This caused a massive rift within the Multiverse, which created a tremor that caused the scaffolding of the Statue to fall down. As a result, Jones lost her balance and fell, but was rescued. Leeds also fell off, but was rescued by the Cloak of Levitation, which carried him safely to the ground. Leeds then ran off to see Jones and the two hugged. Parker saw them and asked if they were okay, before going to fight the Goblin. Leeds and Jones then watched in horror as Parker nearly beat Green Goblin to death in his rage, only for the older Spider-Man to stop him. They watched as Parker administered the cure to Green Goblin, transforming back into Osborn, and said goodbye to the other Spider-Men, as well as the arrival of an infinite number of universe-displaced people emerging from within the rift in the Multiverse.

A Friendship Lost[]

Ned and peter

Ned says goodbye to Peter

Leeds and Jones were then met by Parker, who revealed to them that he had asked Strange to cast the spell again, this time removing everyone in their universe's memory of him in order to fix the cracks in the Multiverse. At this news, Leeds burst into tears and hugged Parker, who tried to console Leeds telling him that he will find them and re-establish their friendship. Parker and Leeds then did their handshake for the last time. After Parker said goodbye to Jones, Leeds watched tearfully as he swung away.

College Bound[]

Getting into MIT[]

Ned (NWH)

Ned after forgetting Peter Parker

Afterwards, Leeds and Michelle Jones were admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Weeks later, Leeds visited Jones at Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop and was surprised to find her in the college spirit. Also there was a young man who looked at Leeds and considered talking to him, but decided not to.

High School Graduation[]

In the following June, Leeds was among the students who graduated from Midtown School of Science and Technology as the class of 2025.


"I promise you; I won't turn into a supervillain and try to kill you."
―Ned Leeds to Peter Parker[src]

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