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The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game - Oscorp Archives

Oscorp Archives Facility is a section of Oscorp seperate from the Oscorp Tower and deals with all the documents and top secret files of Oscorp and appears in a level in The Amazing Spider-Man (video game).


In order for Dr. Connors to develop a cure for the Cross-Species virus Spider-Man must go to the Oscorp Archives Facility to retrieve Conners cross-species research notes. When Spider-Man enters the facility he finds that Oscorp Containment Guard's are taking the container with the notes into the furnace to be destroyed.

Whilst Spider-Man is battling his way through security he meets Whitney Chang, an undercover news reporter (Dressed as an Oscorp Guard) who is also after Conners' notes for her news story "The Oscorp Conspiracy". To find out if they were carrying on Conners' work into cross-species genetics.

They then work together to find the notes only for Whitney to be captured and interrogated; and later rescued by Spider-Man.

Whitney Chang then breaks open the container to find Conners' notes whilst being shot at by Oscorp Sergeant's who are soon taken out by Spider-Man.


  • It is towards the end of the level that Whitney gives Spider-Man her camera and asks him to take photos of everything "News worthy" later in the game.
  • Later in the game you come to locations in the city marked on the map where you have to take photos showing evidence of Spider-Man villains famous from the comics and previous films.