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The Oscorp Industries promotional video is a popular video that recently surfaced from Oscorp Industries the can be seen and heard in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.

After the incident involving the Lizard, Oscorp has made their one and only goal to help the world's citizens and fend off any unwanted life forms, such as the cross-species and their infectious plague. They instructed Alistaire Smythe to become head of their robotics facility, creating multiple "S-Bots" to protect humans.


[Promo starts with a scene showing a child running on a beach, with the waves of a lake behind him. The scene cuts to an adult athlete just beginning to run track and then an old, Western-type train moving along on its tracks. The scene cuts to under a more advanced train traveling on more advanced tracks]

Oscorp Rep: "Progress."

[Scene cuts to numerous insects running along the base of a tree]

Rep: "Nature to man."

[Scene cuts to above heavy traffic along a highway, and then a seagull flying in the air]

Rep: "Man to machine."

[Scene shows an airplane soaring through the air, and then the middle of a dense forest. Next, city-like buildings can be seen, along with the sky]

Rep: "The path to our future."

[Scene pans through clouds to reveal the Oscorp Industries logo]

Rep: "Oscorp."

[Background fades to white, and then scene cuts to an Oscorp scientist investigating a type of technological DNA on a small chip. The camera begins to speed through the chip]

Rep: "The Oscorp of today is and innovative technology needs a guiding hand."

[Camera pans through multiple motherboard-like DNA complications inheriting the chip. The scene changes to an officeroom inside Oscorp Tower and multiple Oscorp employees walking along its halls]

Rep: "Under the direction of Doctor Alistaire Smythe, the betterment and security of human life has become our one goal.

[Scene cuts to two Oscorp employees shaking hands together, and then Alistaire Smythe standing alongside a scientist to look at one of Oscorp's newest creations, the Hunter bot. The scene shifts to appear back inside the DNA chip as it speedily pans backward]

Rep: "His mastery of nanotechnology and micro-robotics will guide Oscorp Industries to a better and brighter tomorrow."

[Scene cuts to Alistaire Smythe looking through a microscope in one of Oscorp's Bio-Labs, and then a small clip of the S-01 prototype about to fire a laser. The scene now shows a printing in progress of one of the Daily Bugle's articles, headlining Smythe as "The New Face of Oscorp", and then pans the page down to show a Sentry bot picture]

Alistaire Smythe: "Nanobots... what are they?"

[Scene cuts to a small, animated interpretation of a nanobot]

Smythe: "Imagine a robot. Now, imagine four hundred of them..."

[Several nanobots start appearing behind the first, and the camera pans above the bots to reveal them standing on a dime]

Smythe: "...standing on a dime."

[Scene fades to white, then black, and then starts panning outward from another nanobot's "eye". Next, multiple bots start moving in all directions of the scene with a white background]

Smythe: "A microscopic army working on a molecular level.

[The many nanobots come together to form the Oscorp Industries logo as the camera pans backward]

Smythe: "Their size is their strength, and their potential is limitless."

[The nanobot-formed logo shifts into the actual logo, and then the camera continuously pans backward as the scene cuts to several things, from a small research room in Oscorp Tower, a very early S-03 physical render, a glassy room in Oscorp Tower's biological labs, the office of Alistaire Smythe (with Smythe staring out of a window nearby), and, finally, the exterior of the sky-scraping Oscorp Tower]

Rep: "The leadership of Doctor Alistaire Smythe will usher in a new era of progress for Oscorp and mankind!"

[Scene cuts from Oscorp Tower and its Manhattan building neighbors to the Oscorp Industries logo once again, above a white background with faded black outer areas]

Smythe: "Oscorp. A new company with the name you trust."

[Scene fades to black and the promo ends]