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Oscorp Industries Guards appear in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. They appear in many ranks, and with many different weapons. They are most commonly found inside Oscorp Industries facilities, but few can occasionally be seen outside at any time of the day, guarding Oscorp's buildings.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2[]

They are seen in a deleted scene with Donald Menken and tries to shoot Harry when he is transformed into the Green Goblin but Harry throws a pumpkin bomb and the guards get blown up and die.



These men represent Oscorp's first line of defense. Equipped with little more than a flashlight, most people would assume they're over-glorified security guards, but they would be wrong. Oscorp hires the best for their security detail, and these Guards can prove to anyone that they can hold their own. This is the lowest of all Oscorp Guard ranks.


The Sergeants could eat normal guards for breakfast. All Sergeants are equipped with a standard-issue Oscorp security assault rifle that comes with a mounted laser sight. This firepower makes them one of the more dangerous components of Oscorp's security.

Containment Guard[]

When Oscorp needs to shut down a riot fast, they send in these men. Their huge riot shields repel any attacks from the front, and their electrified batons make short work of any resistance. These guys will make anyone - or anything - think twice of starting any trouble.


Colonels are the military muscle for Oscorp security, and are armed to the teeth. These brutes step up to the front lines wielding a massive Gatling gun that decimates anything in their path. They're heavily armored and equipped with a grenade specifically designed to neutralize any nearby cross-species. This is the highest of all Oscorp Guard ranks.


More akin to assassins than security, the Oscorp Snipers are highly trained marksmen deployed by Oscorp for very specific reasons. This branch of security isn't widely known by the public, and Oscorp is happy to keep this group hidden. This rank is a special-class rank.