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The New Black Suit is costume base from the suit of The Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game. The suit has the same appearance and detail as the suit from The Amazing Spider-Man (film) but black in colour with grey lines outlining the web like detail on the suit.

How to unlock[]

Complete all the story - street - photo missions and challenges in the game. This also unlocks the last character bio giving you 100% on that too. He's more quick and  more flexable.


  • Director Marc Webb, producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach, and screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci confirmed that the Symbiote and the black suit would be featured in both The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and both parts of The Sinister Six, with numerous scenerios as to how the symbiote escaped the Special Projects department and bonded with Spider-Man, but confirmed that as in the cartoons and the previous Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi, the film's primary focus would be the negative and corrupting influence the black suit would have on Peter, making him far more aggressive and violent in his crime-fighting efforts, exuberating his grief and rage from Gwen Stacy's death, and his newfound violent method of vigilantism eliciting fear and mistrust from the people of New York City.
  • In 2023, a previously unrevealed animatic written by Kurtzman, Oric, Webb, and Ehren Kruger and storyboarded by Monty Granito and Jay Oliva was unveiled on Vimeo, depicting Spider-Man wearing the black suit (modeled after the suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and viciously battling and dispatching a squad of riot guards in a dimly lit darkened corridor, presumably in either the Ravencroft Institute or Oscorp Tower, dragging the final guard across the wall, before slinging him against the ceiling, smashing a light, and then pummeling him on the floor, but stopping short and examining his hands in shock at his violent behavior and actions, only for footsteps and a mocking chuckle from behind to interrupt him, revealing Harry Osborn slowly approaching him, equipped with a completed EXO-suit (now complete with a hood and full helmet, resembling a militarized version of the classical look from the comics) as the Hobgoblin, silhouetted against the ceiling lights, ending on a silently enraged black-suited Spider-Man glancing over his shoulder at him. They confirmed this would give way to a rematch fight scene with Peter victorious, but regretful at the damage and injuries he inflicting on Harry.


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