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The New York Police Department, often abbreviated as NYPD, is the organization that patrols New York and all its cities. The organization was first featured in the film The Amazing Spider-Man, and later appeared in the video game of the same name.

The captain of the department was George Stacy, Gwen Stacy's father, until he was murdered by the monstrous Lizard atop during the events of the film. It is unknown who the current captain of the NYPD is.



The NYPD's "wanted" poster for Spider-Man.

Targeted on Spider-Man[]

Not much is known of the organization, other than its former targets, one of which being town hero Spider-Man.[1][2]

Known staff[]


While still law officials, there were a few unknown S.W.A.T. members featured in the first film that were not part of the NYPD and were infected by the Lizard's toxicating gas.


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  2. After The Amazing Spider-Man, the NYPD does not hate Spider-Man. This shows that the NYPD had recognize Spider-Man as a hero after the Battle at Oscorp Tower.